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  1. Well there is the post-apoc novel "A Boy and His Dog", in one ofvthe movies Mad Max has a dog, and in all of the Fallout games there is a dog named Dogmeat that will travel with the hero as a companion.
  2. War Games Supply. A friend got me two months of boxes. One month had an Infinity mini, some paint, seneic bases, mixing bottles, and somthings that escape me atm. The other month it was a goblin pirate mini, a Bones dumpster, and some other things that elude my memory atm.
  3. Infinity was mentioned already. You should have a look at the Ariadna faction, they are more modern looking than sci-fi. Take a look at the Uxia McNeill(there are few verisions of her) and the Para Commando with rifle minis.
  4. Not bad for a place built to store military surplus for Bannerman's business.
  5. The Record of the Lodoss War It's a series and not a movie, but it is great fantasy. Since it was based on the serialization of a groups D&D game.
  6. Looks good aku-chan. You didn't paint his mask red or flames on the bottom half of the cape? The mini is inspired by the character Kamina from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  7. Doing a reverse image search on the box art. Say it's from a CthulhuTech spin off mini game that was started then "vaporwared."
  8. So it's a tank made of a giant space spider......yeah that's totally not nightmare fuel for some people.
  9. I look forward to see this mini painted awesomely. "Do the impossible, see the invisible Row! row! Fight the power! Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable Row! Row! fight the power!"
  10. The creature in the artwork doesn't look much like a lizard to me... Take a look at Reaper's Brood of Payanak, Reptus Cavalry The mount is separate and available from the boneyard.
  11. Nah, I don't agree with that. Goggles work better for their theme as DUST runners. They'd not want dust/dirt in their eyes as they are racing across the desert landscape. Think more along the lines of Mad Max. Thanks. Now I can't get the image of halflings leaping off the backs of their raptors shouting "Witness Me!" as they attack their enemies.
  12. I have some of Secret Weapon's washes(amethyst, soft body black, and dark sepia) and they work great for me.
  13. I loved it, but it was fun because I knew the areas around Vegas too. I built a few different builds and played it through 2x and half way through a 3rd before I put it down for another game. "Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter." I want Fallout 4 to have Hardcore mode like New Vegas.
  14. Not that I don't want people giving Reaper more of their hard earned monies. You could try making your own books Doc. And i will third or fourth it. I want Hobgoblins.
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