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  1. Giant is Citadel Miniatures, Fiend Factory range, FF-12 Mountain Giant with Battleaxe. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Citadel-FF-12-2.jpg
  2. First one is a ghoul emerging from a crypt. Grenadier Models, Fantasy Lords, 066 Thing From The Crypt. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Grenadier-flbp-066-blister.jpg
  3. I believe this is because Reaper changed up materials of late, so even classic Bones have taken a turn for the gray.
  4. It's the same mini. I think the online listing is just erroneous.
  5. I tried to test the shipping rates for 82$ worth of stuff and the free shipping didn't apply so either there's a bug in the system or they changed the Canadian rates again.
  6. And this closes out my minis painting in 2021. These two make the final tally of 111, far cry from my previous amazing record of TWELVE in a single year. Have I improved? Not in the technical sense. But I've managed to find tricks to keep my frustrations to a minimum. Which was definitely needed for the first piece. A Star-Spawn from the Cthulhu Wars game by Sandy Peterfsen Games. I guess the designers thought spawn meant larva? That's the logic I see here anyway. But man oh man they didn't make this painter friendly. Everything just kinda dangles so close to the base without being connected to it (and the base being so irregular without taking into account where the hands connect to it).... I didn't go with the usual green associated with Cthulhu because I already did the Piscodaemon yesterday, so I went with some different kinds of greenish tones instead. And a sorceress repainted from Thiana Farseeker from Mage Knight. The color scheme was suggested by my girlfriend, which ended up being very similar to some depictions of DC Comics's Circe, but I doubt she knew that, and I myself didn't even piece it together till after I'd had the base of her hair and dress done. As for what was started but not finished this year? Three pieces. A unicorn from SCS direct that my girlfriend suggested a rainbow mane for and I've just been slowly making my way through painting every row of hair strands because it's just not fun, that one's been going on since May. Clovis from Zombicide, I have most of the bases done but fudgesicle me he's just got so many tiny overlaid details. And last, the Dark Watcher from Reaper Bones, that I kinda struggled with a color scheme because I didn't necessarily just want to go the cacodemon route. I settled on something today but didn't really feel motivated to finish.
  7. Decided to take advantage of my four-day weekend to wrap up my 2021 minis painting and also kick off 2021 right (instead of waiting until March like I did this year). First up, a completely unlicensed Godzilla figurine from SCS Direct's bucket of monsters, much too small to pass off for the genuine article on the tabletop, so.... I decided to google up lizards with ridges on their backs, the brown anole came up as the first result, so I used its coloration as the basis for this creature's colors. I almost didn't because I was like "I like the orange chin thing but there's no way I can match it on the mini" but then I noticed the godzilla's neck has a defined area that I could paint orange, and that sealed the deal. This angry devil that probably works a 2nd job as a pro wrestler was once an Etrigan piece from Heroclix. I'm kind of impressed changing his orange skin to red and ditching the skintight shirt manages to pull off the switcharoo so well. Holy crap, a Reaper miniature proper? When's the last time I did one of those??? (the answer is Halloween) I wanted to do a more complex coloration with different metallic colors (bronzes, metallic blacks, metallic browns, etc) but after laying down the bases for a plain metallic.... I liked it enough to leave it as is, save for painting the gem in the sword. And lastly, this somewhat cthulhoid alien (except with more of a squid-head than an octopus-head) from SCS Direct's bucket of aliens. Despite the fact that it's really not as much a match for it, I still ended up basing its coloration on the Piscodaemon depicted in Pathfinder 2nd Edition.
  8. It's an action figure produced by Lanard, they picked up the Alien license recently and put out some neat affordable sets but all the xenomorphs are painted in bright colors completely unlike their movie colors.
  9. I don't suppose you have any pics of em because I'm super bad at figuring color schemes so seeing what others have done usually helps tremendously.
  10. A few more of the pieces I'd started last weekend, all painted up to about nine loops of Sting's 1993 album Ten Summoner's Tales. First up, my last Castle Ravenloft ghoul, munching on some orc. This also mark the last of my more "humanoid" ghoul minis, as everything else I've acquired better fits the pulp fantasy aesthetic as established by Lovecraft, Smith and Howard. Next up, a triceratops-headed, scorpion-stingered dragon from those cheapo "World of Dinosaur" sets of cheapo but neat-looking dragons. I kinda winged the color scheme, starting out with a base of Succubus Kiss paint and moving from there. I've been doing so many bony claws and horns and stuff of late, I did these in black to shake things up. His underbelly's painted yellow but I realize now his arm's blocking most of it. And last, another SCS Direct bucket of monsters Devil. Went with black for his main color... and probably phoned him in a bit at the end so he's rougher looking than the rest... but honestly since I was fixing up black last and didn't want to redo the lighter colors over, I kind of just went "close enough" with a lot of it...
