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  1. If you move the lights closer to your subject, the light gets more harsh, not softer I believe. Same reason why using diffusion softens the light is because the apparent light source gets bigger. If you move the lights farther away they become "bigger" thus softening the light. You can see it in the reflections on things like a black base rim on minis. The closer the light is the more harsh the reflected light is, the farther away the softer it is. But, it would darken your background because the light is more focused on the miniature as opposed to bleeding all over the background. I ret
  2. Ooh yeah, lamp placement is something I should have talked about. In your guide you place them directly in front of your miniature and now that I think about it, that's probably the way to go. As long as your highlights aren't clipping, you'll have nice even lighting on your mini. The only problem I have with pointing the light directly at the miniature is when you're trying to get an "inifinite black background" effect. Often times, the model will be near the background meaning your lights will shine on your background whereas you want it to be as dark as possible so you can crush them in
  3. Hey reaper forums!! I recently made a video detailing photography for miniatures aimed at beginners with little to no tools showing that you can still get serviceable photos w/o spending tons of money. What do you guys think?
  4. Hey forum! I haven't posted a video in a while so I thought this new one would be helpful for a lot of people. Hopefully, if you haven't seen my videos since I posted last, the quality has increased and thus your enjoyment :) Enjoy! Any criticism will be joyfully received.
  5. You guys are building my ego to a dangerous spot.
  6. Thank you all for the incredibly nice comments!
  7. Hello all! I recently painted up a miniature for a painting competition, and while I didn't place in the category I was entering, I still learned a heck of a lot. One of my biggest lessons is to start earlier! I wanted to do some more things with her, like painting her gems, a cool leopard print fur cape, some tattoos, etc. But, alas, I was not able to get to it. Regardless, please check her out! And my whole army! If you wanna see a video series on all the things I learned, checkout this video:
  8. Another week, another video. This week I explore varnishing, something that I'm not the most knowledgible about. Talk about how to apply varnish, what kind of brands and variants there are, how the effect your miniatures, etc. Tell me what you guys think of the video! :)
  9. What's so nice about the Shades of Doom set? Also, what's the difference between the normal SC75 paints and the Fantasy range?
  10. I will divulge all my secrets, no problem. The very first thing I do in my process is film the demo (the part that acts as b-roll) of what I'm actually talking about. Often times this reminds me of some of the smaller details regarding the process I'm shooting a tutorial for. I then write the entire script shooting for 1.5 - 2 pages worth of content. This usually turns into a 5-7 minute video. I have someone edit it for content missing/grammar, give it a final once-over reading it aloud and then I shoot it. I sit in front of the camera with all my lights and mic set up, and memorize 3-4 senten
  11. Bruunwald, thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it! I have never tested putting down watered glue first. Sounds interesting. Another unmentioned reason that I put glue down/primer atop the sand is because it makes the finished product look better for me. For some reason, the detail that is lost via putting a coat of PVA glue over the sand makes it look more like a piece of the sculpt than if I hadn't. Thanks for the kind words, Blubbernaught :)
  12. Hit me with your best shot, fire away. Woohoo! No more unecessary J-cuts! Someone noticed they didn't notice! Thanks, Dixon :) I've never heard of Scenic Express or Silflor, so, there goes my tax return :| Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! :)
  13. Hey reaper mini forum! Got another beginner video about basing your miniatures! Please give any feedback regarding the content/video :)
  14. Thanks, Sanael and Keianna! Yeah, a lot of people have brought up the issue of not being able to really see the effect of the drybrush. I may need to exaggerate the technique if I'm doing a video about a technique. Good suggestions. I'd like to see some reaper minis from some folks on these forums :)
  15. This is something that's important to remind myself of. I'll try to be more subtle about my editing as for it not to detract from the content of the videos. As always, your guys' feedback has been invaluable.
  16. Those are some good comments about instructional videos v.s. flashy editing. I'll consider something less detracting from the video. Maybe masking the cut with some b-roll is the answer for most cuts; that would be the least noticeable. Syncing isn't too difficult. I just do a clap at the beginning and then there's a visual audio spike in the beginning of the track for me to sync with. As long as both devices are recording with the same frequency, shouldn't be any drift/sync issues :)
  17. You know that could be it. I asked my dad to watch one of my videos to see what an older generation thought of it and he mentioned that it's too much information too fast. So, I may just be going too quickly.
  18. Thanks for the feedback guys! @Doug Sundseth I think you're definitely right. I could have had more visual information alongisde my verbal information. In regards to the jarring cuts, I'm using what an editor refers to as a "J cut." The audio for the clip starts before the video does, but they're always synced up on the time line. Splitting up the cuts like this helps to smoothen the transition as cutting both audio and video at the same time is quite jarring. However, that being said, it seems like most people who watch my videos don't care for the J cut, and instead think it's a mist
  19. I'm not sure if many people were asking for a drybrushing tutorial, as it isn't the most complicated technique, but hopefully you pick up at least 1 new thing in this video! Sidenote: should I not post weekly videos in this subforum?
  20. I use like a 15:1 matte:satin liquitex finish applied with an airbrush. It's surprising how impactful even a tiny bit of gloss coat is when mixed with the matte stuff. I don't like straight matte for the aforementioned reasons, kind of kills the saturation. Here's an example of some minis who've received this mixture: http://imgur.com/a/QB59i
  21. I will definitely be looking into that set you mentioned. I like the idea of painting a single miniature from a different manufacturer as a monthly series. That has great potential. Thank you for the good ideas!
  22. Such excellent questions. My perceived skew towards GW products is not intentional but is very real. My first foray into the hobby was with GW and it's really been my only exposure. Not until the last year have I discovered all these excellent other companies that make great products and games. So, I'm slowly transitioning and experimenting with other companies and products but am limited by funds unfortunately, so I use what I have. As to the majority GW content during the community highlight, I think the majority of my early views came from the /r/warhammer subreddit, which would mean 10
  23. Oh shoot, in my prep video I use curse words in the bloopers at the end. They're bleeped out, but watch out for that if your kids are watching (and you care). Glad to know it's applicable to all. That's 100% what I was going for. :)
  24. Ah, yes, the timing is a little too abrupt. Thank you very much for the feedback! So much good feedback here. The prep video has probably been my biggest failure yet. When I "finish" the begginer series, I plan to do a "review and revise" series where I talk about all the things that I got wrong and all the excellent bonus feedback the community gave me to further improve your beginner experience. Stuff like this is what I'd put in that series. You guys have been wonderful so far, thank you so much.
  25. Oh my, thank you all so much for such a quick response!! I really appreciate it! The particular type of cuts I'm using are called "J-cuts" where the audio of the next segment starts before the video does. This transitions into the next segment better than cutting both at the same time which can be jarring. Is this what you're referring to? Do you prefer cutting both at the same time?
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