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  1. SCS Direct has this Monster Gaming range of miniatures. They're low-detail, sometimes with some unusual design choices, but they're cheap, so they're great for those of us on a budget. Of those odd details, one that sticks out is the height of the kobolds. They tower over the goblins from the range, and are just a smidge shorter than 28mm miniatures. So, since I had a nice bunch of kobolds pieces already thanks to Reaper and the D&D board games, but no lizardfolk, I decided to paint these guys as lizardfolk instead. This first one, the Monster Gaming prepaints suggested bone armor but I decided on crude salvaged bronze armor instead. Not sure I'm feeling the brown leather face covering, it blends in too well with the bronze helmet. Should I do it over in black instead?
  2. Thought I had the time to finish a few last minis to actually end June but then I got distracted by Loki... and then also made the mistake of trying another Nolzur's player character piece so... In the end even after switching my focus to a single Bones mini, I didn't manage to finish it before midnight. So I guess this minotaur is kicking off July instead. No fancy bits or bobs here but I still like the striking contrast of his dark ox skin with his brass armor.
  3. Wanted to end the halfway point of the year with 50 miniatures... except every sculpt I wanted to tackle, I couldn't figure good colors for (always a problem with me), so I decided to stop putting off doing that old Dragonstrike gargoyle. I could have also done a smaller gargoyle from the Castle Ravenloft board game, but I decided instead to do a 2nd larger one using another of my devil minis from SCS Direct's monster bucket. The poor Dragonstrike gargoyle's right horn was partly breaking off when I got it, and I tried to re-solidify it with glue but then I accidentally broke it all off and then in trying to handle it to re-affix it I dropped it and never found it again so... I decided to leave it alone and this gargoyle's just carrying an old battle scar with him. I'd gotten a good stoney look on the Bones stone golem I did earlier int he year and I sorta tried to replicate it but differently with these, using some overlaid grays with some deliverate unevenness to just make it all look like living stone. Because the Dragonstrike gargoyle has softer details, it kind of ended up looking a bit less good on him than it did on the SCS Direct one but I'm still overall happy with their looks.
  4. Excuse me I need to go pick my jaw up off the floor now. EDIT: Pixelscapes liked it too!
  5. Inspired by Pixelscapes' token ( https://twitter.com/pixelscapes/status/1085252536704077824 ), I was sitting on this Blinc Dog for forever. What was stopping me from getting it made? Mine had its tail broken off. Finally found a replacement one in the form of the Yugioh boar warrior guy I converted into an orc earlier this month, it had a tail I didn't need because orcs don't have em, so with a little bit of work to make it fit, it was finally ready for paint. And now you can see why I avoid dry-brushing generally. Next up this piece was a kiddy toy from Safari, from one of their Toob things. I got it as a freebie and didn't want it to just go to waste so after seeing Blandco's video about fixing up cheap toys into minis I decided to base it and try to give it a more believable color. It still doesn't look terribly realistic, and it's undersized compared to the size a stegosaurus should be, but it can work for a baby stegosaurus the party can adopt or a villain or ally can have as an unusual pet.
  6. Haha, given I've been on vacation since the 18th I'd hardly call it "busy".
  7. Two of the other three miniatures I had planned to finish on my birthday (the third, a Bones dracolisk, I haven't even started painting period because I'm struggling to find a good color to make it). First up the demon Gharun from Reaper... Got this guy already painted with the entire mini in greenish yellow but then the axe having a cool paintjob. Sadly it was all chipped and worn so I redid the whole thing and this is probably why it took me this many days to get back to my project, because I originally wanted to do him in human fleshtones and hair colors but then when that was set aside I hated it because it didn't look unsettling the way I wanted it.... So I went back to it and did up a thick umber wash over the skin and did his hair and fur greenish instead and just let everything else fall into place. The green maybe makes him look a bit satyr-y but I guess you can call him a Satyr Master From Abyss now (google that for a laugh). Oh and he has no wings because the entire wing piece came to be broken off AND broken in two and I tried to get it all solidly reattached and it didn't even hold up to a tiny fall (like out of my hands onto my table tiny) so I decided to fudge retrying that again and just filled in his back. And Nolzur's mimic... Straightforward brown and brass on the chest pieces, minty "skin", pink tongue and gums and all... and I tried to give him some gloopy green saliva over his tongue, teeth and lips using some Tamiya clear green but it didn't turn out all that great.
