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  1. Thanks! I struggled with the pink. Too light. Too little depth. In the end, I’m happy with it. I was aiming for a little darker but I like it. Thanks! The dark skin triad is awesome! Thanks! Thanks!
  2. I’ve had this mini forever! She’s one of those minis that I just didn’t want to muck up with a bad paint job. (I’ve got quite a few of those minis in the pile!) Just got the Dark Skin Triad and thought I’d give it a try! Added Intense Brown as a final highlight. I thought she turned out okay! She’s finally ready to join her pirate compatriots!
  3. I'm fighting a painting slump. Painter's block. I have a ton of minis I need to paint but just can't seem to get started on them. So, as a distraction... Painted this Great Worm up as a Frostgrave Giant Worm.
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