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  1. Dad requested an angel mini for his sister as she's undergoing cancer treatment (outlook so far seems positive, thankfully!), and I showed him the easiest options to get and he asked for one from RAFM, so I placed an order at RAFM. XD Aside from the angel I got me a lich with a summoned frog-demon and a bunch of Call of Cthulhu stuff: Deep ones, ghouls, serpentfolk as well as Yig and Tsathoggua. EDIT: Man I lucked out because since I placed my order just two weeks ago they fully revamped the site AND raised all their prices.
  2. I did try Lens, both group pics and individual pieces, but got no such result! Thanks, shame they're sold out.
  3. So I was doing a eugoggly for some dragon toy images and something that looked positive popped up on Alibaba. Unfortunately the link wasn't straight to the product listing, it was to search results where that image was nowhere to be found. What I did find was a neat lil set of plastic minis. UNFORTUNATELY it wasn't a sales listing for those minis, it was basically used as samples of what a certain factory could do as they offered their services to produce YOUR miniatures. And the ad didn't identify these models as being from anywhere... Haven't been able to find out where they're from, hoping some minis experts can recognize them from somewhere. I really like their look so I'm hoping to get the chance to purchase some.
  4. Cool. I'm Canadian-based but I'm guessing the price difference will still apply. Alternative Armies JUST got some old Asgard molds in including a really neat looking Death Demon so.....
  5. It's definitely not just hard stiff plastic, it has a bend to it, just not as much as a classic Bones piece.
  6. I'm.... not sure? The Amazon listing says they're made of ABS material. Has some slight bend to it but nowhere near as flexible as a Bones or an SCS Direct figurine...
  7. Amazon has this set of 10 "paint your own dragons" for 17$ and I decided to give it a looksee because I didn't have a gryphon mini yet and I really liked three of the four bigger dragons presented. (Amazon Canada didn't have it so I had to pay extra to get it shipped to me). The smaller ones are all knockoffs from Safari Toob sets, and they're too small to be Medium creatures but compared to the usual Large dragons I have they also look undersized. The larger ones are a perfect match for Huge dragons, at least the ones I have. This isn't the same material as Bones. I'm curious how well they'll take proper primer and hobby paints.
  8. Almost a year ago I did this one, with a deco recommended by my girlfriend based on a character skin from Mobile Legends. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96941-ral-partha-voltan-arena-the-contest-mage-and-king-sphinx/ I got a bit lazy at the end and did absolutely no detailing on the headdress. In the year since despite my trying to store him as carefully as possible, the primer and paint didn't really stick all that well and he got a bunch of dings and paint damage, so while I was fixing that, I decided to add the details to his headdress, and also the lion's tuft on the tail (which you can baaaaarely see under his right leg). And then for the first time I tried Reaper's brush-on sealer (I live in a 1-bedroom apartment so I don't have a good ventilated spot to spray-prime or spray-seal), as I was previously scared of ruining the minis with bad brush strokes or something, but it turns out that doesn't really happen with this material. Good to know. I also fixed up and sealed the Bones Eldritch Demon that I painted over 2 years ago and similarly got quite banged up (he was primarily painted in craft paints and I guess those don't stick to Bones as well as Reaper paints) but since I did no changes there, I didn't see the point in posting a new pic.
  9. So this was a comment on last month's update which is the first time they discussed delivery estimates outside of a general "Q4"... So much for my hopes of October or early November. 😂 I just hope if it's December none of us will be fudgesicled over by the holiday parcel delivery rushes.
  10. Must be a recent change because when I cashed my last KS credit in January it still came with the tin.
  11. Sadly it's not quite the same Wizard's Room. No reptilian familiar, the wizard is standing instead of seated, the summoning circle is different, the work desk comes in 3 parts (main table and 2 legs) and there's a bunch of extra bitties not from the original set like an imp-type creature inside an urn, a long table (with components that can be put on it), a long treasure chest, a broom, a wall mounted herb rack, double doors without a frame, a book pedestal with candles, a boiling cauldron, a candlestick, a smaller candle holder, an owl and a globe... The only parts that seem to match up with the original sets (either AD&D or Dragon Lords) are the cauldron with the summoned face, the bookcase, the brazier and the urn. I guess that one's on me for not noticing the differences (the site only shows a full painted diorama), unlike the issues with the Bladestorm packs. I guess I just saw the Wizard's Chamber set and assumed it'd be a match for the classic set.
  12. Well thanks to leaving my job for a better paying one and getting nearly two months' worth of back pay in the process, I decided to splurge just a tiny bit and put in a big order at Mirliton to get more awesome monsters by John Dennett, some mooks by way of Bladestorm and the classic Wizard's Room diorama scene. EDIT: I completely missed this at first but for some reason instead of a 5th Axeman Of Yomer, they sent me an open treasure chest... And another of the Fighting Men set lacks the crossbow for the crossbowman... I hope Mirliton can send me replacement pieces.
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