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  1. I keep looking at the stuff in Massive Darkness and Rum & Bones Second Tide boxsets and keep procrastinating on painting them. I look, umm and ah, then put the box away. Actually I lie. I have painted up 4x small chests LOL. Anyhoo you have inspired me to start :) Great paintjob btw. Love the skin tones and horns. Looks really fantastic.
  2. I'd fully agree. Got to your local art supply store. All sorts of texture paints. Otherwise I found mediums from AK Interactive quite good. Not sure about where you are or if somewhere local has the products. Added link to the store I use here in Australia. [link to mightyape.com]
  3. They base size above is 25mm. Fits perfectly into the usual black slotted bases that come with most minis. Best thing is the lid of the tube is basically a cookie cutter. Makes just the right size circle. Last night in prep for rebasing painted Rum & Bones Second Tide minis, made 16 plank bases. Was a little bored. So thought I'd see how quick I could make churn them out. Took all of about 20 mins. Rolled out the fimo, cut the bases using the lid cookie cutter idea, 5 (maybe 7) mins at 175 degrees Celsius. Bases done. One of my kitchen appliances has a cutter that would probably work for the bigger bases. Otherwise already told my Mum who is a chef I am going to raid her cooking tools for cutters of the right size. LOL as an aside she wanted to offload usual cookie cutters on me. So bases in the shape of stars and hearts? YAY! The plank one above is going to be used for a mini I am painting now. Well not now. But atm. So will post a pic to give an idea of scale I guess. Was going to buy Basius stuff eventually. But I think if I can get these rollers I might stick with them for a while.
  4. TENTACLES! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0URLGsf1e0
  5. Has anyone seen the textured rollers made by the company Green Stuff World? Came across them when I was buying some items to make bases. Bought a few of them, but now I have seen how simple and quick it is to make bases am thinking I will buy the others when I am a little more financial. Tonight pumped out 16 bases using the planks for rebasing some of the Rum & Bones stuff I am about to paint. Anyhoo thought I'd share the before and after pics. Did a quick paint up of them to see how they would turn out. Just bases coat, washes and bit of drybrushing. First one is meant to be frozen, but I thought it would work really well as lava.
  6. Finally finished the Demon Lord of the Undead or rather I guess Orcus. Started doing this when I received Bones II. So that should give you all an idea how long it has been sitting there on the painting desk in my study. Was going to do the whole thing in greens/blues. But decided about 1/4 of the way into painting I would do it in a more traditional ruby/crimson skinned look. Which then became a dark toned ruby/crimson scheme. Such a great feeling to finish something that seems to have taken a eternity. Talk about torment!
  7. Thanks all :) Was going to do the tongues the usual reddish tones. But for the overall perspective didn't want the tongues to be the overall focus. More the purple/blue effect on the skin.
  8. Finally finished the Gravewailers. Bought two ages ago and then the Bones 3 Mythos ex-pack had one. So I waited until I got the third one before painting. Seems I started on them ages ago. But things kept getting in the way to finish. Including my cat who decided they were delicious to nibble and suck on. Rather then doing in pink and reds. Decided I wanted to go for something a little more alien and starspawn like. So tried to make them purple with the look of bluish light showing from within. Trying to get that alien Lovecraftian feel of something beyond explanation. LOL think I need some sleep. Hopefully not about anything Lovecraftian :)
  9. Knocked these out last night. Was a nice quick speed paint so I could get to doing the cultists. Needed something for them to stand around on the shelf. Used Dwarven Gold on the writing and the pics don't show that lovely peachy gold lustre from the paint.
  10. As requested - put the wheel guide back on the bottom after I took the pic so the clamp wouldn't shake so much.
  11. Have to have a laugh in both humor and happiness after finally pulling my finger out and making a paint shaker out of a old jigsaw and a clamp. Did it mainly to give my Reaper Paints a good shake. But at work had a realization that I can use it to shake all the old pro paints I have squirrelled away in the hope I could do something to get the old paints back again. The jigsaw shaker has resurrected paints I thought had long died. Am SO freaking happy. Some paints had settled so much they were just pigment and liquid. Heh all fixed up now. WOOT! Only downside is that it is a bit loud. Am sure my neighbors must think I am doing a hell of alot DIY atm LOL Anyhoo that is all. Had to share.
  12. Bug Spray from Bombshell Babes minis. Think maybe need to do some more wet gooey look on the base. Not 100% happy with it atm. Is missing that...something.
