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  1. Amazing, especially the dead eyes and gore effects!
  2. I guess that depends what you deem necessary for desert nomads? Head scarves and long robes?
  3. The only Frameworks I've even considered has been the troll because it looks as freaky and gangly as I'd want a troll to be. But I don't really find it worth it in the long run, considering I'll just end up with a buncha extra troll limbs and hairs I'll likely never use anywhere else.
  4. Is that posted anywhere? It seems baffling to me when I can get a dragon of relatively comparable size from Safari, Papo or Schleich for a tiny fraction of the price.
  5. Yeah sure the colossal red dragon was cheaper but that was also 16 years ago now (2006). That being said, even if the red dragon would be pricier in today's economy, I doubt it'd be 400$ expensive! Geez that's a lot.
  6. Backing off from the toys-to-minis trend today with a trio of modern plastic minis. First up, one of the Skeleton Guardsmen from the Bones assortment. And next a gargoyle from the D&D Castle Ravenloft board game. I've got a lot of painted gargoyles so far but this one looked too nice not to try. Lots of hard-to-reach spots on him, sadly. And last, a bandit from SCS Direct's Monster Gaming range of minis. Holy crap, the details on this guy are so soft, it was really hard to figure some areas. I couldn't really even find a belt, I'm guessing maybe his tunic sags over it? Likewise his face is lacking and I couldn't find eyes to paint, so I'm just assuming his hood is pulled down over them.
  7. As a kid I always thought he was playing baseball against the bootleg Grenadier lizardman that was also in the set.
  8. I decided to kick myself in the butt to get minis painted this weekend.... starting very late after my evening D&D game ended. I worked a long time but ultimately only finished 3 pieces... all of them conversions of toys and figurines. First up another lovely oddity from SCS Direct's cheap buckets of things, this one from their alien range. I call it a "slender stalker". Going back to the 80s now, a jinn from Arco's Dragons N' Monsters line... A line made up almost entirely of bootlegged classic RPG minis, in this case a djinni from Heritage's Dungeon Dwellers range. And last, a vile demon from Dimensions For Children's figurine playsets, most notable the metal-named Dragonriders Of The Styx. I did his body in Crimson Red and his wings in Succubus' Kiss and boy are the colors ever not looking that distinguished from one another. I had a bunch of other things that I worked on yet inexplicably my finished pieces were all toys to minis. The worktable also had a zombicide zombie, a D&D board game hobgoblin, a Nolzur's gith, an SCS Direct bandit and Bones goblin, orc, peryton, skeleton and two cultists.
  9. Dollar stores'll usually have bags of lizards and critters and the likes that scale up well for big monsters, that might be a place worth checking for.
  10. There's a gnoll skeleton in Hasbro's old range of prepainted minis.
  11. Very cool paintjobs! They're not from a game (despite what the initials on the base might suggest), they're just affordable gaming minis put out my SCS Direct's "Monster Gaming" brand.
  12. Is there a specific area I should be looking for lead rot on? I'm not really seeing any at a first glance.
  13. I had a feeling that'd be what they rip. And yeah, I remember the dwarves too. Passed on em but ended up finding out the Avatars Of War connection by chance.
  14. No, not that bad, but Warduke still needs some heavy touch-ups since they removed the blue and black aspects of his armor and gear. Same as the old Hasbro one, oddly.
  15. Light haul this week but I finally took the plunge on getting the five "brigand" pieces from Tehnolog (who turned out to be more 25mm than 28mm but that's fine by me), and since the seller had this in his store too I also got this UNDEAD Eternal Vitality action figure pack with a demon rider and its monstrous manticore mount. The manticore is straight up an upscaled, reposed and toy-ified Warhammer chaos manticore, and I wouldn't be surprised if the demon figure wasn't also a similarly changed Warhammer model. (I still need to find a good deal on the similarly copied Warhammer chaos knights action figures)
  16. SioCast is a process, not a material. Bones USA uses plastic in theirs, Next Level uses flexible resin in theirs.
  17. Decided it was time to revisit that old Bones Shoggoth I'd painted back in June 2019. I had kinda phoned it in back then so I decided to try some improvements... First off, I did irises on all the eyes, alternating between round and slit ones. Then I turned the big eye into an oozing core of sorts, using gloss black and liquefied Kraken Ink paint atop it. A lot of it sadly doesn't show on the photo. Before: After: Next up was the Dark Watcher, totes not a Cacodemon from Doom, though replicating that monster's colors was my original intent (hence the blue mouth), very quickly deciding to stray from that instead. Green for the bumpy parts and orangeish yellow for the more chitinous-y parts, was that a good idea? And the Well of Chaos. A really cool sculpt full of story and flavor IMO. I doubt I did it justice but I tried. I didn't have any tools to create a pool of water or anything, so I went with a few layers of clear green paint to make it look like a foul ichor or incredibly old and stagnant water. And lastly, a mongolian warrior converted from a Hogun mini from Heroclix. His pose looked quite goofy with his big mace so I snipped it off (used it for a broken Bugbear from Dragonstrike a while back) and replaced it with spear pieces from a Monster Protectors gnoll (for some reason they did one with a spear jammed through its chest, I snipped both halves off there) and he looks much better bracing a spear than he did gripping that mace.
  18. New update! Samples of the troll, ogre, gnoll, earth and air elementals, that frog-guy from Rappan Athuk, the dwarven paladin and the big bad lord of undeath himself! It's going to take so much time and so much glue getting all these fellas based up, though.
  19. Yep, I can't believe this day and age they'd foul up and make Warduke right-handed like that.
  20. I was extremely busy with all that non-existence I was doing up till 3 years later.
  21. Someone on a classic minis FB group got that small Ral Partha Hydra on package but it came with two sets of left heads instead of left-right and IWM provided a replacement for em, so I'm sure they can help out here too.
  22. The minotaur is Reaper. https://www.reapermini.com/search/minotaur/latest/02263
  23. That's just a base coat or some primer. Lead rot is like... bubbles forming on the surface.
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