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  1. Yeah I wouldn't use Heroforge for just about anything but there are things you just can't find an actual mini for... like an armored Plague Doctor wielding a scythe.
  2. And man its return seems to have broken the site.... Haven't been able to get it to load all day. I was hoping the gray plastic would be somewhere between the solid and detailed plastics in price, but man... 30$US + shipping for a mini is a bit much for my budget...
  3. That was my main consideration, yeah. I'm still worrying about messing up. And also I wouldn't know what to do with the remains... Unless I get a Dragonman conversion kit and try and turn it into some sort of man-plumed-serpent-something-something. I gotta go take some notes.
  4. Well I mean it's not a dealbreaker, especially if there's at least a proper snake head on top. That conversion you did is really awesome, although mine'd be more "barbaric gladiator" than "barbaric outlander".
  5. That's pretty cool, I look forward to what you come up with for your kickstarter Primeval! Regarding conversions, I'm pretty new to this hobby and have always been really clumsy so I'm uncertain about undertaking that task... Wouldn't doing this leave the body a bit lacking in scales though? That being said Anval Thricedamned'd be a pretty boss base to start with if I were...
  6. That is a really cool legged snakeman! Sadly too lean for the kind of physically imposing gladiatorial champion I'm aiming for. Basically he'd be less a cobraman and more an anacondaman. He is quite cool but I'm looking for something with legs, not a tail lower body.
  7. Cool suggestions, sadly I'm a terrible sculptor even at action figure scales so there's no way I could mod a crocoman or a lizardman into a snakeman. Sadly, that Bushido snakeman only has a snake head, and I'm seeking more of a full-body-scales snakeman... Are there perhaps any reptilemen minis that wear full helmets? Given the character it's going to represent is a gladiator, that might be a workaround for me....
  8. Topic says most of it. Trying to find a snakeman/yuan-ti/serpentfolk/etc miniature that's muscular and with legs. Preferably with a bare (or slightly armored) chest and no cobra-style cowl... Best visual aid I can think of is this snake guy from the 2000s MOTU cartoon. http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj35/MegaGearX/200X%20Screen%20Grabs/Screenshot2012-02-06at55729PM.png http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj35/MegaGearX/200X%20Screen%20Grabs/200X-Rattlor.jpg Cheers!
  9. My bad. Action figure collector habit, I suppose. I am looking for base miniatures that will size up nicely with the Reaper, DSM and WOTC minis I presently have. Yeah. Mad Jack suggested one of em. Really far removed from what I'm looking for. Top row: front, side and back view of original Galaxy Warriors Magnon figure. Bottom row: Galaxy Fighters Daton figure, and two differing paintjobs of a further-bootlegged Magnon in "Galaxy Heroes"/"Muscle Warriors". Top row: Galaxy Warriors package art of Magnon, Galaxy Warriors beasts package art of Magnon, Galaxy Fighters Pegasaurus art of Magnon, Freedom Fighters (rereleased Galaxy Warriors) art of Magnon, Galaxy Heroes art of Magnon. Middle row: Frank Frazetta illustrations of John Carter, from where the helmet design was swiped and simplified for the Magnon/Daton figures. Bottom row: Fan art (YES!) of Magnon and Daton. This is what I'm looking for, basically. Heck, from artist to artist the interpretation of the design varied so I'm flexible. Doesn't need to be a perfect match but hopefully you can get the general "feel" of what I'm trying to find.
  10. Yeah but "wings on helmet" is about where the similarities with my character end. Here's the characters I'm kind of aching over trying to find good minis for, if anyone knows of good ones that measure up well with Reaper's stuff: Hai Tien: Half-elf monk, orphaned as a baby and raised in a monastery with only humans living in it. Teased by the others because of his half-elven heritage, tends to hide his pointy ears beneath his shaggy hair and martial arts headband. Wears standard martial arts clothing, and favors either barehanded combat or blunt weapons (staff, sticks, tonfas). Possible minis: Reaper's Crimson Fist or DSM's Male Monk. Hark The Barbarian: His tribe killed when he was a child by a band of marauders led by a Minotaur. Raised in gladiator pits after that. Doesn't have very long hair, wears a horned helmet, favors an axe. Standard barbarian wear otherwise: loincloth, pelts... And ornate belt'd be nice. Hard to find a horned helmet barbarian who doesn't have a thick viking beard, way too many skull motifs or too much of a Conan look. Possible minis: Reaper's Goldar (and try to sculpt a helmet I guess?) or Cuth Wolfson (not a fan of the concealed face though), or a Bronze Age Barbarian. Daton Sungold: My primary player character. Son of adventurers before him, tried to avoid the adventuring path at first but his stint as a soldier just left him disillusioned, and some holy men saw that desire in him to be good and ordained him as a paladin. Wears his father's helmet. Steals his name, hair color and helmet design from an old Masters of the Universe bootleg, which itself was a black-haired copy of another MOTU bootleg (hence the father's helmet bit), and the helmet design was itself stolen from some old Frazetta illustrations of John Carter of Mars. Body-wise the mental image I had of him seems to match up with what Crassus, the Fighter from the old Capcom D&D arcade games, looks like. Not 100% but the general "partial plate armor, bare arms, muscular yet athletic build" sense. Considering either trying to convert Reaper's Urich (cutting off the horns and trying to sculpt my own details best my uncoordinated hands can) or Kale Nolan (although that puts me back to trying to find a fitting head, and then figuring out how to do a head transplant). DSM's Male Fighter With Two-Handed Dark Sword was considered as well, but his non-action stance and the fact that he's Caramon Majere with the serial numbers filed off put me off...
