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  1. YES!!! That is perfect and exactly what I would need! Thank You.
  2. Warmachine. Protectorate of Menoth. Because I get excited about the idea of engulfing my enemies in the flames of self-righteous fury!!!
  3. I got this one recently, I cannot wait to get to it. Your work is really nice,, very well done!
  4. I love the shadowing you have done! Is that NMM or TMM? I literally cannot tell 100%
  5. I know I am going to my FLGS (which in my new town is just amazing! Nicest, friendliest, most welcoming game store I have ever been to) and am excited to see whats being offered.
  6. Wow that was a lot of feedback very quickly. I am glad to hear that so many of you just kinda wing it and use what is handy. I have this terrible habit of trying to have "the best" or "the perfect" of something when I start a new venture. To that end I often spend way more money than I should on things that probably won't be used for a while. Ideally I think I will be utilizing a mixture of minis, tokens and other proxies while I start this new campaign. I was checking out the cardboard pop outs that are available from Paizo and might invest in a set of those for a bit. I would ideally
  7. As I have been painting mins, I have been more and more drawn to the idea of playing tabletop games with them. I have never actually played a D&D or Pathfinder Campaign with minis and I was just wondering if anyone around here can give me some advice on how to do this. Believe it or not, there are not many YouTube vids on the topic that are useful. The thing I am having the most issue with is the idea of using minis for every single encounter. Most of the games I have played and the few I have DM'd have been action oriented and I can't imagine having a mini for EVERY SINGLE encounte
  8. I don't think I have ever had any opinion about something changed by being persuaded. I am always willing to listen to someone and if they present a cogent, rational and intelligent counter-point to my beliefs/opinions I am willing to consider it but I base my opinions on my own experiences and (truly I don't mean to sound pompous when I say this) I am the smartest person I know so it's hard to be persuaded when I generally know more than the person arguing me. I am an Historian after all and we basically need to know everything I read some other responses to this question and will add
  9. I don't have the mouslings but I think they would probably make the best contest. Simply because I think they'd be a really unique challenge for many painters.
  10. I just started mine a few days ago and have some base coating done. I would have done more but I was exhausted from the mini I painted just before as it was a trial and error experience that left me spent emotionally and artistically. Shameful anecdote, I picked out a mini to do for my recipient in keeping with their desires and then fell in love with it and couldn't come to terms with the thought of sending it off. It was just too awesome! I got another one for my recipient that is very nice that I think (hope) they will like but I suppose I should make a small general apology as my exc
  11. I jumped into the hobby pretty hardcore and splurged on paints and I quickly made a wet pallet (because everyone here on the forums kept ranting about how it changed their lives) so I don't think my wet pallet "epiphany" was as revelatory as some others but I can attest that I only recently purchased a Kolinsky Sable brush and that changed my painting life forever. I have so many brushes I will never use again except for slopping on base coats and washes now because I can't even conceive of using anything but my KS brush ever again. I am ordering 2-3 more as a birthday gift to myself. That w
  12. Thank you. It was a struggle to find the right levels of color that I was looking for. I mean A REAL struggle...this mini probably has an extra 4 layers of paint than it needs around the reds.
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