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  1. I somehow lucked out, some minis I got from the UK only took two weeks.
  2. Can confirm, just had a minor explosion occur. Personally just got a bunch of older minis. The original Serpent Creeper sculpt from Ral Partha's Personalities and Things That Go Bump In The Night (so I guess I need to track down the "middle sculpt" now since I have the final one too), a Psionic Flayer and a Swordmistress from Asgard Miniatures, Citadel's old FA26 left-handed Fighter in Chainmail and the female Fighter packed in with Grenadier's Guardian Dragon.
  3. Yeah Eldritch Foundry seems to think people find their "lore" important so everything, so everything has its own odd name even if it's not over-stepping WOTC or Tolkien trademarks... except orcs and goblins for some reason... EDIT: I mean they have articles about the lore of their leather and plate armors..... https://newsletter-pdfs.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/leatherArmor.pdf https://newsletter-pdfs.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/plateArmor.pdf
  4. Two Kickstarter credits and now a coupon for a free mini... and still nothing I really find worth spending them on. At least they're promising some big upgrades coming in a month or so...
  5. Iron Wind Metals has 25mm minis with flails (sometimes called morningstar on the site), maybe something there fits. Mostly knights but also some less armored types.
  6. I'm not sure what's too off about it... it's just Papo's Tiger Mutant figurine, scanned back into a 3D model, and then with the hands swapped as fitting a Rakshasa. And the Sultan wears ornate armor and wields a sword so he definitely fits your parameters.
  7. From an incredibly cursory search for "Rakshasa Miniature" on Google: D&D Demonweb: Rakshasa Assassin pre-painted Valiant Miniatures - Akhilesh Rakshasa Sultan 3D printables: Rakshasa by vamyardarkfoot Rakshasa Duo by DnDKitBasher
  8. I'd wager no, but you can read the short story to make the comparison better than I, whose only exposure to Dragonlance was the animated movie. No, the mini came with it... I just repainted it.
  9. Clark Ashton-Smith, The Charnel God. Quick n dirty conversion of a Heroclix "Spiders Man" into a skull-masked, purple-shrouded ghoul priest of the charnel god, Mordiggian. It didn't really have a terribly skull-like face so I kept the details simple. The Charnel God was the first story by Clark Ashton-Smith I'd ever read, and converting that mini was an idea that had been in my head for a good while, but I always worried I wouldn't pull off the skull mask because of the simplistic face the mini sported. I finally decided to go for it tonight.
  10. Welcome! Do you mean that you find there is so much detail in the miniature, you do not know how to make it all work? I have had this same problem with so many miniatures I intended to work on. It sucks. If you think the colored photo provided by NonSenseMiniatures is too much, I can recommend a simpler color scheme to go with.
  11. Thanks to the pandemic I didn't get this order in until yesterday... Four pig-crab demons from Cthulhu Wars. A surprisingly tall serpentman from the same game. And a bunch of medieval Zombiecide minis that turned out to be basically movie and TV characters (Arthur, Lancelot, Robin and two Gawains but no Bedevere from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, David Bowie from Labyrinth, Xena, Kristen Stewart's knightly Snow White, Rutger Hauer from Ladyhawke and Liam Neeson from Kingdom of Heaven)
  12. At least you seem to have gotten a mini that seems satisfactory, I look at the options and look at the kind of characters I'd want to make and just sigh in frustration. The closest thing to something purchaseable I got was this cthulhu-worshipping Gladiator but like.... I could just buy a cheap gladiator mini off somewhere and paint a squidhead on his shield and get the same effect.
  13. I backed em on Kickstarter but haven't cashed in my two minis on credit, because their options right now are garbage. So many parts bleed into each other, the poses look more awkward than they intend in a lot of cases, their choices of starting helmets don't really... GO with the body options available (Murmillo and Hoplite helmets when all the armors are late medieval??).... Everybody who speaks highly of them are either people who get sample miniatures where all the flaws have been fixed in post, or people who got 100% custom-made miniatures (like Critical Role for that Darrington Brigade one-shot). There've also been reports of the system itself glitching out and people not getting the mini they wanted to begin with. I do agree the rapier looks less comically oversized than Heroforge's but that's not worth all the flaws associated with it otherwise.
  14. I sure look forward to the color options being available to the general public. At least to fiddle about with without purchasing a mini from it.
  15. Personally, I've been trying to see if I can replicate characters and poses from art, RPGs and video games. See if you can recognize these three fellows.
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