  11. Two things arriving today! First up, a Safari Fire Dragon (three headed, wingless dragon with the central head breathing flame), which I only got because I had a big online coupon from Michaels, and it was the coolest Dragon on the Canadian storefront. Also a buncha Grenadier minis via Mirliton. Almost all of them John Dennett sculpts (I think one Andrew Chernak ghoul is included in one pack). Demons, ghouls, deep ones, other weird and lovecraftian critters and a helsteed with its doomrider. I forgot to get the Polar Wyrm so I guess I'll have to get it when next I can afford a big minis order from Italy.
  12. Had a buncha stuff prepped up to paint today... And it took me forever to get a mere four of them done because my nose decided to leak less like a leaky faucet and more like a faucet you turned on to run water and then broke the handle off so it just keeps running. Also my clumsy clumsy clumsy hands dropped the TSR Otyugh I was planning to paint like the old LJN bendy toy and its eyestalk broke off (again) so I had to put it aside till it can be repaired. This is what made the cut. First up, an old TSR Cavalier mini that I didn't have the weapons tree to arm up. I made due with some Ral Partha pieces. Next up a "Floating Eye" from EM4 Miniature's Elfsera range. At the recommendation of one of my D&D players, I used the tables in Volo's Guide To Monsters to pick his colors. I got mottled (pinkish and brown) for the skin color, orange for the eye color and circular for the iris shape. There was no table for tongue color so I made it blue. Next up, an ogre from Dark World. While my first one was based on the colors of the "Yellow Ogre" from Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls, this one took more inspiration from the painting recommendations in the game's instructions, but keeping the same ogre skin color I've made my standard (which helps make the skin color and leotard color blend together much less) And lastly, one of those old Chinasaurs, the cheapo "Prehistoric Animals" creatures Gygax bought for monsters and resulted in the Owlbear, Rust Monster and Bullette. This is one of the lesser ones, an antennae'd, long-snouted bipedal armadilloid type critter.
  13. Treeman is Enigma Miniatures. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Creatures_(Enigma)
  14. No, it's where it goes. The hand is fused to the body where it meets the skirt part of the surcoat. The blade part likewise is attached at the thumb and on the shield and even where the shield meets the scabbard. I tried (TRIED) to take some pics of all these parts and also a clearer pic of the base.
  15. First one looks to be Citadel... Fantasy Tribes FTT3, Troll Hurling Rock. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Citadel-FTT3.jpg
  16. I decided to take a peek at all that's upcoming in their Frameworks range and while most of them don't seem worth the cost or the trouble to me.... Gosh dang that is a "good" looking troll they have on offer. Tall, gangly and repulsive, way better than any I've seen in the 5th Edition minis! Really tempting for me considering so much of my troll minis are sadly swoletrolls.
  17. Not helping the matter is how varied the pieces were in the lot... The obvious suspects were there (Ral Partha, Grenadier, Reaper, etc) but also pieces from lesser known companies like Harlequin, Asgard and Old Glory....
  18. I know, that's the surprising part! But I've looked for seams, attachment points, signs of modding, and came up empty. Considering he was based up on a washer with a sandy texture thing added to make things flush same as other minis that WERE multipart but nowhere near as secure (a lady with a crossbow, her crossbow and hands were no longer attached when I got it), I really genuinely believe this is a one-piece casting.
  19. Since others have had some pretty good luck with their mini IDs, figured I'd bring back this still-unknown knight... 25mm scale, base has no markings aside a faint L-shaped thing. Very much appears to be one solid mini, no assembly.
  20. Bones Black and Bones USA aren't the same thing, though. If I understood past discussions correctly, Bones USA and Next Level Miniatures use similar production processes but Bones USA are still using plastic while Next Level uses a flexible resin.
  21. The werelioness looked familiar but it turns out that's because her pose is similar to Reaper's weretigress. XD
  22. Man, that Halloween Countdown wiped me out more than I thought, so all I could muster for painted minis in November were, well, tonight. First up, a Seething Knight from Mage Knight, painted up as an evil knight. Probably a knight from my evil elf nation that's like Melnibon├ę as conjured up by someone who's read all of ONE Elric short story. I actually got eyebrows AND eyes in on this one, somehow. And a Heroclix blood brother done up as an ogre. I might revisit this one to add weapons, if I find some that fit his big fists. And on to the cheapo toy/minis from SCS Direct. First up, not quite the creature from the Black Lagoon from their monsters set. Bigger than the ogre so it's clearly a big Lagoon Lurker. Should be a good stand-in mini for Merrow if you're on a budget. And finally from their aliens vs humans tube, this weird thing. I call it a Tentacled Eyeful. I tried to give it a weird color with a maggoty white base and some poisony looking tentacles and eyes that probably shoot different beams like a Beholder's (but with 14 different beams). My girlfriend, when she saw the final paintjob, called it a radish-monster.
  23. Maybe. Makes no sense to give gender options to the expansion characters but leave the core characters like that unless you backed a pseudo-Kickstarter.
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