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  1. The wizard: https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/dragon on shoulder/z-a/03207
  2. I had also tried to get an orc finished for Orctober but alas. The lady zombie is probably the best sculpt from SCS Direct's Monster Gaming zombies set, not that this says much. At least she has discernible facial features, and some cool "horrible stuff happened" details, with the exposed guts and broken arrow shafts lodged in her side. Fun to do some bloodstaining on her dress, though obviously it hasn't browned for the visual shorthand. Four-armed b*st*rd skelly from the Monster Gaming range as well. I went in the recesses of the ribs and the forelimbs for some contrast with a darker shade before going over with Skeleton Bone but it didn't work. At least I like how weathered the overshirt looks. And last, another "Tentacled Eyeful" from SCS Direct's bucket of humans vs aliens. The last time I painted one I inadvertedly made it look like a radish, this time this was avoided.
  3. This gnoll and two others from other manufacturers had been sitting on my desk for months on end. I did the skin, manes, eyes, teeth, mouth inside when available and wooden parts and then just.... stopped. In an attempt to get some work done and hopefully get some Halloween spoopies and Orctober orcs done (working on it, hoping to finish tomorrow), I also finished at least this cheap undetailed one, since I didn't feel like figuring out the colors on the more elaborate dress and armor of the other two. He originally had a spear run through his chest, I cleaned that off and used them to convert some older minis. This one didn't wait around as long. I knew as soon as I backed the second volume of Next Level Miniatures on kickstarter, this serpentfolk barbarian would become Sahak of Sungold's Galaxy Warriors toyline, joining Daton of the Galaxy Fighters in the heroic battle against the evil alliance of Felinor from Fuerza-T and Realm Of The Underworld's Acromancer in the world of Masters Of The Universe knockoffery.
  4. Very awesome! I've not seen these models yet, may I ask where they're from?
  5. Man, that Critical Role set really shows one of my pet peeves with modern D&D and its complete lack of clear identity. You've got five people in assorted medieval fantasy clothing... and a guy in a 20th century suit. In what reality where button up pants with a zipper exist would you wear breeches and medieval trousers???
  6. Oof, you don't get a lot with the core game as is. The stretch goals could be clearer. No indication of when what unlocks except the first. And silouettes aren't very useful for knowing what the game board or book will be.
  7. I love that teeny tiny imp. And yeah, they're definitely making that dracolich fill out that Huge base better than last volume's "huge" dragon.
  8. In recent depictions, sure, but the original Monster Manual described him as being gray-skinned so yours is valid too.
  9. I'm definitely not as bothered as others re: the scale, but man. This SHOULD have been the scale they'd had from the get-go. (and partial bases integrated would've been so much more preferable)
  10. Great paintjob indeed! Who made em? Cause I might need some for myself. They're like the unholy offsprings of Joe Fixit, Shaggy Rogers and Disney's Clarabelle.
  11. Another showcase of some Vol 2 models, and some shots of the upscaled Vol 1 models for those who were interested.
  12. That's the best compliment on a painted mini I've gotten, thank you!
  13. They are relentless with the updates this time around. Which means, some big mean monsters!
  14. Been trying to get myself to finish some works in progress of late and despite having done some work over the last few days the only one I managed to get the drive to finish has been this lovely vaguely Oldhammer-esque swole goblin warrior whose sword is almost as much handle as it is blade, made by Russia's Tehnolog.
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