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  1. I see my order shows Production status: 'Filled', will this update to 'shipped'? Thanks! J--
  2. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    Keep the faith brother! :) J--
  3. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    I am happy to announce that the 2018 CAV secret santa is closed. I mailed the last of the make up gifts today. They included a miniature from @CAVBOSS and myself. Two of the packages were in the USA, 1 to Canada, and 1 to Australia! If by some chance I've missed someone contact me asap so I can rectify the oversight. Now, who is in for CAV SS 2019...? :) J--
  4. jsalyers

    Faction Doctrine question

    Page #1 of the latest errata explains it pretty well. If you want to use the Faction Doctrines you have to play with the Faction unit structures. The only exception is a specialist squad. J--
  5. jsalyers

    Faction Doctrine question

    I'm no expert but... I don't think mercs get to use faction doctrines at all. Only the factions get them and they have to follow the faction build rules exactly. Paging @CAVBOSS @Savage Coyote Maybe I don't really understand the question...? Can you give more details? Edit because research! :) In the latest copy of the errata it says: "For a faction-specifc force group wanting to use a faction doctrine and remain “legal” for organized play, it must maintain the force structure as detailed with each faction description (for example the Adon Economic Confederation, p. 70)." I think you can make a Faction based force that doesn't use the specified force structure but they cannot take advantage of faction doctrines. J--
  6. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    The 2018 CAV Secret Santa is officially over. I've purchased consolation gifts for everyone who shipped but didn't receive a gift. Additionally, @CAVBOSS sent a few extra presents that should add to the joy of the gift! If you meet the criteria above and you haven't heard from me about your consolation prize send me a private message and I'll get you taken care of. If you're still working on a gift I encourage you to finish it and mail it. I look forward to next year's gift exchange! J--
  7. jsalyers

    CAV Podcast

    Perhaps someone here might find this interesting...? :) http://thebigstompypodacst.libsyn.com/ J--
  8. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    I've been part of many SS exchanges. I participated in several of them on the old Privateer Press forums and more than once I painted up 3+ extra models for different people who never got a gift. I knew what I was getting into. I decided I wasn't going to paint the make up gifts but instead just give models. I always assume the best about the SS members who don't end up delivering their gifts. Life can get complicated when you least expect it. I appreciate everyone's time, energy and kind words and I fully plan to do this again next year when we have DROPSHIPS to paint for each other! :) J--
  9. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    Secret Santa update... As of January 20th, 2019, I'm closing the SS and sending consolation prizes to everyone who sent but didn't receive a gift. I've contacted everyone who I think meets this condition. If you sent a gift but haven't received one and you have not gotten a PM from me then contact me asap so I can order your consolation gift too. J--
  10. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    If you are still working on a gift or intend to mail a gift let me know asap. I'm making arrangements for consolation gifts for those who shipped and didn't receive anything in return. J--
  11. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    Looking for @Jeneki his CAV has gone radio silent and we're worried for him. We can't hold this LZ open forever... J--
  12. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    This is 100% correct. There are number of SS participants that are FB only. J--
  13. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    Ok, I've updated the Secret Santa status board and reached out to everyone whose gift looks like it will be late. Check you PMs if you haven't received a gift yet. If I haven't contacted you warning that your gift is late then you should receive your shiny SS CAV any day now. We have a few of the participants who have gone silent... I'm going to give them until Christmas to respond. After that, I'm going to ask for volunteers to paint a second SS gift. Thanks to everyone for your time, energy, and patience! "Do you see what I see A plasma flame burning in the night Do you see what I see A Dropship, Dropship Soaring cross the sky Painted in Templar colors!" Merry Christmas!!
  14. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    As you receive your SS minis please let us know, share images, and tell us how you plan to use your shiny new mini! J--
  15. jsalyers

    Tyrant scale differences

    Then I'll just have to buy them first. :P J--