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  1. Is it just me or are the male human barbarian and the female human monk types the same model as the ones in the early waves, just in different poses?
  2. Agreed on that too, tried to see if I could do a decent Orcus and he looked more warped than bloated.
  3. I feel you. The only new pieces I've posted have been the Serpentfolk, Ghoul and Elric. (I am working on a pre-Ovid Gorgon but waiting for snake hair to be added) Everything else is just colors applied to old saved builds. And yeah, the creator's better than others out there (3dDesktopHero and Eldritch Forge have even fewer options) but there's still a lot of essentials missing. There's STILL only a chainmail t-shirt and no other chainmail option, for starters.
  4. I'm surprised nobody else is posting more builds considering the colors are live. Ah well... have some more monstrous encounters. For all you pulp fantasy lovers: And a little twist on the usual blood-drinkers:
  5. Few more fun bits: Geryon - who still lacks an official D&D mini. A demon in human guise: Oddly enough named after a blunt object. The biggest loser on planet Ferror. The greatest barbarian hero to be found on old puffy stickers (and also scented erasers). EDIT: One last for the road: "Such confidence, gentlemen, is warming to the heart."
  6. Still can't get it in Quebec unfortunately. :(
  7. A quick shot of the adventurers currently in my game: Talis - Peri priestess of Anahita Germ - Human fighter Tnod - Orc thief Kheeta - Khenra barbarian, unaware wielder of an evil black blade As well as a memorial to fallen and lost heroes: Lissaf - Birdfolk druid, turned to stone when she flew right into a basilisk's gaze Gentle Breath - catfolk scout, made a wish to an Efreeti to be left alone without troubles Duntan - Dwarven runeknight, drew the Donjon card from the Deck of Many Things Tepeskitoma - Lizardfolk sorcerer, got his skull bashed in by some terracotta warriors when the whole party decided to take them on depite repeat warnings of how deadly an endeavor it would be. (three of these adventurers are from the same player)
  8. Colors are live for all so I've been wasting my time on that. Of note is my attempt to replicate the "Balor" equivalent in Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. When (rarely) in their true forms, each class VI greater dæmon stands 12 feet tall, with a wrinkled black hide, 18- to 20-foot bat wings, and a terrible visage: caprine ears, a lion’s black mane, a wolf ’s fangs, and dead white eyes under a ridged brow. Class VI greater dæmons each usually wield an Evil-aligned +3 long sword, battle axe, or war hammer, which may have other properties. In its other hand, the dæmon carries a barbed, nine-tailed whip. (the art from the book: https://www.deviantart.com/ianbaggley/art/Demon-Type-VI-417203429 ) A lot more interesting than yet another horny red demon. With visual cues obviously borrowed from Ralph Bakshi's version.
  9. There's plastic minis of A Song of Ice and Fire by Dark Sword that'd work, namely the Free Folk and Spearwives sets.
  10. Horrible shipping costs to Canada, seriously. And the expected exclusion for Quebec. Not even sure this is worth it... I mean the base price for that amount of stuff is nice... But I am no fan of these over-stylized, World of Warcraft-y aesthetics the new minis sport. Obviously they couldn't go back to Warhammer aesthetics, but still. (kinda funny how the original was Warhammer-adjacent and now this new one is made by the company that owns D&D)
  11. Second part of my Amazon order came today. Another SCS Direct set, this one a big tube of "Humans vs Aliens". The humans all have that "40s-50s" look to them and are out of scale with D&D, but every alien but the "standard" one with the round head and ray gun are really weird and cool and would work great for D&D. Weird tentacley things, weird fire-elementals (looks like a giant magmin), horse-headed serpentine dragons, freaky cyclopean hounds and one that can work as a lesser star-spawn of Cthulhu... or a feral mindflayer.... or a piscoloth if anyone remembers those. 90 pieces for 30$, only about 42 of which I'll use, but still. What a bargain.
  12. Got my Monster Protector minis from SCS Direct. Dunno if anyone's familiar with it, really affordable sets of plastic minis. I bought the 56-minis set, so I would have two of each sculpt, four representations of seven enemy types: gnoll, goblin, kobold, orc, skeleton, zombie and human bandit. They cost less than a canadian dollar per mini and... you kinda get what you pay for. Lots of mold lines and flash. Few minor molding errors. Some warping on the poses but that can be fixed with the ol' hot water-cold water trick. Also somehow I ended up with three of one of the bandits, and only one of another. Definitely going to take work before they're ready to paint. Scale's a bit off. Goblins are right on compared to Legend of Drizzt goblins, gnolls end up too short because they're the same height as the other Medium-sized pieces, kobolds are too tall (even towering over the Reaper Bones kobold leaders).. and the rest about on par with Dark Sword Miniatures in terms of height. Worth it if you want something cheap to fill your encounters, at least.
  13. For 5th Edition D&D? I know SlyFlourish was working on something of the sort, called Fantastic Lairs, no idea if that's come out yet.
  14. Yeah, the split doesn't seem to affect all prior Ral Partha Chaos Wars pieces, as the old Warlords boxed set's individual characters are still on IWM's store.
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