  8. Happy birthday to me! Instead of buying more minis for my birthday I decided to gift myself painting another version of Daton, this one made from a Dark Sword Miniatures piece. Even though it's supposed to be Not Quite Caramon Majere Of Dragonlance, the helmet's design looked near-identical to the simplification of Magnon/Daton's helmet from those He-Man style lines as used in the much cheaper figure lines Muscle Warriors and Treasures Of Those Lost Temples Warriors (yes that's a real toyline name), I just snipped off the draconic frills on the sides. I had to build up a small mound of glue on the base to secure the sword too because it's so flimsy it's prone to bending otherwise. Again I based most of the color choices on the knockoff figures proper, this time adding blue trousers from one knockoff in "Galaxy Heroes" (the only one that wears pants) and the helmet's deco is based on the blue/orange helmet in Muscle Warriors (though I used gold instead of orange). I WANTED to get a couple of other pieces painted, but my nose got super-congested early on in my progress and only got worst, so I just finished off with my last simple Heroclix conversion into a ghoul. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow and can complete the other three pieces I wanted to do.
  9. This dragon from the board game Dragonstrike has his charm in its awkward pose with its left arm raised and its tail passing between its legs and laid over its left foot. Too bad he's so fudgesicle-ing fragile! It's supposed to have one more horn closer to the nose, that was broken before I even got the piece (indeed it was broken in the pic the person I bought it from had). One of the wings is a separate piece that pegs in. The pegs broke in storage, I had to shave that all off and rely on glue alone. I painted him purple because I asked for color ideas with my D&D group and the one person who spoke up said purple. I don't like vanilla D&D where all the dragons are color-coded so it can have whatever dragon powers I want it to have, anyway. Now I need to find a dedicated, double-padded storage for it. ¬.¬ And a second painted ghoul from Castle Ravenloft. Kinda followed the same painting approach, just with green trousers instead of purple. The first one also had a gorier meal, but I decided this one had been dead for longer before the ghoul found it to eat, so there's less blood splattering out of the carrion.
  10. "Beauregard" from Zombicide Black Plague, obviously just Michael Palin as Sir Galahad from Monty Python and the Holy Grail... Not painted in the slightest to resemble Michael Palin OR Sir Galahad, because gaming sessions can already get derailed enough by Monty Python and the Holy Grail quotes without dropping miniatures deliberately looking like the characters of the movie on the table. And a pig-faced orc converted from a Boar Warrior from Yu-Gi-Oh Heroclix. Just snipped off the little tail on the back and then painted him up. The things on his helmet were meant to be the boar warrior's ears but since I didn't think even an orc with a more porcine face should have such high ears, so I painted them up as ornamental horns on his helmet. Kinda wish I had some fitting weapons for a conversion because it makes no sense wearing so much armor but only carrying a stone mallet for a weapon. Maybe if I ever get some I'll revisit them.
  11. Got another pair of cheapo dragons of aliexpress, from the same assortment as my last two from last year (off Wish that time, thankfully these were a tad cheaper). Randomized again, so this one had a sparkly blue King Ghidorah-ish one, and an orange bipedal type with three short horn and a large rear crest not unlike those of a triceratops or other ceratopsid, plus a flat scorpion's stinger. I like em. Though orangey's wings were attached on backwards and instead of being glued the parts almost seem FUSED so that wasn't a fun task cutting out to put in the proper position.
