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  1. BlazingTornado

    Colonel Kane' PbP

    So did one of the two Pathfinder games I ended up joining. As well as two Roll20 games a number of years ago.
  2. BlazingTornado

    Colonel Kane' PbP

    You say that, yet it's the first game we've been in together yet it's only the latest out of all the PbP games I've joined that never made it past level 1. Hell even every proper D&D game I've been a player in just fizzled out before a year went by without ever reaching a narrative conclusion.
  3. That one's more of a White Dragon with its single rear-facing horn though. The Young Forest Dragon seems to aim for Green Dragon proper. No Bones version though. https://www.reapermini.com/search/young dragon/latest/03350
  4. ARGFHGTDEFIEFHIFEFEFEHUQQWKWQKWQKLW Two packages came in yesterday while I wasn't home. That's normal, and here in Canada they usually leave a flyer to notify you, that has a code so you can go pick it up at your nearest PO counter (usually in a nearby pharmacy) BUT for some reason the mailman yesterday was a fudgeweasel and decided to send one package to the same place as always... AND THE OTHER ONE TO ANOTHER MUCH FURTHER AWAY PO COUNTER. Which I hadn't noticed til I was at my PO because this never happened before. So I get to my PO, the counter girl tells me about this, so now I gotta rush home so I can look up the public transit trajectory to get to the other, it's not fun. But at least on top of my minis and supplies orders I got some fudge-covered Oreos at the other place, so it wasn't the worst loss ever I guess. First package was a bunch of Heroclix minis, mostly Serpent Society fellows to convert into Yuan-Ti or other fantasy serpentmen (plus an Arkham Video Game version of Killer Croc to finally hopefully convert into that big snakeman warrior I always wanted), and also Grimnak from Heroscape, the awesome t-rex riding orc warlord type character. Freakin a buck twenty five for that amazing piece. How is it not more in demand, I ask you? Second was Reaper. Buncha metallic paints, bases for Small, Medium, Large and Huge type creatures, plus the Dungeon Dwellers male Plague Doctor (and I mean, it's about time! My campaign's BBEG, before ascending to godhood, was a cult leader/death cleric in a plague doctor-style attire!) and the free orc Shaman. So between Grimnak and the shaman, my orc minis count is currently.... 31. It's probably not gonna stop there. XD Also did not receive this yet... but just scored a still-sealed TSR Clerics & Druids miniature boxed set for 30$ plus some shipping. PS: Debasing this many Heroclix was not very fun. PPS: The Heroclix Hogun I got looked a lot better in pictures than IRL. His pose is doofy as all heck.
  5. BlazingTornado

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Yeah got em mixed up.... Cloud Giants in 5e are are just so.... indistinctive.... Almost identical to Storm Giants aside from skin tone. So hard to commit them to memory.
  6. BlazingTornado

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I believe that Cloud Giant represents a special "type" from Volo's Guide To Monsters, not a vanilla Cloud Giant. Name of it escapes me right now... Volo's had a bunch of these, a multi-headed Frost Giant obviously inspired by the old Monster In My Pocket Jotun Troll, a Fire Giant dual spiked shields wielder, a Stone Giant with bits of ships embedded in his body, a Hill Giant that eats all the time and a Storm Giant "quintessent".
  7. BlazingTornado

    New Previews!

    Awesome!! That's my order put in.
  8. BlazingTornado

    New Previews!

    Two days till April ends, two days to see if that male Plague Doctor finally hits the store front....
  9. BlazingTornado

    Anyone want to ID some old minis?

    Bumping... Used my iPhone 4 camera in place of the 17-year old digicam, with and without flash, against a neutral background. Hoping this can help.
  10. BlazingTornado

    New Previews!

    Tara The Silent? https://www.reapermini.com/search/female werner crossbow/latest/02743
  11. BlazingTornado

    New Previews!

    How much does that narrow it down though?
  12. My order from Mantic Games came in yesterday. The yellow, blue and red factions from their Loka fantasy chess line, all on clearance... With shipping came to about 24.47$ American for the 27 minis. Not a bad bargain. Lot of personality in those minis, shame they didn't have the green faction anymore.
  13. BlazingTornado

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Yeah Valeros is basically a raven-haired young Val Kilmer in comically overdesigned armor.
  14. BlazingTornado

    Colonel Kane's Castle Triskelion PbP

    Given all the spooks and undead, Juriel will follow shortly behind Rolf, his holy symbol at the ready in case anything needs turning.
  15. BlazingTornado

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    A warning would've been nice... Taking a screenshot of my existing cart would have saved me some trouble. Now I'm struggling to find my measuring tape so I can re-measure what I needed in base sizes... Are the previews and the notifications for when the minis go live going to come back?