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  1. 2019 CAV Secret Santa miniature exchange. TLDR This year’s SS exchange includes painters from both the Reaper forums and Facebook. You must be a member of one of these sites to participate but you do not have to join the other - unless you want to. Agree to the guidelines for the SS exchange (see below) Answer all of the questions below and PM them to the organizer (me) Paint your assigned miniature and mail it by the deadline Welcome to the 2019 CAV Secret Santa exchange. Here are our simple exchange guidelines. Please do not sign-up on both the Reaper Forums and Facebook - use one or the other not both. Please keep the cost of your gift to value of a single blister pack. Fill out the questionnaire below and send it to me in a PM. Please don’t contact your SS exchange partner unless I indicate that they are ok with this. I’ve included this as an option in the questionnaire. Please respect the privacy of others. Timeline We’ll accept sign-ups until October 21st. I’ll assign partners by October 25th. A work in process photo of your miniature is due by December 1st. Send the photo to the organizer (me) and I’ll share them to the various groups as appropriate. Ship your miniature in time for delivery to its recipient - December 17th if you’re shipping domestically in the United States. If you’re shipping internationally then you’ll need to send your gift earlier. When painting a miniature for your recipient please respect their requests. Some people love the idea of peppermint striped CAVs others are looking for something they can add to a serious force - keep this in mind. If you are mailing internationally don’t send anything other than the miniature unless your recipient has approved all of the extra items. Customs can be a difficult and complicated process especially for plant matter, powder, and other seemingly innocent materials. Please list only the actual cost of the miniature as the value on the customs form and list the item as a gift. Everyone who signs up must understand that Secret Santas can and do fail. There is no guarantee that you'll receive a model. Such is the nature of these exchanges. If something happens and you can not meet your commitment please contact the organizer (me) as early as possible. I’ll make arrangements to take care of your recipient. There is no shame in this… life happens to all of us. 2019 CAV Secret Santa exchange questionnaire Mailing Information [Your Name] [Your Full Address] Miniature Information [A list of models that you would like to receive in the SS exchange.] [Desired paint scheme and basing - please be specific. Don’t say anything will do - help your painter out] Personal Information Are you willing to ship internationally? Are you open to communication with your painter? Sample questionnaire Mailing Information Gertrude Painter 1234 Some Street Paint Town, Paint State 12345 USA Miniature Information CAVs: Rhino, Crusader, Talon TANKs: Naginato AIRCRAFT: Longbow Urban camo blue, grey, white - digital camo if possible Urban basing Personal Information I will ship internationally I am open to communication with my painter
  2. jsalyers

    Proud nails and house rules

    To the best of my knowledge aircraft do not benefit from cover. All models on the table always have LoS to the aircraft with one exception. That exception is when a model puts itself in the shadow of a piece of terrain that blocks line of sight to it - within 1" I believe. Then that unit cannot have a LoS drawn to it that crosses the terrain whose shadow it is in. LoS is reciprocal. Therefore, if the aircraft cannot see the 'hiding' unit then the hiding unit cannot see the aircraft. A model with the SA: Anti-Aircraft who is not 'hiding' in the shadow of a piece of terrain can always draw LoS to an aircraft. I like the imagery of your 'cat and mouse' game with an aircraft but I don't think CAV, as written, is the right game for that scenario. Post your house rules for such a scenario. I'd love to see them. If every model in your force carries PBGs then they are no more 'magnets for fire' than any other unit. :) Also, if you find your opponent prioritizing PBGs then give them a few cheap models to shoot at while the meat of your force does work... During the regular CAVCon tournament I played a couple of scimitars whose primary job was to distract my foe. I happily gave the enemy good shots at them and they often unloaded serious firepower into the scimitars that might have been best placed elsewhere. I could have taken all aircraft with the SA: Pop-Up but I was worried that my force didn't punch hard enough and the third best 'Pop-Up' aircraft didn't make the cut, J--
  3. jsalyers

    Unofficial CAV:Strike Operations Force Builder

    @Dark Horse I too just found this thread and your website. The front end looks fantastic. I am excited to see this become a fully functioning tool. I too am getting the error message when trying to switch factions as @Savage Coyote described above. [edit] I created an account and the 'switching' faction error went away. :) J--
  4. jsalyers