  12. Lately I only seem to complete part of what I set out to make. Seems like I start some and hit a creative roadblock, especially the ones that were my primary goal. Still, I get my "side-projects" done, and that's important too. One of these was primed so long ago and only finally painted this weekend. The other was primed a few weeks ago and just kinda sat there as I dealt with some frustrations (THAT GODDAMN DEEP CUTS ELF ARG) and I ended up grabbing it on a whim today while working on the others. First up, a classic TSR Firbolg. From that wonderful era of Firbolgs, from the early 80s to the mid-2010s when they looked cool and not like the unholy result of a three-way between Shaggy Rogers, Joe Fixit and Clarabelle. I kinda considered giving him striped pants like a gaul's braccae but decided to just give him white trousers instead. Was it the right choice or should I go back and stripe em up? Next up, a dwarf from the War of the Ring board game. Got him in a random ebay lot that had a lot of smaller pieces. Even compared to 25mm he's pretty small, but I also have an orc from the game that scales up well to really old Chronicle Miniatures orcs I also have so clearly there's some precedent for this kind of mini scale in tabletop gaming. I guess? He's supposed to be a trooper in the game but since I only have the one, he makes a cool dwarf hero. Not being in the usual plate armor you see on dwarven warriors is a big bonus, I really liked him sporting a padded jack and leather cap. Being that small made it a chore to paint him clean, and I realize now I forgot to paint the studs on that shoulder thing he sports. I should go back and do those.
  13. Executioner from Marvel Comics, another cheaply acquired mini ideal for conversion to a fantasy character. There were a few things I considered first, like just an ordinary greek hero in a leather cuirass, or a chaotic barbarian to go with my converted Anval Thricedamned and that Battlemasters chaos archer... But in the end, that hair only left me with one option. An homage to professional wrestler Road Warrior Hawk. I couldn't exactly spike up his cuirass thanks to his very dynamic pose, but I think it still works well, the head is pretty accurate and the studded armbands help bring forth that "Mad Max wrestler" feel. Now where can I find a compatible mini for Road Warrior Animal, I wonder....
  14. As far as the PHB is concerned, proficiency with the tool lets you add the proficiency modifier to an ability check if you do it with the tool you're proficient with. WOTC kind of realized how much of a drawback that was, especially as applied to things like thieves tools, because taking thieves tools without sleight of hand (for example) is far more limiting than vice versa. Xanathar's Guide To Everything offers up the alternative that if you're proficient in both a skill and a tool for a check, you get advantage on the roll.
  15. A regular car is hardly loud though. This is more like a really loud muscle car careening through. You'd hear that over more noise.
  16. I just went over a copy of the D&D Next playtest rules from 2013 and the loud noise was there too, just at a lower range.
  17. Yes. Yes it does. It certainly has not been added in later on. 5E is only a "living document" as far as errata corrections go, and Knock is not among them. https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/PH-Errata.pdf It's always been the last line of text in the spell description: "When you cast the spell, a loud knock, audible from as far away as 300 feet, emanates from the target object." I have one of the earliest printings of the book and that line was always there.
  18. I got a random bunch of Zombicide Black Plague minis a while back and most of those are pretty blatantly based on various characters of medieval and fantasy films and TV and a bunch of the ones I got were Monty Python And The Holy Grail knights, and I got two of Sir Galahad, so while I'm undecided if I should paint them as presented in the movie or just make my own stuff with em, since I got two Galahads I can already just paint one as I please.
  19. Silence is in a 20-radius sphere and Knock has a 60-foot range.
  20. I mean... I am unfathomably clumsy so most miniatures I paint are finished out of spite... this is just the first that was all spite from start to finish. I COULD have painted up one of my two Michael Palins and a teeny dwarf and maybe an elegant wizard that I'd primed last weekend but instead I hate-painted this.
  21. Nope, that is totes mcboats a thing you can do in 5th Edition, as Silence is a concentration spell but Knock is an instantaneous spell.
  22. Knock in 5E has always had an accompanying incredibly loud knock that's audible as far as 300 feet away. Probably because 5E spellcasters have so many more spell slots so having what amounts as instant-success lockpicks in abundance needs a drawback to go with it.
