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  1. Thanks, I knew it was Chaos something or other but it's been years so I couldn't refer back to the ebay listing. XD
  2. Anval Thricedamned. I knew I'd have to swap his goofy tiny bucket-helmed head when I got him, but I completely missed how daunting to paint his overdesigned appearance was going to be. There is SO MUCH going on, especially with the legs, and you're never sure where leather ends and plate begins. In a mad sense of revolt I just did all the leather be it cloth or strap be the same color. The head is some Games Workshop thing I got from a bits shop on ebay. I don't remember the specific mini it would've been from. Chaos Archer from the Battle Masters game. Never owne
  3. I just think the first ones with the axes, especially the dual-wielding ones, are comically over-designed.
  4. They're definitely better designs than the original Gnoll 2-pack. Everything's been arriving for me this week. First up on Monday, a Monster Hunter collectible figurine of Xeno'Jiva Rage Mode or some similar name, a really cool dragon that makes great use of transluscent plastics and paints. Thinking of just using it as is for the Void Dragon presented in Kobold Press's 5E products. Then Wednesday, four Battle Masters minis off ebay. Two orcs (because I love me some squatty orcs), a goblin and a chaos archer. Sadly, I lack the slotted bases for
  5. Got a bundle of cheapo Heroclix yesterday. Especially happy to have a few more Spiders Mans to turn into priests of Mordiggian. And today I got a Chaos Marauders 3-pack that RAFM made back in the day, it comes with both super-stylized snake-armor guys from the Iron Brotherhood boxed set I talked about here plus a scorpion-crested halberdier riding a gosh-danged lion, from the same set. Metal \m/
  6. Continuing progress with that big batch of beat-up TSR minis I have, with the druid with mistletoe. I like the sculpt but at the same time hate its awkwardness. Some parts felt next to impossible to straighten out fully. I legit could not tell what were his fingers and what were bits of his mistletoe, and guessed the best I could. Orc storm shaman and orc archer from the Wrath of Ashardalon board game. I wanted to paint an orc that wasn't from Dark World to change things up and queried my players for opinions. Since they were split between the archer and the shaman, I did b
  7. Thanks! It's definitely one I've searched for painted examples for inspiration and found like... two. So hopefully the next person that searches for him will have three examples for inspiration now!
  8. I love his look but I hate his name, K'Kanthlatl Thulussun from Ral Partha's Chaos Wars Warlords boxed set. Look at that last name for a bit, look at the iconography of his armor, and it should all fall into place. Took inspiration from the boxed set's later release with painted examples on the back of the box, but decided on two metallic colors for the main armor instead of just one, and also doing the faceplate in this sickly metallic green instead of the yellow. (that green paint is some old car touch-up paint my dad bequeathed to me, and I nearly ruined a finesse brush using it b
  9. Glued some unbased minis to some bases, fixed up the messed up arm on a Heroclix LOTR orc archer and also replaced a broke Dragonstrike Bugbear by affixing a morningstar where his broken axe used to be. So I decided to paint some of the stuff I'd worked on as goblinoids. And also this TSR Fewmaster Toede that I primed up like nine months ago. Hobgoblin archer converted from a LOTR Heroclix. Dragonstrike Bugbear Fewmaster Toede 3D printed goblin spearman I got for free with some brittle Warduke 3D prints I'd or
  10. I set myself a goal to at least get six miniatures before February's end (putting myself at the halfway point of how many minis total I did last year ), and by golly I met it. First up a Stone Golem from Bones. Nothing fancy but I'm really happy with the rough texture he ended up with. Next up a minor tweak of Morbius from Heroclix into a Wight. And because I went with a red cape and gray hair, it failed to stop looking like Morbius. It just worked so naturally as a Wight though. And lastly, two more ghouls for the road. I originally
  11. Even though I'd prefer having ghouls of a more "pulp fantasy" aesthetic, these Heroclix Jackal and Vermin minis cost me less than a dollar apiece and you can't argue with a bargain like that. I have three more of that Vermin so I guess I'll be doing them down the line too.
  12. Wizkids made a 2-pack of Purebloods (a male warrior and a lady bard) for their Nolzur's line. There's also an older lady Yuan-Ti pureblood in the Hasbro line of minis. Otherwise... The entire point of purebloods is how well they blend in with humans so just paint some human minis with serpent eyes or with some scaly textures on their hands.
  13. I have, cashed in my first Kickstarter pledge to get a Goliath done up to look like Fezzik. Sadly despite being a Goliath he is woefully undersized unless I exclusively use him with 25mm pieces. Quality is solid but it's hard to tell how good the detail is until I prime it, as their 3D prints come in black.
  14. I feel like I overdid it on this Geryon... In particular his skirting and belt made of flayed skin and entrails.
  15. Ok but again, a nice suit like a modern tuxedo/butler uniform or something more befitting a medieval/renaissance fantasy servant?
  16. Like... a modern butler or a fantasy equivalent?
  17. There are far too many times when I'll fiddle on the creator and end up with "I don't know what the fudgesicle that is but I want it. I want my players to fight it."
  18. Ending 2020 on a decent note, with 11 ground-up paintjobs (2019 only beats me on the technicality that I fixed up two older minis and also added easy paint details to a prepaint for a total of 12) in total for this year, the final two being these two converted Heroclix. First up, Merlyn from DC comics became this archer with striped breeches and a mint-colored shirt. I did him yesterday alongside the old TSR minis but I sat on it, just wondering if I should redo the shirt. I ultimately did not. And then this old Ulik from Marvel Comics... First I was going to do a
  19. Another TSR piece done tonight. I think I just ended up coloring him with paints I already had on hand. I kinda like how colorful he turned out.
  20. These old TSR pieces are so clunky and awkward yet have their own charm. I have two of this lady monk, originally the weapon was this big glaive polearm but in both cases, my blade is missing. Which I like better, works as a crosier instead. Gives her more versatility, as she can be a monk, a cleric or even a pious magic-user. ...I didn't feel like painting eyes on this one, they were already googly enough on the larger Ral Partha paladin I did earlier in the month.
  21. If anyone cares about this mini-quest of mine, I was checking old ebay sellers I'd bought from previously to see if maybe something in their inventory would spark something and came upon this guy from a Grenadier Julie Guthrie boxed set Lords of Decay, Gulgevar Taz. His scale armor overlaid with plate are really cool, sadly closer inspection made me realize the design of the helmet and pauldron are more draconic than serpentine. I'm still keeping him in the "maybe" list.
  22. Last week I got the mini I cashed in with one of my 3 Eldritch Foundry credits (two from backing the KS and one from winning a giveaway), a Goliath I did up as Andre The Giant. Sadly the piece is not as big as expected so he doesn't look Andre The Giant levels of imposing next to modern minis from Reaper and Wizkids. :/ Today I got a bundle of guards from Tehnolog's Castlecraft "Fantasy World" range, 32 minis (8 of each of the 4 models), really good for wanting city military/guards/militia with good local flavors (Roman and Norse are the two blatant ones, the other two
  23. Found two snake-armor guys I'd never heard of before. Trerok Toungefire and Drakar Dubledeath from a RAFM boxed set called The Iron Brotherhood. But oh wow are their armors and proportions very stylized. Not sure the scale on these but I think I'm still better off using the Anti-Paladin or Moritorus for my main guy. They're also out of production so very likely would be hard to find.
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