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  1. Well he's homaging Voltan. But I now realize I completely left further explanations out of my ramble. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_qFGcC6XHc
  2. Started these last night but finished them tonight. As soon as I realized what character this old Ral Partha Imports piece was homaging, I had to get it and paint it. Sadly it's just the head, and a sword, added to an existing cleric piece, so not everything lines up. Really sad the cool details of Voltan's sword (x-shaped crossguard, skull pommel) didn't carry over. I tried to get as many dark tones in (flat black for the robes, semi-gloss for the leather gloves, cloak and boots, Reaper dungeon gray for the fur and Reaper adamantine black for the chainmail sleeves, Reaper ebony fl
  3. I got this Balrog this week. Been wanting it for a lil while. The original release, previewed in Toy Fare magazine, was my first sight of the creature ever. But this one includes the whip and sports light-up eyes and mane, so I had to go for this one. I kinda wish there was a mini of a demon that sported similar aesthetics.
  4. If you'll scroll down past the "turntable" showcase of some renders there's painted examples of the ogre, two goblins and a skeleton. And just past the scale chart there's a gif of a dwarven mage being used to show the flexibility of the resin. Oh man, same. Sadly a lot of the stuff on offer covers the "basics" of fantasy RPG minis and I'm already well covered there too. 😅
  5. So waking up feeling a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot less my brain was trying to both implode and explode at once I decided to revisit those two minis. The changes on the goblin are a bit more subtle but the halfling has been massively improved on.
  6. Been a bit too long since I did some painting so I decided to finish off a few piece, a TSR halfling thief that I'd primed... around the time of my birthday last year... or was it the year before...? What is even time anymore? And also a goblin cutter from the Legend of Drizzt board game, which I'd primed up and started work on a few weeks (months?) ago and just kind of lost inspiration. They came out a lot rougher than I expected, unfortunately. And the photo of the halfling makes his skin look deader than it looks when you see it proper... EDIT: SO the next day feeling a lot
  7. Got my latest (and last, and that's on Sandy) order of Cthulhu Wars pieces today: a shantak, a yothan, Bokrug, Mother Hydra (didn't expect the bare broccoli boobies with nipples, it's like what if lovecraftian but also can get boners to.....) and Yig.
  8. One of the cool weird creatures from one of SCS Direct's tubes of figurines. My players say it reminded them of Sammael from the Hellboy movie, personally it looks more like if someone asked an unimaginative hack to draw up "an ammit but make it lovecraftian" so he just did a crude ammit but gave it weirdly placed eyes and a mane of tentacles. I still wanted to paint it. Lacking any better name for it, I christened it an "eldritch hound". Went with weird colors like an inky purple tongue, brown teeth and claws and toes, red eyes and rubbery blue skin. It was hard to really
  9. This guy was so poorly painted for the longest time I thought he had really sunken, skeletal cheeks. Then I primed it and realized those are supposed to be part of his headdress. However bad my paint jobs are, I'll always take solace in the fact that I can at least improve on a Mage Knight base paintjob. When I did my Nolzur's Mimic a while back, Mkgallerystudio informed me that Tamiya clears look best over a layer of metallic, so I decided to try that for his orb. And he was right, this worked great!
  10. Got some random minis today. A few Zombicide Black Plague heroes along with some zombies, some sahuagin-looking creatures, small sea serpents, crocodilefolk and an undead knight from SOMETHING by Privateer Press (the name is printed under the bases), a big freakish monster that has a clawed hand at the end of a tail, a monstrous quadruped lower body that's kneeling, a gaunt humanoid torso and head and some freaky Predator-style jaws, no idea where he's from but he's awesome, and last some dark gray minis of a dwarven mage, dwarven berserker, human swordsman, human rogue, half-orc rogue and chu
  11. Been like two weeks since my last painted mini so I decided to try hard this weekend to get a decent amount done. Started or considered starting ten, ended up finishing five, which I'm content with. Let's start from oldest mini to newest. Bard from TSR's AD&D line, the Thieves, Monks And Bards set. Poofy 80s hair, a nice chain shirt and a clunky lute. These things are so small and the details so rough I always struggle with details so her instrument is just... wooden. Next up what I consider to be a swamp-dwelling bestial dragon, based and p
  12. Well most of their stuff is stuff by older companies but reissues. But it's good. The plastic uses on the old Fantasy Warriors orcs and dwarves is stiff and solid, they have mold lines and a round peg coming out their backs where the injection point is, but that was a thing present on the original Grenadier board game. The metal minis are also solid, the only proper issues I had with em after a few orders have been the Elfsera Beholder's tab for the slotted base being a bit warped (pressue with some pliers straightened it out) and the aforementionned too high tab for the base for t
  13. See I'm unfathomably clumsy so I don't like using things like rotary tools unless necessary which is why I've been using a hobby knife instead. No active motor means I only have to worry about my shaky hands and not my shaky hands AND a motorized tool's vibration... EDIT: Ever have problems with the height of a tab? That's what I have with the em4 werewolf/direwolf/hellhound mini.
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