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  1. Second forum post in four years! I've got a bunch of Reaper miniatures to put into the next book for Zero Dark, so I thought I'd share them here and put all the photos into one thread. IMEF Bulldog The IMEF will be providing part of the OpFor in the next book, and the Bulldog stands as a truly excellent option for a Heavy Elite. All I need is something even larger to be a Defence Mech... I run a Patreon for my game design projects. Not plugging that here. But my patrons sometimes earn rewards in the form of minis - unpainted or painted. This is one of the latest painted mini rewards one of my patrons asked for. I've written a background to explain why a steampunk dwarf aviator with a minigun has a place in a hard SF, post-apocalyptic setting to go with him!
  2. Horizon Wars is awesome! [NB I may be a bit biased] It's fully compatible with CAV minis, too. That said, I would strongly recommend people download the FAQ and Errata from my website. I'm not sure if the mods here would count including a link as violating the "no commercial use" rule, but just search for "Precinct Omega". It's also available from the Horizon Wars Facebook group. However, the version on the Osprey site is out of date, so don't use that one. Regards, Robey
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