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  1. What kind of action does a unit with TAG but no guided missiles spend to paint a target? A direct fire combat action...?


    Thanks for the answer Cavboss. It is so nice to get direct, meaningful answers from a game company. I'm pretty sure I'll have a few more between now and Cavcon



    I'll be happy to buy you lunch one day while we're there.



  2. Here is a UTF list I made for the attacking force using the CAV Force Manager software. I'm pretty new at this so I may not understand everything correctly. 


    I wanted to use the UTF doctrine 'Artillery Superiority' so I was very careful to follow the force construction requirements for UTF as explained in the Errata.


    This meant that I could only include 5 PA Infantry stands in my Mechanized Infantry squad despite the 3 Simbas being able to hold 6 stands. I guess the lieutenant's baggage takes up a bit of extra room. :)


    I went with a combined arms infantry based force with the idea that it takes 'boots on the ground' to hold territory. 


    The UTF 'Artillery Superiority Doctrine' gives them a free artillery strike each round and gives their infantry the SA: FIST. I bought 5 cruise missiles for the attacker to soften up the defender - one for each PA Infantry squad with SA: FIST but the software gave me the warning 'SA: FIST required' when I tried to save the list. It only relented when I assigned SA: Fist to one of the Simbas. Perhaps the SA: FIST advantage in the Artillery Superiority Doctrine only applies to regular infantry and not to Powered Armor Infantry...?


    The basic plan is to use the free artillery strike and massed cruise missile fire to soften up the defenders on the approach.


    The Ashigaru from the Tank Attack squad finds a position in cover with a good line of sight and shares target locks with the rest of the squad so they can move forward and engage the enemy while taking advantage of their targeting computers.


    The Simbas are surprisingly tough in my limited experience and maneuver close to deliver the infantry into the buildings. I can't puzzle out in the software how to give the PA Infantry anti-armor weapons like the Panzerfaust or a mortar. The upgrades say they are available for 'Infantry only' which seems to preclude their use by Power Armor infantry but then the CAV page on Reaper's web page shows them for sale as: 72249: Infantry, PA(Panzerfaust) ($5.99).




    The flight squad...??? Just shoots stuff. I like the combined arms feel of CAV so I always try and include a mixture of forces.


    I'll attach the list in PDF format but I'm trying to summarize it here.


    DECK: 3 
    C3: 7
    TVP: 4,000


    RMNG TVP: (base) 0 (flexible) 29 (support) 0 (upgrade) 0
    C3: (bonus) 0 (squad) 3 (unit) 0 (upgrade) 4
    DECK: (squads) 3 
    (SIGINT) 0 
    (bunkers) 0
    RECON: 0
    ODST: 0



    Attack Squad
    1x Naginata NCO, Veteran.
    2x Wolf
    1x Dingo
    1x Ashigaru

    Mech. Infantry Squad

    5x Pa_inf(mar) Storm Training
    2x Simba
    1x Simba FIST 1, Lieutenant.


    Flight Squad
    1x Harpy 
    1x-Harpy NCO


    5x Cruise Missile 
        Range NA 
        RAV 6/6
        TPR 7+



    City Defense Post.pdf

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  3. 55 minutes ago, David Brawley said:

    Anyone else pick up Spellcaster? Kinda wish that a clean copy of the cover art was provided like Dragon used to do.


    I just bought it, reading it now.



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  4. I'm confused by what SA: TAG does in CAV. 


    In the SO rules on page 124-125 it is never clear what a TAG does - at least not to me. In the errata, it says that, "...the attacker may "paint" and fire guided missiles at a designated target during the same combat action."


    In the SO rules page 113 it says that Guided Missile require either a Target Lock or a TAG in order to fire.

    In the SO rules page 115 it says that rockets with the'semi-guided' upgrade (page 136) can take advantage of TAG.


    Here are my questions:

    1. Does the TAG confer a Target Lock?
    2. Does the TAG allow the use of a targeting computer bonus against the painted target?
    3. Can the TAG be used by other units in the friendly force?
      1. If it cannot and it can only benefit Guided Missiles and semi-guided Rockets then why does the Spartan who has no GMs and no Rockets have a TAG?


    I looked through all of the data sheets and I found 17 models with the SA:TAG. Of those 17 only 5 had GMs and none had semi-guided Rockets.


    I must be missing something. Why would all of those units have TAG if they can't make use of it?


    Thanks for your time and understanding. 



  5. I'm trying parse this paragraph from the rules packet. I think I understand it but as a noob I could use some confirmation.



    Please Note: Aircraft, infantry, and vehicle models are not eligible for use during this tournament. Bonus points, battlefield upgrades, and specialization assets and packages will also not be used for tournament play at this time.


    1. Aircraft, infantry, and vehicle models are not eligible for use during this tournament.
      1. We're only allowed to bring CAVs.
    2. Bonus points [not allowed]
      1. Normally, a force group gets 20% of its threat value pool in points to spend on specializations from Battlefield: upgrades, support assets, support strikes.
      2. We don't get any of these points.
    3. specialization assets and packages [not allowed]
      1. Normally, a force gets 10% of its threat value pool to spend on additional force group specializations,
      2. We don't get any of these points.


    What I think this boils down to is that we're to play CAVs only, using the stats printed on the datasheets with no modifications. We have exactly 5000 points to spend - no bonuses.


    Is this right...?


    Thanks for your help!



  6. After annoying Cavboss (sorry) I finally got signed up for the tournament. Looking forward to meeting some of you there.


    I have a pile of unpainted Grand Order of the Temple metal CAV piled on my desk that I've worked fairly hard to collect. I plan to play 100% painted. [crosses fingers]


    I've only played 3 games so far so forgive me when I get stuff wrong.



  7. 21 minutes ago, MissMelons said:


    I mean, just one more wouldnt hurt...........


    Just one more class Monsieur, they are 'waafer thin'.



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  8. 1 minute ago, Reaperbryan said:

    Affiliation changes have not yet been implemented, and if I'm honest, will probably be limited to me asking at the Reg Desk what your faction is. My available time for cosmetic improvements and upgrades is limited.


    We will be adding the Faction Models for sale to the site across the coming months.

    Good enough, I like my faction but I must have that pirate model!



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  9. 13 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:


    But you get to meet us!  My hubby & I are taking Corporea's Flesh and Faces class on Friday!  ::D:


    Nice! I get to me the Bluberrys and Dilvish. My quest is almost complete!


    This is easily the friendliest forum I've ever known -just sayin.



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  10. 1 minute ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

    Thurs- Flesh and Faces


    Friday- Bones w/Bryan (my Flesh and Faces for this day will go back in the pool)


    Sat- Blending - Skin and fabric


    Sun- Difficult Colors W&B




    I have the Thursday class too. I get to meet Dilvish!!!! :)



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  11. Here is my group. I'll send my shipping info to Buckyball and I need Bonwirm to send me theirs.


    I'm ok with anything that goes in the box and I'll try to paint if our group wants to do that.


    Any veterans want to share their experiences from previous boxes? This is my first time.












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