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  1. Next to Allister the old guy is really big. But he looks about Shaq size, a beefy 7 feet. Now you just have to explain a 7 footer in a population of 10-20 people - those are really unusual odds.
  2. Wow! I only started painting a few years ago. But I always wind up taking longer than I expect. although I am trying to get better with techniques, I probably will start trying to bang out some faster paints on Bones figures soon. I have enough higher quality resin and metal figures that can be reserved for the better paint jobs. But 212 minis in 120 minutes? And in 6 weeks? They obviously look like base coats and washes, but still that is impressive. I can't do all the base coating on most figures in under an hour. I found that I was adjusting my D&D campaign I was running last year to fit the figures that I was slowly painting. I need to learn to lower my painting standards for some figures to get things done faster.
  3. I really should do something like this. I have so many unpainted, but have a hard time not trying to push myself to grow and paint well. I'm nervous about getting into bad habits from painting so fast such that when I give more attention I will be less patient or careful. I also wonder how speed painted figures look next to ones that had lots more time put in. Maybe I can find a balance that is not this fast but still gets things finished.
  4. They look nice. But part of what makes Dwarven Forge so great is keeping a grid for those of us who want that. I could see these as a compliment to what I have, but I'd have to solve the grid dilemma. Just keeping an eye on this.
  5. Man you got this painted already? I've got so much Bones 1 and 2 still that only a few things from 3 are high on the list. Nice job, I'm glad I got this one too. Though I wish there was a matching freestanding king figure. He just sits around all day?
  6. I think this is the first time I am showing off a miniature on this forum. I've been painting a couple years now and have done a several dozen minis, which I may share here at some point. I'm pleased how the photography turned out on Nuala taken with my iPhone 5. Nuala is a metal model from the Erainn kindred by Mierce Miniatures. She is the first of their models that I've painted. She still has a dagger that needs to be glued to her hip, I just wanted to photograph her before varnishing in case the colors change (and to document whether the colors change). She has such fine features, and my Series 7 brushes are finally starting to lose their sharp tips, I need new ones soon. I've done a number of Bones figures, but the only thing similar to Nuala's scale that I've done were a few models from Red Box Games. I must admit that I shamelessly stole lots of the color choices from MaGie's version of her. I find that copying great painters helps me learn. And yes her left eye being messed up bothers me, but I'm too nervous with my brushes to try to fix it. And in person with my less than perfect eyesight, I can't tell her eye is that bad. She's also the first figure I painted using the new Rathcore Grip from his Kickstarter. Those things are amazing.
  7. I was under the impression that you could just back for add-on values with "no reward". I've been hoping I get some cash to jump in here as there are a few items I'd like to have. What was unclear was whether you could get the stretch goals without a "pledge level". He made one comment which hinted that if you pledge over $45 you get the stretch goals. I was thinking of doing that in add-ons.
  8. I think Rob could use a bit of help in the marketing department. This new Kickstarter makes sense to those of us who have seen many of them, but I can imagine that it is still confusing or overwhelming for a brand new customer. Things are clearer than the first Kickstarter, but could be even better. Also I think Mierce really needed to do more advertising and promotion before the start of this one to get new eyeballs in that might have written off Darklands in the past. Maybe they did do some, but I get the impression that there wasn't much. I'd like to see the game succeed. That requires more fans, not just the core 300-500 people that are already invested in the models and game. It takes some work outside Kickstarter to get those eyeballs. Making a "starter" package is a good start in the right direction. I bet a retail looking box (or even a mock-up) actually would communicate a lot to a potential new customer that this product is a good place to start. It is tough though because he has already built out so many kindred options to choose from.
  9. The currently available corner pieces like that one have only one full floor square too. So unless you are cutting your models in half to use the half spaces at the edges of the walls, 3/4 of Dwarven Forge corner tiles have always been unusable as gaming space. This new one is just putting some decoration in the partial floor spaces along the walls. I admit that it is a slightly confusing design choice that they made way back with the original resin sets and stuck to. But having the walls eat into part of the floor spaces allows for each overall tile size to be 2x2 or 4x4, which helps with layouts where you can lay any tile next to another. All the standard tiles fit on an overall 2x2 grid.
