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  1. My probably last order from EM4 miniatures came in. Unpainted releases of some Elfsera monsters (for some reason they had the beholder and direwolf available before so I was waiting and hoping to see the other three show up, and getting the undeads at the same time), the Dunwich Detective ghouls and deep ones that were sold out the last times I put orders in, and a pack of heavily clearanced prepainted orcs, mostly acquired to justify the shipping costs and I guess I wanted a few more oldhammer-ish orcs to offset the Nu-Heroquest orcs and the upcoming Next Level Minis orcs. And also they threw in one slotted base more than needed so that was amusing.
  2. What did you get, and how're they working out?
  3. Fresh updates been happening of late... Turns out over 600 backers still hadn't filled in the pledge manager, kind of a surprising amount, really. In the latest update it seems that number's gone down by half to over 300. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nextlevelminiatures/next-level-miniatures-dragons-hoard-miniatures-vol-1/posts/3518031 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nextlevelminiatures/next-level-miniatures-dragons-hoard-miniatures-vol-1/posts/3523762 Production delays are happening due to the whole shipping crisis stuff that delayed their receiving the much-needed 2nd Siocast machine and materials. So instead of September, the ETA for the minis will be Q4 this year, which isn't too bad. Turns out they also had to get mods done on about half the models due to the initial designs not being optimized for the Siocast process. And we get some nice shots of some production minis! If you compare to the original campaign renders, you can definitely see the subtle revisions in the orc and goblin minis, the orc's been slightly re-posed so his left arm sits more flush with the body, and the axe blade has been changed completely, while the goblin has had a slight tweak to his pose so the shield touches his back and his right arm was turned so the angle of the sword is more in line with how the body is. I sure hope I'll have enough glue to fit all these minis to their bases once they get here! 😆
  4. Just a quick dirty wash job on the Deep Cuts rat swarm... because doing every single tiny tail and tiny eyes and tiny nose would likely drive me postal. A second "slender stalker" from SCS Direct's bucket of aliens. Unlike the last one with its bright simple colors, this one gets a darker deco that was attempting to look like a spotted python's at my girlfriend's suggestion (because she thought his build felt serpentine). Key word attempted. She was confused at the off-white tentacle-hair... I was trying to make it look like floating wisps of fog. And lastly, the piece I'm happiest with out of this batch... a gargoyle from Dimensions For Children's fantasy playsets of the 80s, painted up as a very traditional-looking devil.
  5. I've seen some positive reviews (price aside), the only one coming to mind right now though is Goobertown Hobbies's.
  6. That's a silly assumption considering he's the door-breaking barbarian from the revised version of the 2nd edition Player's Handbook. Right down to the pose. Also I've heard people say the cleric in the set is meant to be an update of Aleena from the red box sets.
  7. Phew. Finally getting minis done again, after not having done so since March. First up, this bunghole Clovis from Zombicide in all his awful, overdetailed, overstrappy design. Fudge me, I have a SECOND one of that model too. Not only was he a PITA to paint but given the limitations of my worktable I accidentally spilled some primer on him as he was so close to completion so I had to redo some parts, including the face. So yeah, he looks rough and not everything is inside the line but this guy and his sculptor can go shove fudgesicles up their uncomfortable places. Haven't been this mad at a sculpt since the Deep Cuts female elf paladin. Next up, a Zombicide piece that was FAR more pleasant to paint, one of its zombie models. Nothing fancy here. Next up, another pleasant painting experience, a Hobgoblin in full plate from the Temple of Elemental Evil board game. Not as solid a model as the ones in the preceeding Hasbro-made board games, sadly. And why are hobgoblin models always in full plate? Is it because of the samurai look they had in the 1st edition monster manual? Glad I'm using some skinny orcs from other sources as hobgoblin alternatives. Anyway, this was a simple paintjob, but my main goal here was to tone down the heavy samurai leanings of the armor design, which I think I've succeeded at. And lastly, a monster from Arco's Dragons N' Monsters range of figurines from the 80s, itself very heavily modified from Heritage's Dungeon Dwellers' Brawn Hulk mini, replacing the chitinous skin with pustules, replacing the side eyes with pointy earns and replacing the fangs with a grill-mouth. I ended up playing up the gross pustules by making it a pestilence demon of some kind. I tried to do some tricks to make the grill-mouth look more like teeths but it all failed horribly so I ended up just painting it normally.
  8. Nobody's saying they're bad. We're just saying they're not exactly worth paying 30-40% more than comparable models by Games Workshop. Especially since GW stuff was already considered pretty high-priced.
  9. Jeebus they're just really overestimating how many people are willing to overpay for a Frameworks mini. I've seen a 100$ price tag for the Balor! I got the Nolzur's one for a tenth of that price and the entirety of the Legend of Drizzt board game (which comes with an even bigger Balor and more minis and modular tiles...) costs a portion of that! Hell even Warhammer greater daemons and daemon princes and the LOTR Balrog cost like 30$ less! And with the former two you get way more modular bits than just "three horns, two manes (one's on fire), two swords and a few extra flame bits if you want".