  23. The mini that in conjunction with some gaming frustration stopped me from doing all 13 minis I planned last weekend. I hate it so much because everything is in the way of each other. The absolute clowns at Wizkids obviously just posed their usual library of 3D renders and were like "good enough, sell it!" without considering the difficulties that could arise from painting it. Probably why when trying to look up other people's attempts at painting it in Google Image Search, I found absolutely zilch and thus just based it on Wizkids' "painted sample" (IE their cgi render but COLORIZED). "But B.T. why did you get this mini then?" Because I bought a "random lot" on ebay where the seller would just send a bunch of pieces and sadly far too many of what I got are player pieces with big annoying flowing capes like this one. At least I got a small few nice monsters and some decor bits and not just humanoid character pieces as awful as this one. "But why did you finish it then?" Spite. UPDATE: I showed it to my girlfriend and she asked me "what's on the hair" and I was curious if she meant the circlet I painted on to cover up the clumps on the forehead or the elf ears but she thought the hair itself was some sort of odd towel or something, which again goes to show how awful these things are because hey maybe that tiny fine detail on a CGI render won't look quite as fine when the mold gets cut and it becomes a chunky glob.
  24. Continuing with the minis I chose to work on over the long weekend, I ended up only doing two. My big mistake was trying to continue work on this Nolzur or Deep Cuts female elf paladin piece because hoooooooooooooooooooooly Holly these miniatures are really badly designed when you need to get paint into all the tiny crevasses. After fighting with the hair and the back of the shield for a bit, I just moved on and finished two much simpler pieces. First is a Helsinian Templar by Harlequin Miniatures. I didn't have its shield so I replaced it with one of the shields from EM-4 Miniatures (which I think were originally in Grenadier's Fantasy Warriors board games). Since he's all armor with no surcoat or anything, I went with four different metallic paints to make him pop, since I don't trust my weathering and/or washing abilities in the slightest. And next is a Heroclix piece converted into my go-to player character on the rare instances I get to not be DM. He's based on a Masters of the Universe-style figure named Daton from a toyline called Galaxy Fighters, and I also use the name because I'm terrible at coming up with names. Like, the worst. The Heroclix mini originally had lightning bolts in his right hand and also in a sheath on his back, so I chopped those off, added another EM-4 shield and repainted most of the thing... I left parts of the skin untouched because the eyes were just about perfect, but I did match the color to cover up my goofs, and also the parts of the hand I chopped off, and also parts where the factory paint had gone over the lines. Otherwise it was all about matching as much as I could off the figures (red furry loincloth, dark brown belt, bracers and boots, grey chest gear, purple/blue avian-themed helmet, black hair, etc).
  25. Since it's a long weekend in Canada I decided to get more mini work done... Sadly after dealing with some problems with my Saturday game my mood was too soured to start work that day, so I got started on Monday. Out of the 13 pieces I had out and either primed or had ready to work already, this is what I got done so far. Cult leader from a Heroclix... nothing spectacular here, the piece as is worked really well... just re-based it, fixed up some of the sloppy paint apps (especially the black arm ties), added a leather handle and blood to the sword and changed the colors of the insignia on the chest. The jailer was from The Hobbit and guessing by his hairstyle was probably an elf (I haven't seen any Peter Jackson movies past Fellowship) but I tried to make him more human. Just tried to diversify his color scheme and make bits pop out more. He looks really worried about that ragtag bundle of racially diverse rapscallions the city watch just threw in his cells. A pretty simplistic devil from SCS Direct's bucket of monsters, painted in your relatively standard devil colors, with iron bracers and a loincloth made of flayed human flesh perfectly normal leather, honest! An orc from the SCS Direct Monster Gaming miniatures. These things have such crude sculpts and such odd design choices I couldn't help but do another. His hair is goofy, his poofy pants are goofy, but he'll probably disembowl you if you make fun of him for it.
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