  10. I definitely like to call it 'Spidiculous.' I mean, look at that mini- it is an apt description. On the other hand, it is spelled to be pronounced like Hercules. Also, there are other Greco-Roman word-plays in his expansion (I guess they'd be spoilers). So there's that to consider. As someone who is backing this game for the first time and has not read any of the in-game materials, I always thought Spidicules was pronounced like "ridicules". I admit that is the lamest sounding pronunciation. But it is practically the same word.
  11. I surprisingly actually like this product. Also, love the look of piles of sand surrounding the tiles in the video, very atmospheric. But I too am very extremely cautious about first time Kickstarters. So for now I'll just star it and watch what happens. Having no money makes it easier to hold off for the moment though.
  12. I know what you mean Beagle. I just recently received the balance of my Metal Age stuff that had been in packing for a bit. It included the First Edition rulebook. That is one complicated book. I like the meat of this kind of game - I think - but the book could have used a bit better organization to aid in learning. I suppose it is better to get something out even if it could have been more polished. I want to try playing it if I ever find someone else who is interested. I still have a decent sized order from New Kindreds as well that is waiting on a few sculpts being completed. So I don't even know when that one will go to the "packing" stage. Probably a couple months from now. Now to try and paint all these guys, in addition to Bones figures I'm using in my D&D campaign. Oh yeah plus painting Dwarven Forge stuff that has been sitting years already. Sheesh. I'm still a novice, but I need to practice some speed painting skills.
  13. If you back during the Kickstarter it is only around $90 (actually maybe a tiny bit better because the dollar is fairly strong against the pound sterling). Still a very expensive model. Personally I love the giant skeleton and glowing plant monster. I can understand not wanting to pay for something a year in advance of getting it, but hey that is Kickstarter. I too share Beagle's concerns over the Kickstarter business model in the long term. I don't think it is sustainable as an ongoing company. It is great for companies that have big projects like games or movies. I really hope that Mierce gets enough success with the rulebook and some starter sets that include metal (to keep the buy in cost more reasonable) that they can start selling retail a bit and slow down the pace of the Kickstarter expansion. There needs to be a firmer foundation for a stable company. They also need a way to speed up production if they manage to grow a bit. I really really hope it works out because I've invested a lot in the miniatures after being skeptical in the beginning. Granted most of the things I've gotten can do double duty between the Darklands game and D&D roleplaying. Plus I have some amazing models for painting. I am careful now to try not to buy things closer to when they are sculpted and about to be cut off from Kickstarter backers, as it shortens the wait window and reduces my risk if they go bankrupt. Not that I know anything about their finances. It's just the Maelstrom history plus the Kickstarter business model raise valid concerns.
  14. I suggested on the DF forums that they should consider remolding the worst offenders of the scale issue (such as floor tiles and probably wall tiles), and just start selling those going forward. Compared to spending $1000-$2000 on a castle or city, spending $100-300 on replacing some KS1 or KS2 pieces with better scaled ones is not too painful - and that would only be done by those who are actually bothered by the scale differences. Many people don't care enough. They said something about digitally scanning sculpts in this KS4 to make sure the dimensions are good. It should be simple to scan the KS1 or KS2 sculpts (if the masters still exist) and just bump them up that little bit. I think a small Kickstarter to fund just this change would be perfect. If it funds, then they know enough people care about the issue to bother doing anything about it. If not, then we just deal with the annoyance of gaps and not mixing certain things on some vertical builds. If molds cost around $10k each, I'd figure they need one to four molds. So a funding goal of $30k-40k sounds about right, and might very well be successful. Regardless, I think Dwarven Forge should try to have smaller, more focused Kickstarters in the future which will hopefully not be overly daunting or expensive for potential new customers. There is a saturation point with terrain, since even the big spenders have finite storage space. Terrain is different than figures like Reaper's. Someone can buy a single $3 Bones miniature for a specific use in a game or whatever. Good luck spending $3 and finding much use for that one terrain tile. Modular terrain gets cooler and more interesting the more you have, and it requires a minimum amount to be useful at all. It's a bigger initial buy in and thus a smaller market.
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