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  1. Hah! Scored an Air Brush class. :) J--
  2. Never been before but it seems like Reapercon has public places to paint. My question for the convention organizers is what policies (if any) do you have for airbrushing in public places? I want to paint, I'd like to airbrush... but I'm no health and safety expert so I wonder what the conventions policies for such activities are. Thanks for your help and advice! J--
  3. I've never been to Reaper Con but I plan to attend this year. That said, I'm not super familiar with the metal trade in policy, I've read all of the pinned thread and all of this thread and there are still some things I'm not sure of. Please help me clarify the points below. Reaper does not accept 'lead miniatures'...? Reaper doesn't accept melted metal but will accept parts of miniatures...? I have a jar full of old 'tabs' that miniatures used to come attached to some are probably lead others pewter - are these 'bits' accepted? I get credit for acceptable trade-ins on a 'by weight' basis. 90% of weight for unpainted models. 50% of weight for painted models I can trade in unopened metal reaper miniatures that are in 'salable' condition for a different rate but I'm not clear what that is. If I trade in unopened miniatures as metal I have to remove them from the packaging. I can 'acquire bits/minis' from the metal traded in but I'm not sure how I pay for this material. I can receive store credit for my trade in or I can trade for parts from the Reaper bits bins but I have to go to the warehouse for this...? I receive less Reaper store credit than I do 'bits credit' for what I've traded in...? I should bring gloves. Thanks for your help and information! I look forward to meeting many of you in October. J--
  4. Is this still a thing and do I have to read all 17 pages to figure out the details...? :) J--
  5. First year to attend ReaperCon and my first post on these forums. I've booked a room for my wife and I but don't see where tickets are available. Casual reading of this long thread suggests that tickets go on sale a month or 3 before the Con...? Any veterans of the convention care to share what we should expect? Thanks for your time! J--
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