    Proud nails and house rules

    @Corwin Welcome to the CAV forum! It is great to hear insights and ideas about the game expressed and reasoned so well. I'd like to share an idea of mine and some anecdotal evidence about playing aircraft in CAV. Most of these ideas are focused on tournament style play as my local CAV group hasn't really taken up narrative play just yet. Aircraft in CAV force list design choices onto players that traditional CAV/vehicle lists do not. As you pointed out aircraft are immune to indirect fire and can cross the board under NoE. Additionally, they are immune to the fire of weapons with the SA: Strike and being soft targets force weapons like MRacs to use their lower strength value when engaging them. I'm not sure if all aircraft have the SA: Improved Mobility but the one's I'm familiar with do. This allows them some very useful movement options when trying to maintain their position in an advantageous range band while engaging the enemy. These abilities can be powerful when leveraged properly and if your opponent doesn't take them into account during list design they can start the game at a serious disadvantage. During CAVCon this year there was a tournament organized by @Mastergunz, called the WarMaster tournament. This tournament used an alternative set of list construction rules that allowed, amongst other things, aircraft. In fact, the rules allowed an all aircraft list which I took to and won the tournament with. This was a dark horse list that some players were unprepared for. In all honesty, I probably won 2 of the 3 games I played during list construction as only 1 of my opponents brought anti-air assets. After the tournament there was a lot of conversation about aircraft, the tactics to use against them, and how to plan for them. This reaction is exactly what the game needs. We, as a CAV community, need to increase list diversity. There needs to be more 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' so that optimizing armor and hard RAV numbers isn't the end of list construction. There are a couple of ways to do this. Scenario objectives that require units move around the board a lot to capture them is one way - the current tournament pack does a good job with this one. Forcing players to take aircraft and other diverse unit types and /or list builds into account during list design is another. Some thoughts on your "Set Autopilot to NoE flight, avoid AA units if there any on the board, don't stray within 12" of enemy units." comment. I play tested my WarMaster list against lists that included the SA: Anti-Aircraft and the Cheetah is a force that aircraft have to deal with. If opponent uses it aggressively it will delete an aircraft from the board every time it fires and possibly two of them. It doesn't matter if you are in NoE or not there is literally no where to hide from that thing once it is in range. If your opponent positions it near the center of the board it becomes very difficult to avoid. The Arbalest fire support vehicle is equally powerful against aircraft and much longer ranged. If you find yourself facing aircraft and you didn't bring any anti-air assets then be aggressive. Move your force up the board and spread out in such a way that there is no where for the aircraft to end its movement without being within 12" of enemy models. PBGs are especially good for this tactic as they punch equally hard against hard and soft targets. They will make big holes in any aircraft that they hit especially if they overdrive. In my tournament games, I spent several turns not flying in NoE because I wanted to close the distance a lot or in one case because I wanted to land. Remember, that only aircraft with the SA: Pop-Up can attack and gain the benefit of flying NoE. My list had 2 aircraft that did not have the SA: Pop-Up and I had to make many tough choices about when and where to use them. Thanks for listening to my thoughts and for sharing yours. J--
  5. jsalyers

    Priming your CAV models

    I use Badger's Stynylrez primers with an airbrush and have never had any problems. You can apply Stynylrez with a brush too. Works like a charm! J--
  6. jsalyers

    Games and gaming

    I plan to play a lot of CAV at ReaperCon. Happy to show you what I know and play a game or 2 with you! J--
  7. I see my order shows Production status: 'Filled', will this update to 'shipped'? Thanks! J--
  8. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    Keep the faith brother! :) J--
  9. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    I am happy to announce that the 2018 CAV secret santa is closed. I mailed the last of the make up gifts today. They included a miniature from @CAVBOSS and myself. Two of the packages were in the USA, 1 to Canada, and 1 to Australia! If by some chance I've missed someone contact me asap so I can rectify the oversight. Now, who is in for CAV SS 2019...? :) J--
  10. jsalyers

    Faction Doctrine question

    Page #1 of the latest errata explains it pretty well. If you want to use the Faction Doctrines you have to play with the Faction unit structures. The only exception is a specialist squad. J--
  11. jsalyers

    Faction Doctrine question

    I'm no expert but... I don't think mercs get to use faction doctrines at all. Only the factions get them and they have to follow the faction build rules exactly. Paging @CAVBOSS @Savage Coyote Maybe I don't really understand the question...? Can you give more details? Edit because research! :) In the latest copy of the errata it says: "For a faction-specifc force group wanting to use a faction doctrine and remain “legal” for organized play, it must maintain the force structure as detailed with each faction description (for example the Adon Economic Confederation, p. 70)." I think you can make a Faction based force that doesn't use the specified force structure but they cannot take advantage of faction doctrines. J--
  12. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    The 2018 CAV Secret Santa is officially over. I've purchased consolation gifts for everyone who shipped but didn't receive a gift. Additionally, @CAVBOSS sent a few extra presents that should add to the joy of the gift! If you meet the criteria above and you haven't heard from me about your consolation prize send me a private message and I'll get you taken care of. If you're still working on a gift I encourage you to finish it and mail it. I look forward to next year's gift exchange! J--
  13. jsalyers

    CAV Podcast

    Perhaps someone here might find this interesting...? :) http://thebigstompypodacst.libsyn.com/ J--
  14. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    I've been part of many SS exchanges. I participated in several of them on the old Privateer Press forums and more than once I painted up 3+ extra models for different people who never got a gift. I knew what I was getting into. I decided I wasn't going to paint the make up gifts but instead just give models. I always assume the best about the SS members who don't end up delivering their gifts. Life can get complicated when you least expect it. I appreciate everyone's time, energy and kind words and I fully plan to do this again next year when we have DROPSHIPS to paint for each other! :) J--
  15. jsalyers

    CAV Secret Santa 2018

    Secret Santa update... As of January 20th, 2019, I'm closing the SS and sending consolation prizes to everyone who sent but didn't receive a gift. I've contacted everyone who I think meets this condition. If you sent a gift but haven't received one and you have not gotten a PM from me then contact me asap so I can order your consolation gift too. J--