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  1. Well like in the edit I actually just never saw the warning that some minis may require assembly. And I dont actually mind that they come in metal, I actually prefer that texture when compared with the plastic.
  2. So, I get my first order; it arrived. Everything was there that I had ordered, but I'm fairly confused and unfortunately disappointed. The Vagorg Sorcerer mini I had gotten from the pathfinder section, number 60173, wasn't fully put together. As the head wasn't attached and the hands with his staff weren't attached as well. In fact, they were only attached to one of those connector things that you just cut/pull/tare off. I had to glue those parts on with super glue. Which was the most obnoxious procedure ever, because the hand slots on the piece were so small and were positioned in such a way that if one hand was placed correctly then the other would pop out or shift out of position. It wasn't easy to manage. My other mini, the Dorly halfscout or whatever his name is, didn't have the musket attached, it was attached to the base. Why not inform customers that the pieces they are purchasing don't come as they do in the pictures. (Not the colored pictures, because I'm sure most reaper customers understand that they come unpainted). Like I wouldn't have even purchased these had I known they weren't fully assembled. Despite all the work I had to do though, they still look great. Just saying as feedback, you need to have more information about the products people are purchasing. And I personally don't think I can recommend the metal/tin mini's just because of the extra work that has to go into them. That's going to sound lazy. But I'm a lazy man, so. Conclusion: The plastic ones are better. The metal ones aren't fully assembled. There's a lack of information about them not being fully assembled. Assembling them is a huge pain in the elf. They still look nice though, so I'd have to give it whopping... 6/10. EDIT: NEVERMIND I'M RETARDED, IT CLEARLY SAYS "MAY REQUIRE SOME ASSEMBLY"! LOLOLOL LETS BACK TRACK A BIT! 9/10.
  3. I didn't realize until I saw the post from March 2nd about the new minis that some of your minis are actually made with metal material. Prior to knowing this I had ordered some minis and some paints. The one half orc sorcerer mini (the one with the cool armor and holding his staff with both hands), Dorly, the Halfling with the musket. And a shadowguard mini. Noticing their prices were a little bit more expensive than the normal reaper bones minis, I assumed that these pieces were a better quality plastic, but are they actually made of metal? Like how the new Lich piece is from March 2nd and so forth. If so, would i need to get primer in order to paint them, and what primer would people recommend? March 7th, not second. Good job, me.
  4. I actually forgot about my thread until I went back onto the forumsand saw that this was my thread. And it blew up a little bit. Lol But yeah, thanks for the replies. I was really interested in those graveknight looking weapons. I might have to change my logrim piece up a bit. Lol
  5. Hey, I was wondering why one would purchase the weapons pack from the bones3 pledge. Would they be for props or are certain minis actually modular?
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