  13. Bones 3 order finally turned up late last week. Couldn't open and check everything until today three days later due to work and family commitments. For all the stress and angst. Most definitely worth the wait. Still dubious and dirty about the shipping and kerfuffle with Aetherworks and their seemingly impossible ability to respond appropriately to emails (really seems like they took too much on). Hoping that Reaper will soon address the shipping issue and give a refund or SOMETHING as a way of saying a massive big sorry for the dubious change in shipping. Especially before Bones 4 launches as it is something that will most definitely effect how I support it. Reaper needs to fix some of the bad blood that has arisen. Already made the decision I am not going to fork the money over for a detour to Reapercon when I go to US in Oct. Anyhoo, went through everything and only missing a few things. One thing I can live without (the Donkey from Core), the others are needed (Mrs Bones miscast with no sword or sword arm, No Cobra from Core and worst Goremaw has no side pincers!). So now need to send email and hope for some replacement parts/minis. Goremaw is the first thing big thing I was going to paint. Talk about Murphy's Law! LOL
  14. I have resent an email to [email protected] I now eagerly await a response. Hopefully Aetherworks will also soon send an email with shipping details. I think Reaper might need to rethink them as a shipper. They seem to be really bad at communications AND really overworked. Received a response to a email asking on if something on progress of shipping could be sent. There reply was basically they are really busy shipping Bones 3 stuff and other orders and don't have the manpower to respond. Kind of not good. Have been in limbo with it now for a week. Was Wave 2 in the KS and heard nothing, yet my mate was Wave 7 and got his stuff last Friday. Kind of a let down with the whole wave thing.
  15. Still eagerly awaiting any form of email from Aetherworks. Every time I look at my phone or email for that message to say order is on the way and there is nothing. My interest in Bones IV and supporting Reaper in general just keeps growing smaller and smaller. Insult to injury is that I realized that with Bones II one of the dragons I pledged for had two left wings, I messaged Reaper back then about it, expecting eventually a replacement. At that point I just put the mini to the side and forgot about it amongst the many unpainted minis. Needed to paint it up last weekend. Went to do it and then realized the problem hadn't been resolved. So failure for Reaper for Bones II. I searched emails hoping to find something I might have read half asleep and put in a folder. But I never even got a response. Hopefully this time Reaper will be more responsive with Bones III stuff ups. Also hopefully they might answer the shady dealings with shipping in some way. A refund before Bones IV hits would be really good. At least it would mean some goodwill would have been extended to the many disgruntled backers.
  16. They are doing the Elder Shuffle! Good job :)
  17. I am with Xherman1964 on this one. Aspect of Bones 3 have left me really annoyed. As you can tell from my previous posts. Between the shipping, that I went from Wave 2 to Wave whenever (Aetherworks can't even tell me when to expect the package) and then the final insult. That people can order the Bones 3 stuff from the Reaper store before I even see my stuff. Just smacks of really bad mismanagement. Apologies from Reaper are nice. But they aren't in the end worth a pinch of crap. I am still not going to get my stuff before others who got into waves at the last minute, nor are they going to make me feel better about the fact Australians got seriously screwed with the money paid for delivery. Again. We paid for Air Mail. Not Sea Mail. Since Reaper is already selling Bones 3 stuff that answers the question. They don't care. Apologies are just empty, and in the end they know Bones 4 will be a success. They just don't care. The almighty dollar is all they give a hoot about. As they say in the movie show me the money. Give me and others here a refund before they embark upon Bones 4. Show some goodwill. Other logical thing would be withdraw/suspend sale of the Bones 3 stuff in the store until ALL backers have been sent their pledges. That one would also go towards showing they have some care about the backers of Bones 3. It has just been really bad business on Reaper's part. Bad freaking business that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  18. By the look Aetherworks' message on FB, they will be sending out my Bones III AND Massive Darkness next week. Should be a hell of a week for miniatures :)
  19. My Mum the other day gave me a heap...well actually ALOT of fimo that my Dad had bought when he was alive as he was going to make beads to sell alongside his wood work creations. Was bored the other night and remembered that my GM asked to see if I could sculpt some kind of Eye Tyrant or Beholder out of some of it. This is the first attempt. Ended up being a little cartoon-y. Reminds me of something from Simpsons or Futurama. Is a bit of a WIP. Never sculpted before other then making bases. So this is my first attempt using fimo.
  20. Fantastic am Wave 2 so I guess I will be waiting until next week or week after. The message I got back from Aetherworks is that it could be a couple of days to a fortnight before they get through it all. But hopefully not a fortnight if they can help it. I hope they abandon the wave idea in Bones IV. Bones II and III didn't ship as per waves so why do it. Hope they revisit a few things in Bones IV (shipping!) Thankfully I am working most of weekend and family commitments on Sunday. Then back to work to eagerly await the Aust Post pick up card in my post box.
