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  1. Yeah I had no plans to add it to a paint pot, I was going to take some empty bottles and try a mix. I think I'll still go ahead just because I'm curious. I won't be able to do it until March, but I'll definitely share the results I find.
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll just stick with flow improver and extenders when I need them for now. I need to pick up some more anyway, I had no intention of using soap or future really. I was just curious if anyone had tried a silicone surfactant. Chances are I'll still try it here in another month when I pull it all out of it's storage container and try it on the bottom of one of my bones minis, I'm just way too curious to see how it reacts with acrylic paint.
  3. Hi, this is my first post here and I come with a pretty specific question. I just recently got into making my own washes after getting a few bottles and loving how much easier and quicker my painting went. I've been looking at recipes and it's pretty straight forward, one thing I've noticed is that several recipes call for a drop of dawn dish soap as a surfactant. I work as tree specialist and almost always have to mix a surfactant in with products to help it spread and stick. In fact my go to is a relatively safe and very cheap surfactant called Syl-Coat. Syl-Coat is a nonionic primarily silicone based agent. I know some dishsoaps also work as a nonionic surfactant Now here's my question. I'm of course curious if I could just use a drop of Syl-Coat in my washes or even my paint as a possible thinner. Would the Silicone have any adverse effects on the pigment or paint formulations themselves? Am I just going to have to experiment on one of my cheap Bones minis and test the results? Has anyone else ever tried this? If anyone can provided some help I'd be very grateful. If no one knows, well I guess I have some experimentation to do.
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