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  1. On 2/21/2021 at 12:23 PM, Maredudd said:

    What are the guidelines for the Virtual CAVCON tournament? As I have next to no actual play experience I am still working on a Force Group and all I can remember was a 4500 TVP limit and C3 points. 


    I am using the FM app to create my FG and I assume that any FG I create with FM would be legal (if not particularly effective ::D: ). FM lists 'bonus' points. Are they included in the guidelines? 


    4500 points, 12 models max, 2 squads min, C3 points, no faction doctrines, no infantry, no model customization (SAs, etc).


    I think that covers it.

    Got some work done on my. Cockpit glass. I'm still struggling to pick an accent color and where to put it.


    Any suggestions...?


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  2. Sorry it took so long to get to this...  life is busy.

    I got my models cleaned up as best I could. Mold lines are my bane. I always find them after I've done some important painting.


    I'm going for a bright yellow scheme with some black and purple accents. I've got the base yellows down. Next step is an orange oil wash - wish me luck. Once the oil is dry I'll use my airbrush to re-establish the highlights.




    PXL_20210216_193549350.jpgspan widget

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  3. Talon Games is hosting a virtual CavCon the last weekend in March. I'm working on a tourney list for the virtual tournament.


    In plain English, I'm making a CAV list more as an exercise in list creation. Still, it is a fun exercise and I plan to paint it up and post both my progress and thoughts about the list as I get ready for the virtual convention.


    I need to paint some models for inclusion in the upcoming CAV Journal of Recognition (JoR). I also need to paint a force for VCavCon. Why not combine the two and include a JoR model in my force...?


    Seems good to me...?


    So, I looked through the models in the JoR and chose the Outlaw.




    I love running multiples of the same model - the uniform look to a squad appeals to me. So, I added 4 Outlaw's to my list and included a Razor so the squad has access to EST and ECM.





    I needed a primary squad and I love tanks... so I chose 4 Poltergeist's and another Razor.



    We're using the CavCon tournament rules from 2020 (which never happened) which limits me to 12 models so I added a specialist squad with 2 Shadow's for their APA2 (and some decent guided missiles).




    That's it for my list. It has a good amount of guns, some solid fire support and a decent amount of ECM/APA. Any suggestions, or comments about my choices...?


    I'll post pictures of my progress as I get my models assembled and painted.


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  4. @CptSlowhand


    I never got to play Cav2 so I can't comment on those questions. I can share my experience with CAV:SO as a multiplayer game. Our group here in Tulsa primarily played that way before Covid shut us down. 


    Typically, we'd each run a squad and play the game the normal way otherwise. It really made for good games with up to 6 players (3 per side). It let us help the newer folks by pairing them with the vets.


    I'd say give it a try... The quick start rules are free. The rulebook comes with a free squad.


    The new minis are fantastic imo.


    Hope to see you across the table some day!

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  5. Completely unofficial answer here... but it's got to be the bell curve - the results of which are predictable. 


    As a game designer you can assign values to weapons, systems, and hit rolls that produce fairly predictable results.


    A d12 literally has a 1/12 chance of producing any result every time your roll the dice.


    Need a 12 to headshot and kill a mech? With a d12 you should do so once every 12 rolls.

    With 2d6 it happens once every 36 rolls.


    (Note, rolling a 12 on 2d6 does not head shot a CAV) 🙂


    Just my 2 cents!



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  6. On 4/27/2020 at 12:30 AM, Phaedros said:

    Heyo folks, it's taken me six long years, but I've finally made the plunge, and in a big way, haha.


    Currently residing in West DFW (Fort Worth area), TX, so look me up. :)



    I know there is an active group that plays at Texas Toy Soldier. Not sure how close that is for you but any CAV is good CAV. :)



  7. Here is my progress on a Malvernis 2500 point list. They are from the 117th Bastion Regiment whose motto is "For Glory!".




    I've been in a painting slump lately and decided on Friday January 10th to challenge myself to get out of it. I reached out to @Savage Coyote for help with a list and chose this one.


    Attack Section:

    2x Butcher

    1x Wight

    1x Shadow


    Specialist Section:

    2x Banshee


    I started working on them on January 10th with the goal to finish them in time for our big local CAV game on Saturday, January 18th. I finished them in time and got to play them. I had a great time!


    I am missing a picture of them mounted on their bases but I'll get that posted soon.





















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