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  1. Try MSP 09280 Nightmare Black. Its not a pure black paint. The scales are actually "Nightshade purple" which comes out looking pretty damn black. I do have Nightmare black and thought about using it but it looks very blue coming out of the bottle. hmmm.
  2. This is only the 5th mini I've painted. You can see my previous one here to see how much better I've gotten: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66919-77385-sir-rathan-kranzhel-human-fighter/ Still not great at taking pictures of them but here goes... I've mostly finished this but still got some touching up to do and details. Question for the more experienced folks. How do I highlight black? I was thinking about doing some more highlights for the scales but I don't know what would look good on black. Obviously you can't get much darker than black.
  3. This guys face was particularly challenging because the shield makes it hard to get to the left half of his face. I am probably gonna go back and try to fix the eyes at some point. Still need more practice with eyes... they have been a problem so far.
  4. its not the metal version actually, but I can see why you'd think that. I accidently sprayed it with silver spray paint when I was trying to prime it. Grabbed the wrong can :| I did put a coat of primer over that, but it still chips off. What sealer do you recommend?
  5. didn't thin them on this one really. I tried that on other ones and I had issues with it. Maybe I just thinned them too much though.
  6. reaper paints. I used some metalic colors for the armor and shield. I think those are the more shiny parts.
  7. This is only the 4th mini I've ever painted. What do you guys think?
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