  11. I like playing around on Heroforge's 3D tool but I've never ordered a mini proper. The new gray plastic looks hella good though. But my biggest fear has always been that I just have no way of knowing how tall the mini'll turn out just by messing with the "height" option. :/ I'm slightly OCD about scale.
  12. It is a really nice miniature. It's not like I went "well bollocks it doesn't scale!" and tossed it in the garbage. I'm definitely holding on to it, and painting it up somewhere down the line. But I still want one version of him to scale with my Reapers. You might be on to something with that "painted mini brings luck". I painted up Rogan as Zarak from LJN's AD&D toyline and threw him in as an NPC for one of the games I DM, and by the time I was finished rolling and adding racial bonuses, he had 20 strength, 18 constitution and no other stat lower than 11.
  13. I considered that second one (as well as Urich) if I knew how to sculpt or convert. But my main issue is still finding a bird-helmet, or at least something nice and ornate. The helmet from that conversion kit doesn't work, sadly, because it's not meant to be a full, face-obscuring helmet. The Ral Partha was so near perfection too... http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/images/c/cb/RP-11-001male.jpg If anyone knows of anything reasonably close from Reaper or another manufacturer that scales close to it... The problem is this isn't really for the battlemap. I primarily play online, and even so, recent developments have me DMing more than playing... If this was for battlemap play with others, the Ral Partha could've worked, since people would probaby be using whatever else they want like those anime-style big-headed things or even prepainted plastic WOTC stuff. But this is more for me, to have a nice reasonably scaled display of my handful of player characters set up in my office. Oh I'm sorry. I fixed it last night. Thanks for letting me know. Oh yeah, I'm new to minis but I've customized action figures in the past so I know all about varying styles. Hell, you ever collect Toy Biz Marvel toys in the 90s? You'd be lucky to have consistency within the same assortments! But thus far the Dark Sword monk is the best match I've found... Reaper's Crimson Fist is just too... mullet-y.
  14. I guess I've been lucky, then, all the Reaper minis I've ordered have scaled nicely with one another. The problem is the only slotted mini I currently have is Khavith. Came with a square base his tab doesn't even fit on securely. Neat. I currently have things like the original I'm eyeing this Barbarian from Bronze Age, this Monk from Dark Sword and maaaaybe this beefy guy from something called Descent 2nd Edition for my Paladin... plus Dorian Starbow and a few other pieces from here. That much is true but when your borderline He-Man-ish Paladin looks like a beardless dwarf or a beefy halfling next to the rest of your humans....
  15. No idea if this is the proper forum to ask in, as I'm pretty new to tabletop gaming... But I have been determined to get miniatures of my D&D player characters, as well as other pieces that struck my fancy. Mostly up till now I ordered from this site, and Dark Sword, and they've scaled up nicely. But finding a good mini for my Paladin character had been hard because he's a bit beefcakey and wears an ornate bird-themed helmet. I thought I'd scored a jackpot with an old Ral Partha 11-001 male fighter, but when I got the piece it was minuscule next to pretty much every other mini I'd gathered. I'm guessing this is like with "1:18-scale" action figures, and they've just increasingly gotten bigger as time went on (seriously, grab a GI Joe from the past seven years and compare it to a 1980s one), but that does make the hunt a bit harder... How do I know who makes what in what scale? Currently I'm assuming that Ral Partha (and consequently, Ironwind Metals) stuff won't scale with Reaper, and similarly old companies like Citadel and Grenadier won't as well.... How about Hasslefree? Heresy? Armorcast? Bronze Age?
  16. These are all amazing! And I gots to know where that guy with the horned helmet, the spear and the shield is from.
  17. Hello! New here... Started getting into D&D in the fall of last year and figured I'd go all-in and do the whole miniatures thing. Got a nice order from this place for Christmas and decided to start with my Bones minis, primarily since I'm an action figure customizer and felt more at ease painting plastic than pewter. I should also point out that I've never ever had a good experience with paint washes, or shaded painting, so I'm sticking to "clean" paint jobs like one would find on an action figure or a PVC figurine. Hopefully I can still get feedback, pointers, et cetera. Hellknight: This guy's from Pathfinder but I'm a D&D guy so I just made him an evil knight with an original color scheme. My friend who DOES play Pathfinder tells me the color scheme was cool nonetheless. Half-Orc Assassin: You guys call him Rogan, but I painted him to look like the half-orc assassin from the old D&D toyline by LJN, Zarak. This one also took some sculpting, he seemed to be missing some muscle mass on his left arm, and most of his left finger was missing, so I had to fix that up with Green Stuff. Got him largely to keep company to my WOTC Warduke mini, and I'm hoping to find something that'd work as the evil sorcerer Kelek. Speaking of, these aren't by Reaper but I wanted to try and show them off too. Warduke is awesome. His WOTC miniature isn't perfect but it hits all the right marks... except the limited color palette that pales in comparison to the classic figure's look. Took it upon myself to fix that. An old piece from the Dark World board game that survived from my childhood. The Manticore is one of my favorite mythological beasts. Had to resculpt one of his forelimbs's claws since it broke off at some point between childhood and now. I'm hoping I can get some cool colors done for the Ogres and diminutive Orcs I still also have from that game. Thanks for looking!
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