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  1. Hey cool, my suggestion of necromancy coins got picked as the next stretch goal
  2. Eyes are hard. Here's attempt #1. I don't think I went dark enough with the eye liner. I'll go over it again. I might use that color in this image as my basecoat for skin, though. I kinda like it. This is obviously way, way zoomed in, and with normal human vision it looks pretty great already. I'm painting these eyes at 2.5x magnification and it looks fairly good at that level. Still, I want to do better, and luckily I have lots of other orcs to practice on. Anyway, it's already too late at night, so I gotta crash. I'll pick this up again after I get some more sleep.
  3. Okay, so my paints did arrive and then I spent a LOT of time checking that I got the ones I ordered, organizing them, and painting their caps to make finding colors easier. The last step involved a lot of shaking and nozzle-unclogging, which is responsible for most of that time, but I wanted to make sure the color on the caps was the color that best represents what's inside. That meant squirting out a few drops that were in the nozzle to clear any separated color, which quickly turned into abstract art. I call this piece Encounter at Orcfang. Can you tell which paints I now own? I'll giv
  4. Sure enough my backdrops arrived! This is the only orc I've ever painted before, and I did him in about an hour at a convention paint-and-take a year ago. I figured it was only right I post a picture showing off my new backdrops using this guy, since I'm about to give him 15 new friends. I hope to greatly improve on him with this new project. He was one of the very first minis I ever painted, when I didn't really know anything, so hopefully that won't be too hard to do. I am grateful to this guy though for teaching me the effects a wash can have on chain mail. Looking at him now,
  5. Count me in as another happy H18 backdrop customer. My mini studio looks like this. I cut apart a cardboard box that was exactly the right size as a backdrop holder. I picked up those lights for general-purpose studio work, but they work great at providing nice diffuse light at the front, sides, and top of the mini. Then I get my camera up close with a macro lens. The lights are dimmable so I can do a nice long exposure time. All in all very pleased with my photo set-up. Now I just need some better-painted minis! Starting tomorrow, I'll be giving my sloppily-speedpainted orc
  6. Yeah, I might try filing down certain areas that are harder to get to. Honestly, I'm not too worried about mold lines, but I figure it's something to do while I'm waiting on my paints.
  7. They're Bones. I listed which ones in the first post.
  8. My backdrops are back on the grid, and out for delivery! Woo! So, I'll be able to play around with those and maybe I'll upload some pictures to the shutterbug forum later. I'll just be glad that my mini photo studio is finally completed, and I can focus on setting up my painting workspace. My paints are also in the state, arrived early this morning, though it's probably wishful thinking they'll arrive a day early and get to me by tonight. Hopefully it's going to be an early delivery tomorrow. I am self-employed, work from home in a job that doesn't require I work in normal business hours,
  9. Hey, I figure if you want to show off your minis, the least you can do is make sure you're taking the best photographs possible of them. That way there's no distractions and the minis can speak for themselves. Anyway, boiling complete! Well, simmering. I used an old pot I'll dedicate to just mini boiling, since I have concerns about plastic leeching chemicals that might stick to the pot and contaminate food afterwards. I wasn't using that pot anyway. I'll just keep it with my mini supplies. I've also decided on using two of these glass coffee mugs I have for washing my paintbrushes. One f
  10. Looks virtually identical to the Plano case I have and have been filling up with stuff.
  11. Nice! I'll have to remember that if I'm ever painting away from home. I do have a pretty nice little porcelain palette I plan on using most of the time though. Only maybe 8 by 5 inches. It has a bunch of wells that hold about 10-12 drops and some flat space for gradient mixing and paint straight from the bottle. I can use the lid as another flat palette too (and I may try sticking a paper towel and parchment paper in there to convert it to a wet palette for longer paints). The big thing is going to be organizing my paints effectively so I can take out a subset and keep the rest in storage, sin
  12. It's really cool seeing everyone's workspace. I am in the process of setting up my own, and it's been kind of helpful to see what other people do. I live in a city apartment so I can't do a big dedicated space, but I can learn to pack my stuff up efficiently and take it out when I need it, and arrange it in a logical way for working.
  13. Alright, well I think it's only fair to show you guys some photos, now that I've taken these guys out of the blister packs. I have just two, and they both demonstrate an aspect of this WIP. The first photo is of my photo station, or light box if you prefer, though it's not exactly a light box, more like part of a box and some stand lights on tripods. For anyone who's curious, the box is an Amazon size 1AC box I happened to luck out in getting fairly recently. When I saw the box, I knew I ought to save it, since it was exactly 11 inches on one side, which coincidentally is the same size
  14. Well as I was getting ready for some prep work today, I noticed I actually miscounted. Make that 77056 Orc Sniper (Archer) x4, for 15 orcs in total. I actually picked up the one Sniper separately, and bought three more specifically so I'd have four total, then promptly forgot about having four. Also missing from my plan was straightening out some parts that got a little bendy in transport. Mostly spears, on the 77045s, and a few swords on the other guys. Kavorgh and the Snipers look great, though. Anyway, I'll be taking out all of these from their blister packs today, looking at mold l
  15. Yup, definitely red frosting on that cleaver.
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