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  1. Oh my. "Your party lands on the table." No really, it lands on the table to start the encounter. Like, flies in to the room, and lands. That would be epic.
  2. As a lifelong XCOM fan (who still occasionally plays the original), THIS IS SO FRIGGING AWESOME! You have my absolute respect and admiration for pulling this off. As a side bit of trivia; the newest XCOM actually inspired the current D&D campaign I'm running. I'd bought the 5e campaign sourcebooks, Out of the Abyss, Rise of Tiamat, princes of Elemental Evil, etc. Then after playing the newest XCOM it hit me. What would Faerun be like if all of those campaigns FAILED? And such, 50 years after Tiamat, demon lords, and elemental princes of evil arrived and began carving ou
  3. I had to google Ginfritters. Now you've surely ruined me, and what's left of my bank account! I honestly never thought of using decals on miniatures. I didn't know such tiny little things would exist, but now that I think about it, I guess it makes sense. I used to put 'em on model airplanes as a kid. Why not go smaller! I really struggled with deciding on a presentation for her. Wonder what the sculptor was thinking when she sprang to life. :) BTW, she's an *amazing* piece of work as far as the sculpture goes. A rare treat, incredibly well crafted. Yes, this is what
  4. This is a very large WIP... It'll take me a long time to get done with all of them. The pudgy prior The barkeep The angry lady with the rolling pin The school teacher That dang textbook about did my sanity in! More to follow.
  5. Also on the daughter front... when I took the city stuff to the office to play Saturday she absolutely, positively GLARED at me. I looked at her, quickly panicked, and said "don't worry, Raven, I'll be bringing it back!" True to my word I brought every piece home with me. Today after school, I took it a step further, and showed her what all the strange shaped dice were all about. We got out a pencil, some paper, and started going through the character creation process. Before you know it, she's rolling her first dice... ... And a high elf druid was born! Tomorrow, afte
  6. Also, a bit of humor with that dragon. Not very clear in the pics above but I happened to take a pic of just those two... She's under control. This kid is throwing rocks at her. Pretty soon she'll tuck tail and run! (One of these days I'll get 'em both finished. As I said, it's the "great battle of the half painted miniatures!")
  7. Another villager nearing completion She's so adorable with that rolling pin. This is one of my favorites out of the townsfolk sets. Photographing eyes is such a challenge. But I finally nailed a set, with pupils, which is a first...
  8. Oh that'd be Penny and Lucifer. Penny is my friend's brown mutt (no idea what her breed is, she's a rescue) and Lucifer is my pureblood Irish Wolfhound. This is an older pic from earlier this summer (a few months old; Lucifer was about 5 months at the time) And this is Lucifer on his 8 month birthday, on August 16th He gives big hugs. :) 8 months old, he is enormous, but still has quite a bit of growing to do!
  9. Thanks! Appreciate it! I continued trudging along with some inhabitants this week The bartender, who I've nicknamed "The Donald." "I'm tellin ya. Right now. We can stop the terrorists. You want to know how? Two things. First, you build a wall. That's right. It'll be HUGE. Second, you gotta stop the immigration. That's right. Keep the bad guys out. That's how. We'll make Faerun great again! It'll be HUGE." For the record, I never, ever, ever want to try to paint a striped shirt again. Good grief. Another inhabitant of the village. "The pudgy prior." H
  10. Got some more roofs done, and streets started. The next set of tiles I make, I need to measure better. When I set my table saw at 4" it really means 4" less the width of the saw blade. So each of the tiles I made are a smidge under 4", which leaves some gaps. :( Oh well, I think they blend in well enough and add a lot of realism to the display.
  11. Well if you give me maybe 10 years I can have a full set of modular terrain built that'll rival malefactus's big hurrah. In fact this might very well be my big hurrah starting! :)
  12. My daughter and I finished a few more tiles today. A couple of hay field pieces A garden (incomplete, we're going to add tomato plants) The fencing is balsa and toothpicks, drilled and set in to the oak base The cultists arrive! (They're half-painted.. all of my painted minis are at the office where we play our Sat night game) Birds eye view One of the window dressings my daughter painted (I need to get around to painting those hinges... sigh) The assassin stalks the cultists, who are throwing a party... Slowly he circles aro
  13. That is stunning work. Very impressive!!! Thanks for the detailed how-to!
  14. Ooooh! Creepy shovel guy was doing a little landscaping! Now by this point in time my 10 year old daughter kicked me right off the desk and said "Dad, I got this" (I did not yet give her access to my best Kolinsky sable brushes but she got a serviceable substitute) She went to town painting window dressings and mushrooms and other stuff. She also helped me paint bases, do flocking, put up more hedges, and plant more trees! The landscaper's house got a bit of an upgrade as well. His wife was telling him dinner was on. I had a goal on these village
  15. Meanwhile the villagers have been intent on getting their village going. He's not half painted, like all of the other townsfolks.. he's just covered in soot. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Meanwhile Cinder had her workers busy excavating her cave. ... and the villagers kept building their modular homes. Quite smart, those villagers. They build them in one spot, and then move them to their permanent home later. After a couple days of humid weather Cinder's tender feet finally got a needed Lava massage, (once the crackle paste finally drie
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