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    Painting and collecting miniatures (surprise, surprise), rpgs both online and tabletop, sports, skeet shooting, firearms, walking on a beach during a moonlit night... (oops sorry... wrong profile... lol)

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  1. My turn! My Reaper paint order finally came in and I finally decided on brushes so I reorganized a corner of my hobby room/man cave to create a new painting area. I thought it appropriate to post here since my new space was put together based on a lot of great advice from this forum. Thanks. While I waited for the paints I went ahead and primed a bunch of models including the Warlord Dwarves that I plan to paint for my first project ever. Once I start (after vacation) I'll post some pix of my first attempts at miniature painting. Btw... the painted Warhammer models in one of the included pix was painted by someone else. Thanks again to everyone for the advice on paints, brushes, light boxes, display cases, and so many other little things. Can't wait to finish a project so I can really feel a part of this community. Carl The corner I used for my painting area originally was my cleaning and maintenance area for my other hobby - firearms. Had to squeeze all that stuff on one shelf while using the other for my miniatures and Warhammer models. The 2 Ottlights and nail polish display case came from this forum and I couldn't be more happy. The magnifier lamp is pretty much my most important tool due to my not so perfect eyesight (for minute details). My Reaper Warlord Dwarves... my first project! Looks like alot of Bones minis, but actually I don't own any. Everything is just primed white... again because of my eyesight. The Warhammer 40k Space Wolves were painted by someone else and are used as inspiration.
  2. Thanks everyone for the tips, illustration, and video. I can always count on this forum for help.
  3. I just bought a Mini Pin Vice Drill with multiple bits and plan on using the paper clips. I'm also going to use a mix of 30mm Scibor (Ancient Ruins) and Secret Weapon (Flagstone) resin bases. All models to be based are Warlord Dwarves (Heroic 25mm).
  4. So do I put the paperclip pins through the new base and bend for more security or use just enough metal w/o going all the way through. I've never based before... well actually I've yet to fully paint a mini :-)
  5. I've decided to try using more elaborate bases for some of my Warlord Dwarves. I'm wondering if I need to pin the feet to the new bases (and how to). I've searched the directory of tutorials and found one on replacing bases, but it stopped right after they drilled the holes. I'm also wondering if I should base them before I start painting. I figure that I could do all of the basing while I wait for my paint order. Thanks.
  6. Good for you! I use 'The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver' myself. Had the ting for over 6 months now, and expect to have it for a few more years judging from how much is gone.... I clean each brush I use in a painting session with it when packing up.... George Just checked and my local DickBlick has your cleaner (great online reviews) on sale. Will pick it up this weekend. Thanks for the info.
  7. Just found a great deal (40% off w. free shipping) on a set of Winsor & Newton Kolinsky 7s (Comes with a 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4). I've a few older synthetics which I'll use for dry-brushing and such. Thanks everyone for all the great info. One other thing... is it a good idea to get actual "brush soap" like the type DaVinci sells for about six dollars or is any mild soap fine?
  8. I understand the technical differences between the three, but am really curious which application most here use. Might some even use more than one on the same miniature? I've been messing around with a set of inks I was given on some practice minis and it seems I have to be really careful since inks seem to tint higher parts and not just recesses. Since I'm still waiting for my RMS order I haven't been able to see how Reaper liners works, but I'm guessing there's more over-all control. My concern would be if using a liner would look less natural. Thanks.
  9. I'll definitely post finished projects for critiques and will try and photograph the progression.
  10. I'm thinking of attending Reapercon (first time) this October and have a few questions. First off... I would love to attend as many painting classes as I can and would like to know if they have a fee for participating. Do they also have a limited number of openings which makes it essential to pre-register ahead of time? I'm also wondering if only the more accomplished painters enter the contest or are beginners welcome. I'm so new to the hobby that I'm still waiting for my paints to arrive in the mail However, I do still have over seven months to practice so would it be worth entering just for the critiques? I'm also planning to post finished projects here on the Reaper forum for those same critiques. Thanks.
  11. Since I haven't painted anything yet (just ordered my paints) don't really know what my style is, but I do know that my first attempts will be on my large number of Reaper Warlord Dwarves which I believe are Heroic 25mm. I think I have some old brushes from art classes I could probably use for dry-brushing and such.
  12. Ok... I've ordered my first set of paints from the RMS line. Now i need some brushes right? After reading pretty much all the threads on brushes in this forum, it seems the general consensus is that Kolinsky sables are the way to go. Brands like Raphael and Winsor & Newton also keep popping up. Is there that much of a difference between those two brands and the Reaper sable brushes because I've found a good sale on the latter? My main question though is this... with so many different sizes and shapes of brushes what are essential, "can't paint without them" sizes/shapes. Let's say the essential 3 since I don't want to spend an ungodly amount on brushes without knowing what to do with them. Baby steps...
  13. I just ordered 20 paints from the RMS line after looking at a lot of painted dwarves. The colors I chose along with a set of Army Painter inks should be sufficient for my dwarves. Got 26% off each so my wallet is happy too! As for color mixing, eventually I really do want to learn, but for now I want to concentrate on the basics like actually finishing my first miniature and the dreaded first set of eyes! I should get my paints within a couple of weeks (some colors were backordered 2 weeks) and once I finish my first dwarf I'll be sure to post a pic. Again... thanks everyone for the advice. I feel more confident jumping feet first into miniature painting with such a helpful forum backing me up.
  14. From one beginner to another... thanks for the advice and the inclusion of your miniatures (nice job!).
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