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  1. Some fast and great responses. Thanks, all! I'll look into those options. Between my first post and this one, I was looking at some small "craft boards" on Amazon. Small MDF Boards, Birch Plywood Squares I wouldn't mind an assortment of sizes. I wouldn't go larger than 8"x10", but the dioramas don't have to be uniform in size.
  2. Hello! I'm an inexperienced modeler / terrain maker, and am looking to build some small dioramas for an urban fantasy board (for Mordheim, or Frostgrave). I've got a couple of questions on how best to go about it. I've got a variety of premade, plastic scatter terrain from Terrain Crate and Wizkids Deep Cuts that I want to group together in these dioramas. Wagons, barrels, hanging lanterns, fencing, vendor stalls, wells, a gibbet and other fun things. I want to organize the terrain on roughly 5"x7" or 8"x10" bases, paint and weather them, and be able to plunk them down to add some
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