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  1. I finally finished this! It's also compatible with the Ancient Star Gods Pyramid components, so you have plenty of build options.
  2. The files for these and all my other models are available here: https://gumroad.com/wulfsheademiniatures
  3. I made a few sets of bases for 3D printing, Eldar, Necron and two generic Sci-fi sets. I'm currently working on a Tau set and will post pics of them soon.
  4. Well, I haven't posted in a bit but I'm making progress on the set. I had some requests to make alternate parts for the pyramid so it can make a Meso-American style stepped pyramid, so I've been working on that. So you'll be able to make both style of pyramid, in any size you need. All I have left is to make the temple that sits on top of the pyramid, then I can get them converted to STL files and uploaded to my Gumroad shop. So it's almost done! Here are a few pics so you can see the Meso-American style pyramid.
  5. Here's another WIP for the Necron Tomb Complex. It's sort of my version of a translocator. You'll be able to model it opened or closed. The outer shell is pretty much done, now I'm working on the inner parts.
  6. Here's a couple WIP pics of the Necron Tomb Complex Pyramid and also the inner walls, made in a similar style to the Zone Mortalis walls. One of them has several sarcophagi with Warriors in them. I have a few more sections to make, but the Tomb Complex is almost done.
  7. Here's a few WIP pics of the Pyramid for the Necron Tomb Complex. The parts are modular and will probably use the OpenLock system to connect them. The large pyramid is made from 4 layers and the capstone. You can remove each layer to reveal the layers underneath. The inside will also be detailed with separate wall sections, similar to the Zone Mortalis walls. You can also mix and match the parts to make the pyramid different, or to make smaller pyramids.
  8. I'm working on a set of 3D printable terrain to build a Necron Tomb Complex. There's a bunker, Large Pillar-like Structure, Small obelisk and a Tomb Complex entrance with walls. There will be a few more wall sections, but for now there is the Entrance, connector, tower, and corner section. There are some large open areas on each structure that are for separate glyph plates. I made them as separate parts so you can print them in a clear material, paint the surface, and add lighting to it for a glowing effect.
  9. That is exactly what I was thinking when I made the bunker! The open area on top of the entry portal is for some statues I'll be making. I know there hasn't been any of that in the art, but there's no reason we can't make it anyway.
  10. Here's another WIP pic for a Necron Obelisk. This is more of a terrain piece, not really a functional model. I'm still playing around with it's details, I think I might also alter it's width a bit.
  11. I started work on a set of Necron-themed terrain for my next Kickstarter. The first structure is a bunker. It's still in-progress so the final model will probably be a bit different, but so far I like how its turned out. I put a bit of Egyptian influence into the design.
  12. I started another set of scenery for my next Kickstarter, this time it's Necron themed. This is the first structure, an bunker. I'm still working out the details, but I like how its turning out so far.
  13. Here's a couple pics of the Wall and Ground Panels to give you an idea of what a gaming table could look like.
  14. We've hit the Second Set of Stretch Goals and are working our Way towards the Third Set. The Second Set opened up a Landing Pad, Desert Themed Fortress Walls, and a 6th Ground Panel. The Third Set will have a Desert Themed Landing Bay, a 7th Ground Panel and Curved Wall Corners, and Scenic Cliff Faces with a Rail Cannon and Landing Bay. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1555279928/3d-printable-sci-fi-buildings-for-tabletop-wargames-set-2?ref=creator_nav
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