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  1. My force is basically done, just a little edge highlighting to do tonight. Then I'll seal them they're ready to play. :)
  2. Made some progress over the weekend. Join us on Twitch this upcoming weekend to see how my force fairs against Jon's Templars.
  3. I used mostly Dawler Rowney inks with some Golden brand transparent yellow for the highest layer. Here is my progress for today - doesn't look like much but it took awhile after a fitful start.
  4. I am CavBoss' opponent for virtual CavCon and I thought I'd share some of my preparations here. Jon decided to feature some of the new upcoming Amirithil models. He printed up some King Cobras and sent them to me. I'm still working on them but here is my progress so far - images below. Happy to talk about my list and the campaign in general if anyone is interested.
  5. I know there is an active group that plays at Texas Toy Soldier. Not sure how close that is for you but any CAV is good CAV. :) J--
  6. I like your mini a lot, well done. I agree that the part in question is ear not hair. I always imagine that miniatures, especially older ones are 'relieved, over-joyed, ecstatic' when they finally get painted. As if they've been rescued from some grey and lonesome fate. :) J--
  7. She seems very surreal, almost aquatic. i like it a lot. Is this a Reaper figure? J--
  8. Like many of you my free time is on the rise recently and I've found both the time and muse to paint. I'm trying to learn the game Marvel Crisis Protocol. I used several brands of paint here including Reaper. I need to order a new Saffron Yellow as my bottle has seen younger days. :) J--
  9. Here is my progress on a Malvernis 2500 point list. They are from the 117th Bastion Regiment whose motto is "For Glory!". I've been in a painting slump lately and decided on Friday January 10th to challenge myself to get out of it. I reached out to @Savage Coyote for help with a list and chose this one. Attack Section: 2x Butcher 1x Wight 1x Shadow Specialist Section: 2x Banshee I started working on them on January 10th with the goal to finish them in time for our big local CAV game on Saturday, January 18th. I finished them in time and got to play them. I had a great time! I am missing a picture of them mounted on their bases but I'll get that posted soon. J--
  10. Still trying to tie up the last few loose ends for the SS. If you have not received a model post here and let me know. J--
  11. There are a few Secret Santas still grinding away on their projects. In the case below it might be ok to be late. (Shiny new KS3 model). :)
  12. CAV production is on a full wartime footing as deadlines approach. :P J--
  13. More evidence that Santa's Elves are mechanically inclined!
  14. Looking good @Pegazus I'll share this to the CAV group on FB so the other Secret Santas can see you work. J--
  15. The Secret Santa manufacturing plants are doing WORK this year! J--
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