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  1. Sorry I did such a poor job of updating this thread. This was a lot of painting for me to get done but I am finally done! J--
  2. 4500 points, 12 models max, 2 squads min, C3 points, no faction doctrines, no infantry, no model customization (SAs, etc). I think that covers it. Got some work done on my. Cockpit glass. I'm still struggling to pick an accent color and where to put it. Any suggestions...?
  3. Sorry it took so long to get to this... life is busy. I got my models cleaned up as best I could. Mold lines are my bane. I always find them after I've done some important painting. I'm going for a bright yellow scheme with some black and purple accents. I've got the base yellows down. Next step is an orange oil wash - wish me luck. Once the oil is dry I'll use my airbrush to re-establish the highlights. span widget
  4. Talon Games is hosting a virtual CavCon the last weekend in March. I'm working on a tourney list for the virtual tournament. In plain English, I'm making a CAV list more as an exercise in list creation. Still, it is a fun exercise and I plan to paint it up and post both my progress and thoughts about the list as I get ready for the virtual convention. I need to paint some models for inclusion in the upcoming CAV Journal of Recognition (JoR). I also need to paint a force for VCavCon. Why not combine the two and include a JoR model in my force...? Seems good to me...? So, I looked through the models in the JoR and chose the Outlaw. I love running multiples of the same model - the uniform look to a squad appeals to me. So, I added 4 Outlaw's to my list and included a Razor so the squad has access to EST and ECM. I needed a primary squad and I love tanks... so I chose 4 Poltergeist's and another Razor. We're using the CavCon tournament rules from 2020 (which never happened) which limits me to 12 models so I added a specialist squad with 2 Shadow's for their APA2 (and some decent guided missiles). That's it for my list. It has a good amount of guns, some solid fire support and a decent amount of ECM/APA. Any suggestions, or comments about my choices...? I'll post pictures of my progress as I get my models assembled and painted.
  5. Not sure what the rules are about posting external links so I sent you an invite in a PM! Look forward to seeing you on Discord! J--
  6. @CptSlowhand I never got to play Cav2 so I can't comment on those questions. I can share my experience with CAV:SO as a multiplayer game. Our group here in Tulsa primarily played that way before Covid shut us down. Typically, we'd each run a squad and play the game the normal way otherwise. It really made for good games with up to 6 players (3 per side). It let us help the newer folks by pairing them with the vets. I'd say give it a try... The quick start rules are free. The rulebook comes with a free squad. The new minis are fantastic imo. Hope to see you across the table some day!
  7. Completely unofficial answer here... but it's got to be the bell curve - the results of which are predictable. As a game designer you can assign values to weapons, systems, and hit rolls that produce fairly predictable results. A d12 literally has a 1/12 chance of producing any result every time your roll the dice. Need a 12 to headshot and kill a mech? With a d12 you should do so once every 12 rolls. With 2d6 it happens once every 36 rolls. (Note, rolling a 12 on 2d6 does not head shot a CAV) 🙂 Just my 2 cents! J--
  8. Of those you listed the Centurian and the Pillager are the biggest - I think. None of them are as beefy as the Emperor but they are similar in size. J--
  9. I know there is an active group that plays at Texas Toy Soldier. Not sure how close that is for you but any CAV is good CAV. :) J--
  10. I like your mini a lot, well done. I agree that the part in question is ear not hair. I always imagine that miniatures, especially older ones are 'relieved, over-joyed, ecstatic' when they finally get painted. As if they've been rescued from some grey and lonesome fate. :) J--
  11. She seems very surreal, almost aquatic. i like it a lot. Is this a Reaper figure? J--
  12. Like many of you my free time is on the rise recently and I've found both the time and muse to paint. I'm trying to learn the game Marvel Crisis Protocol. I used several brands of paint here including Reaper. I need to order a new Saffron Yellow as my bottle has seen younger days. :) J--
  13. Here is my progress on a Malvernis 2500 point list. They are from the 117th Bastion Regiment whose motto is "For Glory!". I've been in a painting slump lately and decided on Friday January 10th to challenge myself to get out of it. I reached out to @Savage Coyote for help with a list and chose this one. Attack Section: 2x Butcher 1x Wight 1x Shadow Specialist Section: 2x Banshee I started working on them on January 10th with the goal to finish them in time for our big local CAV game on Saturday, January 18th. I finished them in time and got to play them. I had a great time! I am missing a picture of them mounted on their bases but I'll get that posted soon. J--
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