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  1. The blue claws/horns was an interesting choice, but it really paid off! What colors did you use for those? Also, I love the blending of the brown to tan on the wings.
  2. Awesome! I like the way you tied in the lantern w/ the eyes, and the purple accents on his tunic is nice! Good color choices all around.
  3. Can I ask a (possibly) stupid question? Being new-ish to painting minis, what is the difference between the liners and other paints? I just got my paints from the CAV Kickstarter, and it came w/ the Grey Liner (09065), plus I'll be getting the Bones III liners listed above. So other than the applications as a primer listed here, what else is it designed to do?
  4. As a condition of painting it, you should have asked him to allow it to become your wizard's new familiar once the session was done! Great job!
  5. Wow! And my 6 year old daughter is captivated! Her exact quote "My mind is blow away!" I think you found a fan... She said I should pay $2 million for it. I think she's right... if only my wallet agreed!
  6. This was the first mini I'd ever painted. This was a case where the amazing sculpt did all the work! With this model, I was able to pick up 5 bottles of acrylic paint, a very cheap set of brushes, and end up with a mini I'm still very proud of today. What I learned: This mini was a simple base-coat and wash, with a tiny bit of dry brushing done on the eyes and buckles (with lots of repainting from failed attempts). I didn't even have any reaper paints at the time... I used 4 Martha Stewart Acrylics (watered down a good deal). It was metallic silver for the blades, satin black for the eyes and the clothing under the armor; satin dark grey for the arms/legs and cape; and satin maroon (mixed w/ a bit of silver to make it look like metal) for the armor plates. I also tried to do a little shading with the cape (blending from black at the bottom to grey), but didn't get the hang of it. The other main thing I learned with this mini was what a wash can do! I really hated how the red was coming out after I did the base coat (3rd pic)... he looked so cartoon-ish. I almost re-painted all the plates with a darker shade, but with some advice from a friend just did the wash instead. That made all the difference. I did a black wash on the entire figure, and everything just came alive. To date, he is one of my favorites. He's the reason I ended up supporting the Bones I Kickstarter, because he taught me that I CAN DO THIS!!! I thought of myself as the kid who gave up on art in 6th grade, with "no talent" and even less creativity. But with some prodding from my wife (an artist by trade) and a read through of "The Artist's Way", I didn't let that excuse keep me from trying. Now, three Kickstarters and about 100 bottles of reaper paints, I've come to love this hobby!
  7. This was the 4th mini I painted. Stephanie is a human Alchemist / Evangelist of Calistria (thus the black w/ gold highlights). You can't see it in the pics that well, but this mini had some mold issues with the far side of her face. I played into it and actually tried to bring them out, making the backstory such that she was scarred by an early experiment that backfired (which helped explain her low CHA). A fun example of how a mini can help define the character (even a mini with a defect)! What I learned: much more about shading/highlighting. I also experimented with some color blending and creative washes with her coat/dress (to really try to give it a worn leather look). What I dislike: the gold highlights are sloppy (working on that steady hand), as is the black edging of the... I guess you'd call it a neckline? Unlike my 3rd mini, this PC is still going strong in a Carrion Crown campaign.
  8. Hi there! Newb painter, putting up a few of the completed minis I've done. I started painting with the Bones I Kickstarter, but haven't really done nearly enough (until now!). This was the 3rd mini I'd painted. Uluj was a Gillman Two-Weapon fighter I used in the Pathfinder Skull & Shackles campaign. My original concept was that his skin would look blue-ish (think kid who's been in the pool way too long), but it really didn't work out like I imagined it. Instead, I re-painted his skin w/ the Medium Skin triad after the rest of the figure was complete, but I kept the purplish lips and eye highlights. What I learned: this mini taught me how to do eyes (big thank you to that "Betty Davis Eyes" article!). I also learned a ton about simple shading and highlights (previous 2 minis were just base coat and wash). I also learned that you shouldn't use a black wash on everything! What I dislike: the wash came out much more muddy than I'd hoped. Also, the dark green highlights on the armor detail was my first attempt at dry-brushing, and it was an utter failure. He got a good amount of use at the table before I had a chance to finish him completely and seal coat him (thus the white flecks). I finally sealed him as we finished the first book in the AP, and about 3 sessions later Uluj ran afoul of a +2 Keen Long Sword while surrounded by Pirate lackeys. Now he's enjoying his retirement with at my Rusty Dragon Inn bar setup, swapping tales with Ameiko about the time he took on a devil fish single-handed and leading the bar in a rousing chorus of "Chicken on a Raft".
  9. My kids and I just started playing... I have them on my short list to work on, so I'll post a few in here as I'm going.
  10. So a follow up question on care: I had a W&N Cotman sable brush that didn't last very long... not a ton of separation, but the ends curled and now it is impossible to do any detail with it. I just got a new W&N Kolinsky Series 7, and want to make sure I don't make the same mistake twice! In the past, I'd clean the brush after each session with The Masters soap, but rinse it well after (obviously hadn't read this or other threads about keeping the soap in to shape/condition). I also used running water from the faucet, which I'm assuming is too harsh for the brush, so I'm changing to just water jars for rinsing while washing. I'm planning on now leaving a little of the soap in it after washing it, and occasionally dipping in conditioner instead of leaving the soap in. However, I noticed people mentioning washing the soap/conditioner out at the next session. My question is this... is there a limit of time on leaving the soap or conditioner in? Between gaming prep and two young kids, my painting tends to come in bursts (a few nights in a row, followed by a gap of a few weeks, etc). So, in one of those gaps, should I be worried if I left the soap or conditioner in from the last session? Or should I make a point to rinse it off after a few days if I know I'm not going to be painting again soon?
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