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  1. Finished the Secret Santa gift and mailing it off today. Thought I'd share my mostly finished project. Given more time I'd work on the area of the sword where the blade and backing meet but I'm happy with my results.


    The crossroad signs are objective markers for use in the game. I puzzled out who my recipients husband is on the PP forums. With his help I customized the signs with places they actually frequent, where they met, etc...


    Hope she likes the model.


    On a side note, I attended my first Reaper Con this past year and really enjoyed it.I'm looking forward to participating on these forums more and more.







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  2. I'm participating in a SS exchange over on another forum. The person I'm painting for uses Nightshade purple. I don't own it so I sought some help on the Reaper Forums and got exactly what I needed. As a long time forum user but a noob to the Reaper forums I must say that people here are super nice. Color me impressed.


    Ultimately, I couldn't find the Nightshade purple locally and it was hard to match so... since it was a gift, I decided to just wing it. :)


    That said I thought I'd share my progress here as well.





    I hear from Ludo that similar miniature exchanges happen here. I need to puzzle out how to participate on these forums.


    Thanks to everyone for being awesome!





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  3. I see companies offering 10mm terrain. Is this a useful size for CAV?


    Not sure what the policies are for posting links and/or mentioning other companies so I'll refrain.


    Message me if you want to discuss specifics.





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  4. Vytau, if the cards are in color can't you just print them in Black and White? Whereas, those who want the cards in color can't 'colorize' Black and White cards very easily.


    I totally agree on the size of the cards. I need to carry a bunch of them conveniently and lay them out on the edge of the table for easy reference. 


    What I really need is a picture of the unit's model so I can associate cards with figure easily.



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  5. I'm painting a mini for a Secret Santa exchange over on the PP forums and my victim... err, giftee(?) uses Nightshade Purple and I'm wondering if that is more of a 'Red Purple' or a 'Blue Purple'?


    I've looked at images for the color online but I cannot really tell as it seems a very dark color.


    Thanks for your help!



  6. I picked up 8 pounds of metal CAV at the factory during ReaperCon. I feel like a genius...


    Until, I begin to sort the models out and realize I have no idea what goes with what. I'm new to the game and other than owning the book and the aforementioned 8 pounds of minis don't know much about it.


    Any resources you can suggest to help me puzzle out which legs go with which torso, which go with...







  7. Didn't really meet anyone, but I did learn that people throw the darndest things into the metal exchange table - including at least seven old fantasy Slann that are now part of my Oldhammer collection.


    That was almost certainly me who turned in the Old Slann. I brought a bunch of them including the old palanquin rider and slaves. I thought someone would want them and better in a collection where they were wanted than tucked away in a box I'll never get to painting.


    Though I kept my old Zoats. I still hope to play them one day. :)



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  8. New to ReaperCon and planning to come back despite struggling to defeat the 'Highway Traffic' boss at the end of the level.


    Seriously, though terrible highway traffic. :-(


    My GPS navigation lady was drunk all weekend and mostly useless. :-)



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  9. The Mrs and I got home about 8:30pm CST after our first ReaperCon. We had a great drive with time to talk and admire the scenery.


    Wow was ReaperCon fun. Looking forward to next year.


    Heard a rumor there is a spring 'Artist Con'...? Can anyone confirm or deny?



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  10. Oh man, that probably would have been the tipping point to get me down to Reapercon last weekend.  I'm still got a few metal units that are eluding me (mostly truescale aircraft).


    I grabbed a bunch of aircraft, no idea which they are but the looked really cool.


    I am looking forward to my first game.



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  11. My apologies, I'm bad with names.


    Thanks to whomever gave me the demo game at ReaperCon. It was a ton of fun. I bought the rules and a resin CAV while I was at ReaperCon.


    I also traded in a bunch of old metal and picked up 8+ pounds of metal CAV models at the factory.


    I'm not sure what I have yet but I basically grabbed 1+ of everything that had all the parts in the bin.


    I played Battle tech back when it was new. I play Mech Warrior Online. Now I play CAV.


    So, thanks from the bottom of my wallet. ;-)


    Now where is the link to the kick-starter?



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