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  1. Westfalia Miniatures and Hasslefree both have winter clad miniatures.
  2. I've built a number of my favorite literary characters in Hero Forge that either never got made or are too hard to reliably track down. Most of the Eternal Champion characters. The Justicar, Escalla and Polk from the TSR novels of White Plume Mountain, Descent into the Depths of the Earth and the Queen of the Demonweb Pits. A few originals, but mostly the characters I've noted. I'm aware of the old Citadel eternal champion line, but most of those were limited to the Elric Saga except for the champions themselves.
  3. Unfortunately, I had to drop out of the kickstarter due to an unforeseen medical emergency that came up yesterday. Between the dr visit and the meds i had to buy, my disposable income went to nothing.
  4. Let me preface this with I got back into serious fantasy gaming with the advent of FrostGrave. While I was waiting for my Kickstarter to arrive, I wanted to build up a couple of warbands, but I didn't want to invest a huge amount of money. I went down to my FLGS and found a box of FireForge Teutonic knights on sale for about 12 dollars, so I snatched that up to build my soldiers. I turned around and saw a huge rack full of Reaper Bones miniatures. The stark white miniatures threw me for a loop, but the price was right so I grabbed about four different minis for various soldiers and wizards. Let's just say that the first lesson I learned about the Bones miniatures is that spray primer or any primer is unnecessary. As a matter of fact, the spray primer that I have always used had an absolutely horrible effect getting both tacky and fuzzy. It was so bad that I set the minis to the side to revisit on another day. From that point forward, I only use Gesso or airbrush primer, and only if the figure is intended to be primarily dark or metallic. Anything else, I just paint directly onto the figure. Some of the figures I've picked up were distorted, but having been an old hand with resin, I already knew about the hot/cold water tricks. One thing I've noticed is that the thicker the piece, the longer it needs to soak and the water needs to be hotter. I tend to get water to boiling level and let the piece soak as needed. When I was repositioning my Hydra, it took boiling water and about a 5 minute soak to get the necks flexible enough to reposition. The legs took almost no time in comparison. The ice water bath locked it in place. I've noticed that the larger figures seem to be better at holding their details in the white Bonesium material. I'm hoping the new darker Bonesium will prove to be better at holding details for all of the figures. I picked up a 77058: Almaran the Gold, Paladin. The facial details were non-existant. I cut off the head and replaced it with a FireForge helmet. Conversions: I have to say, the Bonesium makes conversions a breeze. I picked up the Kobold set which comes with 2 each of three models. I was able to swap arms or hands on 4 of them so I would only have two duplicates. The Bonesium material cuts easy and superglue sets it almost instantly. These have been my observations and as with anything else, your mileage may vary. I don't think I would want to replace all of the figures with Bonesium, but if you're looking to save some money or bulk up on your critter collection, Bones is definitely the way to go.
  5. Really excellent job, I'll bet it looks great on the Tabletop!
  6. I just picked up one of these baddies for FrostGrave. Mine is done in a dark purplish blue with a bright yellow underbelly. Been working on it for about an hour a day and I also started building the base for it. I used the boiling water/ice water trick to adjust the legs and one of the necks to a more active pose.
  7. Always a good water rinse between colors. Serious cleaning with actual brush soap for me is limited to my W&N series 7 brushes. Those brushes cost 15-30 dollars apiece, so they get a lot more TLC than my cheap brushes and they are never used for drybrushing. My cheap brushes it usually more efficient to replace them rather than to clean them with the brush soap I use. I have a brush tub that I order from Amazon for about 10 dollars that is sectioned off with one half set up to hold the brushes at a 45degree angle in the clean water and the other half with a series of panels to draw the brush across in the water to clean.
  8. It had to be said, especially with the possibility of Monster Lairs...
  9. Pledged! I prefer a delivery date several months out. That way when it shows up, I can say "Hey, this was paid for months ago!"
  10. I do both, but I limit how many projects I have on the desk at any one time. Usually from one to four character models and one unit. Units ar done in batches, characters are done individually. By doing it this way, my production numbers have skyrocketed.
  11. I had a similar experience with the Fire Demon (77315) figure. It only had one horn and was missing a leg. I contacted Reaper and they replaced the whole mini in a couple of days.
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