  10. Citadel, D&D, Red Dragon. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=BDD10_-_Red_Dragon_(Citadel) One of those markings is probably TSR and not TGH or 45L.
  11. Yesterday I got two packages. The first was a retail version of Heroquest I got on sale on Amazon. There's a lot I don't like about this remake but it still felt wrong to ultimately pass it up. The other was a loose lot of random minis from ebay. A trio of tentacley aliens from a Zombicide expansion, some little skittering bugs, some dinosaurian lizardfolk and some orcs from the Myth board game, and two norsemen and some weird guy with a mace from an unknown game (the minis are slotted in a round base with a little protrusion with a hole to possibly peg in a flag or something if that helps someone figure their origin?) I was a bit worried about the Myth pieces being a bit too cartoony-deformed, especially the orcs, for my otherwise normal mini collection... but thankfully they fit really well with any orc mini I already have that's inpsired by the "oldhammer" aesthetic.
  12. Replies to comments on the update are looking positive, they know they're a new company so they're focusing on getting the current KS fulfilled before moving on to a 2nd. Definitely avoiding a Blacklist situation here, awesome. 😄
  13. Latest update reveals their 2nd SioCast machine is close to arriving at their factory, and that the pledge manager will close on May 31st in case anyone wants to get a late pledge in. They've also started thinking about a 2nd series of minis and are polling commenters on what "exotic" player character types they'd want to see. I do hope it's just some early thoughts, and that they don't Blacklist Minis this by starting a second KS when the first one hasn't even been fulfilled yet. (also hopefully they don't use WOTC product identity in describing the minis on that 2nd series KS) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nextlevelminiatures/next-level-miniatures-dragons-hoard-miniatures-vol-1/posts/3484708
  14. This is such a clusterkerfuffle and I'm having a hard time keeping up with what is going on now.
  15. No yeah, I know that, but I didn't think a single book'd kick off that craze so I figured it would be more a result than the catalyst.
  16. So did I miss some sort of fresh batch of rabbitfolk craze or...?
  17. I dunno man, those definitely look more like eyes than warts.
  18. More eyes scattered across the body? Looks like they've been borrowing ideas from Reaper. 😆
  19. Not a big fan of the tiny-headed, four-fingered orc style from Bones but he came with the LTP set so I figured I'd give him a paintjob. I like him more now that he's painted up though. He was way less of a headache to get done than I initally thought. Next up a Death Knight from the Dragonstrike board game. Had to refer to the game's imagery to figure out what was what on him because the details are a bit low. I ended up basing the color scheme on the different miniature offered up as a color example by the game. And lastly, another toy-to-mini, the big skeleton from SCS Direct's Fantasy Creatures sets, done up as a skeletal Iron Golem because the idea of a Terminator-style iron golem popped in my head one day and this was the only skeletal mini I have that scales up Large. And it means not all of my copies of this model will just be undead giants. Not as wide a build as a Terminator should be, but hopefully the pile of bloody skulls (I hope I get better at this) at his feet drive the homage home. Contrary to my last Iron Golem, he's not one-tone.... and I made sure to use the Skeleton Key metallic paint to do his skeletal parts. Get it?
  20. Like just a beardless human that looks like a spellcaster? Or does he need explicit wizardy features like the wide-brimmed conical hat as well? Reaper's got a few generalized human spellcasters sans beards: Anirion, Elf Wizard (it says elf but his hood covers his ears so he'd work as a human as well, I've seen people paint him up as Raistlin!) Human Wizard, Alec Elf Warlock, Satheras (same deal as Anirion) Human Wizard, Khalib Human Cleric, Velmarius Human Wizard, Karahl Human Wizard, Iltheus Human Wizard, Marcus Human Sorcerer, Elquin Half-Elf Monk, The Raven (same deal as Anirion and Satheras)
  21. Another update from them showing off a few more masters including the big dragon. The dragon will apparently come in seven pieces, which now makes me wonder about how much assembly'll be needed for other models (Orcus might at the very least come with his wings as separate pieces). I can't wait to get these, honestly.
  22. What's "true scale"? Iron Wind Metals mainly republishes Ral Partha pieces (which those are) so they're 25mm scale, not 28mm or 32mm.
  23. Yeah, if that'll work, Iron Wind Metals has a few of that: DH-280 Moorish Archer Kneeling DF-429 Desert Fighter With Scimitar DF-475 Desert Fighter With Two-Handed Sword
  24. I mean Cassandra De Rolo dressed more like a noblewoman than a spellcaster so if you really want to replicate that... https://www.reapermini.com/search/female noble/latest/60031 https://www.reapermini.com/search/female noble/latest/03823 (the latter has a small skull trinket on her belt but that can be turned into a round amulet or something with some quick greenstuff) But if you still want that caster vibe I'll also add these two as suggestions: https://www.reapermini.com/search/female swashbuckler/latest/02391 https://www.reapermini.com/search/female swashbuckler/latest/02051
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