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  1. Here's a couple pics of the Wall and Ground Panels to give you an idea of what a gaming table could look like.
  2. We've hit the Second Set of Stretch Goals and are working our Way towards the Third Set. The Second Set opened up a Landing Pad, Desert Themed Fortress Walls, and a 6th Ground Panel. The Third Set will have a Desert Themed Landing Bay, a 7th Ground Panel and Curved Wall Corners, and Scenic Cliff Faces with a Rail Cannon and Landing Bay. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1555279928/3d-printable-sci-fi-buildings-for-tabletop-wargames-set-2?ref=creator_nav
  3. I have plenty of structures to add to this Kickstarter so I decided to lower the Stretch Goal amounts. The new levels are now set at $1000 and $1400. I have a third one being made and will update the campaign with that soon. I'll also be adding some "Add ons" for structures from my previous Kickstarters as well. Also, here's a preview of the Wall and Ground Panel Stretch Goal. It can represent some kind of vent shaft, or even a cannon like the Grand Cannon from Macross/Robotech. It's still a Work in Progress, so the final model might be slightly different.
  4. I do have some objects like fuel tanks, pipes and such that I had made for a stretch goal. Maybe I can take all that and instead make a smaller Backer level (like Scatter Terrain) for those, and use something else for the Stretch Goal (I have plenty of buildings I've made to choose from).
  5. Nice! Post some pics when you do. Also, I had to make a few changes to the generator and weapon turret, so you might need to download the files again to get the new ones. Just message me if you need to and I'll get you the new link.
  6. Huh, I didn't think about that until you just mentioned it! So yes, I'll send out an update!
  7. Oh, man. I forgot to add them. I can add them as Add-ons. I'll have to wait till morning though.
  8. The base scale is set at 15mm, but I did try to design them so they can be scaled up or down for use with other systems. I think 15mm is a good "midway" for scales since the amount of detail on them will translate up or down for other scales, without loss of detail. Jasper the 2nd has a lot of pics of prints he's made, the first initial set looks like it works well for Battletech games!
  9. 3D Printable Sci-fi Buildings for Tabletop Wargames Set #2 Kickstarter is now LIVE! Check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1555279928/3d-printable-sci-fi-buildings-for-tabletop-wargames-set-2?ref=creator_nav
  10. The Kickstarter for the 3D Printable Space Elf Outpost is now LIVE! This is sculpted for Heroic Scale games, but you can scale down the structures for use with smaller game systems. I'll be working on more structures for the stretch goals and will post WIP pics of them as it runs. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1555279928/3d-printable-alien-space-elf-scenery-for-tabletop-wargames?ref=creator_nav
  11. I'm printing one out in 28mm scale right now, but all the parts wont' be done till Monday. I'm using the college's printers so I have to book time on them so it's a little slow going.
  12. I just posted an update with a test print of the Atmospheric Processor next to some 15mm and 6mm models for scale. Check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1555279928/3d-printable-sci-fi-buildings-for-tabletop-wargame/posts/2440761
  13. I have a test print of 2 buildings, one has pics posted on teh KS, the other I'll add later today when the last part is done printing. I'm also test printing a building in 6mm scale, and another at 10mm scale and will post them when the prints are done.
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