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  1. For Philadelphia - yes traffic can be bad - it depends on where you are and what time it is... Center city has a LOT of one-way streets, which can get confusing if you don't know where you are going. I guess it really depends on what you want to see IN the city vs what you want to see OUTSIDE the city whether it would be worth driving. Our mass transit system is OK, but not great. D.C. has a great mass transit system - last time we went there on vacation, we left the car at the hotel (in VA) and took the Metro everywhere.
  2. Our karate instructor used it for a while - said it was like the Time Life music - "oh, you need this update - $25, oh, you need that update -$25, and so on..." he had to get rid of it because they were charging him every other month or more because he travels a lot and couldn't always cancel an update.
  3. In my group we stick to 3.5 or Pathfinder - tried 4.0, didn't care for it - too much like cookie cutter characters.... I also played AD&D as a kid, but 3.5 was fairly easy to pick up - just decide what books you want to use and ignore the rest.... (unlike 4.0 where *every* book is core...) We also have the Pathfinder beginner box - haven't actually used it yet with the kids, but have looked through it and it looks to be a fairly streamlined (rules wise) and easy to get into.
  4. Rich has been working on the kickstarter rewards - think they have overwhelmed him...
  5. our rule on new foods is that they have to have one bite, then if they don't like it, they don't have to eat it - we generally make sure that there is plenty of everything else going on the plate so that if they don't like something, there's still plenty to eat.
  6. don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for/accept help - most people that are offering really mean it!
  7. That ranks right up there with my kids using vaseline as hair gel (and makeup and soap and....) Dawn also gets that out (thank goodness!)
  8. All our 7 year old daughter wanted this year was clothes and jewelry.... we had to poke and prod just to get a few toy ideas for her....
  9. I'm assuming my recipient, Mortiana27, has gotten this by now, even though I haven't heard from her.
  10. Mine's going out today - I also tucked in a little appology gift to the recipient. Unfortunately, I forgot to put a note in the box.
  11. I've managed to get out of my rut for the most part - I should have my mini sealed and sent by this weekend barring crappy weather....
  12. Mine's going to go out late.... I've been in such a funk lately that I haven't finished yet. Fortunately, it was almost done when the funk hit.... I'll just force myself to finish it - hopefully this weekend, but I'll have to see how it goes.
  13. Ary - you should probably get checked for Strep throat -- I know it's going around in our neck of the woods and that description of the sore throat sounds mighty familiar......
  14. We also leave ours up 'til Epiphany.... kinda stretches the holiday a little so there's not an abrubt end to the festivities.
  15. We went to see Santa last night... Unfortunately, every time I resize this thing, it gets grainy.... If you'd prefer to see them clearer, you can click here but I'll warn you - It's huge!
  16. My family hosted 4 different exchange students over the years - The good-byes are the hardest part! But knowing I've got those 4 "sisters" to lean on if I need it is priceless. They were only physically with my family for a year each, but they've been in our hearts ever since.
  17. If it helps, my five year old really likes your entry as well....
  18. I received mine today - two awesome goblins! Thanks a lot Stubbdog - I'm sure the DM will get lots of use out of them!
  19. Thanks, guys! Alas, my package didn't arrive today, stubbdog, but hey, neither did my birthday cards from my parents (go figure, you'd think they'd remember!). I'm not celebrating until this weekend anyway, so I don't consider it late yet Can't wait to see it now!
  20. On the music end of things, you could also check out any dance studios nearby --my kids both love it. Our studio starts kids out around 3, but it varies from studio to studio. My son (5) was told that he had to do a month to see if he liked it(we're billed monthly), then make his decision. 2 years later and he's asking when dance starts for the fall.
  21. believe it or not, there really are some highlights on her.... that shine makes them hard to see though. As I said, I don't do many display pieces, so I don't worry about the shine too much (I'm using Plaid's matte sealer that I got at the local craft shop, because my local hobbie shop is VERY thin on painting supplies - I'm lucky I can get minis there sometimes )
  22. Well, here's the mini I painted for Evilbob. She got her at GenCon, but I just got around to downloading the pics off of my camera. Front Back Front - zoomed in Back - zoomed in Closer look at the face She's a bit shiney because my matte coat is not very matte... but it works for most of my stuff - since I typically do stuff for the gaming table as opposed to display. Any comments/critiques are welcome.
  23. I delivered my mini to its recipient at GenCon, so once I get the pics off my camera, I'll post them.
  24. OK - now I'm torn.... I know my 5 year old will love these picks, but if I show him I'm afraid that he'll want me to take apart his cars and make something like them for him! For some reason, my kids think I can fix/paint anything these days....
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