  21. Still doesn't mean they can just leave it and go nah whatever. If they charged extra to take into account the 'extra' costs of taxes. That money can be refunded due to overcharging. Just stinks of shady dealings. The other thing to look at is the KS website says outright local tariffs and taxes you have to deal with yourself. So why in that case are they conveniently for our benefit charging taxes. Again shady dealings. When Bones IV starts they need to state the method of shipping they will use. Charge for that and not change it. Regardless of whatever occurs. If their delays cause a rise in shipping costs on their end. Sorry they need to wear it. They have had quite a few KS now to learn the ropes. All the troubles with China. Get on it this time. Learn from their mistakes. I know I am being harsh. But I really don't care. Money is an issue at times. For me doing the Bones KS means I have to cut back on other things that I like and enjoy. SO when it seems pretty obvious that myself (and plenty of others) have been lied to about shipping costs and charged incorrectly. I think we have the right to question and even criticize the situation. The other thing and this is going to be blatantly selfish. It was mentioned Reaper did what they did to help the RoW. Sorry I really don't want to be paying more for my shipping just because it might make the RoW cheaper. Not my problem. If shipping costs to your country are too high. Look at other avenues or take it up with your government. This is one of the reasons the tax was put off until 2018. The government is getting serious heat about it on polls taken as it will seriously impact business here importing. Which will then lead to them having to put their prices up. Which then means people will just go overseas. Vicious cycle. Add in the arrival of Amazon in Australia who is going to rip local businesses to shreds. Good chance the import taxes will either disappear or be watered down severely. I did get a very quick response via Facebook from Reaper. Which pretty much just gave a stock standard. We paid for the container and taxes. I have a friend who works for Customs here in Australia and asked him about it. He said that the method used would easily have been considerably cheaper. Especially if it is all one big container. Where he said they would have had serious savings. SO yeah again. Seems really shady on Reaper's part.
  22. Regardless of whatever excuse is being given about paying for taxes, etc. Australian's were overcharged for shipping. Sorry we paid for Air Mail, not Sea Mail. If Reaper had have actually said that was their option from the beginning then yes, other options could have been organized for getting stuff here quick smart. But no where did they say when we were paying for shipping that Sea Mail would be the option they would take and we would pay according to that option. Considering the time and updates they made in the year since the KS was meant to be fulfilled they could have said something and refunded monies back to people they overcharged on the actual shipping. Instead they just announced 'oh we are sending via boat' and that was that. Using the argument they were paying shipping taxes, etc is bogus. If it had have been sent via Air Mail. It wouldn't have been hit by this new import tax on everything the government is proposing. Unless someone ordered over $1000 in the KS and to be honest if you are spending over $1000 in most cases people know they will incur the import tax. If not. Apologies to be blunt. You have too much money to just throw around. My mates wanted to all get Bones III pledges on my KS account and I told them a big no specifically as I did not want to deal with the Customs process of extra duties. As someone earlier said. It just seems that Reaper is just looking after their own 'people' in the US and the rest of the world is just the matter of hey deal with it. The fact that there seems to be absolute silence from them in regards to the overcharging of shipping costs pretty much says it all. They don't care. Even a simple 'hey we are busy once the shipments are finished we will look at doing a reimbursement'. In the end it appears to boil down to something Wizards of the Coast once said. We will make it, you will buy it. Shut the frack up. Am I annoyed. Yeah I am. I have been a very loyal customer of the company. Have bought many people to them for business at every chance I had. Now I just feel extremely slighted and screwed over. At least they could have bought me dinner to make me feel okay.
  23. Depressing....Reaper webstore is selling Bones 3 stuff and still no exact date when Aetherworks will send the orders. Didn't we pay shipping so it would be sent from the US like Bones II? Will Reaper be doing refunds on the shipping costs since they went the very cheap way of sending on the very slow boat? Also pretty annoyed as I was Wave 2 and Reaper didn't do the waves. Maybe Bones IV they should just abandon the idea of Waves and just do pledges. Especially if they aren't going to stick to Waves. Aetherworks on their facebook even said they are just going to ship as they do them. So chance is might still be waiting for a few weeks depending how fast they are. *SIGH* SO now it is just the waiting game and hoping everything is packed and sent by Aetherworks.
  24. Those big Mick Jagger lips...just can't get no satisfaction. Great mini :)
  25. I discovered the local pub which is close to my workplace have the most FANTASTIC paper napkins for cleaning brushes. Whatever they are made of they are just the best. I find myself at least once a week having lunch or dinner there and grabbing 5-10 of them. Think the waitresses think I am some kook who has a weird fetish for napkins when I grab them. Waiting for them to say something to me. Funny bit is that I even got my Mum in on the act. When I have lunch with her there, she also grabs a handful and then gives them quietly to me like they are some illegal contraband. Just have to stop my cat now licking the brush when I am not looking. She has a real thing about licking the brush, drinking the water I rinse brushes in, AND licking freshly painted miniatures. Am starting to think Reaper puts catnip in the paint.
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