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  1. 12 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

    I know I made people wait for my pictures but I am getting a little impatient to see other's hauls!




    My apologies, here are the minis I'm claiming. The barbarian with the axe has stunning detail. I'm really looking forward to painting him. The ladies next to him  both have stylish hats and are missing part of their right arms. Not sure what they gave them up to get but I hope it was worth it. :)


    I love the little pug mini. I hope to use him in a game along with his buddy the big bad wolf.


    My wife plans to use the sculpting dolls in her Frostgrave warband.


    I need to repack and ship the box. Should be in the mail on Thursday.


    Next stop The Glitterlands!





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  2. Here is a comment from CAVBOSS over on Facebook. Don't know how 'official' this is but it gives an idea of what he's thinking for the game.


    "Jon Walker Overdrive: Critical Failure and Critical Fumble is the same thing, a roll of double 1s. Some of the following is coming as an errata update so it is a little different than what's currently listed. When shooting PBGs, regardless if a single-rolled or salvo attack, you will roll 1d6 only once after making the required combat rolls. On a 1, the PBGs (all of them) have over-heated and cannot be used the following turn. If any of the combat rolls are a double 1, the PBGs (all of them) will automatically over-heat, resulting in the loss of them for a turn. There will no longer be any weapon failure."

  3. @hjorhrafn and I are friends IRL and I got a chance to look trade with his box over coffee and pie at VI. Here are pics of what I took.


    In a few days we'll reverse the process before I send my box on to the glittery canine. ;)




    A few Reaper minis that inspired me. The alchemist in the middle is going to be part of Frostgrave warband.



    Not sure what this Helldorado mini is... A dog wearing Circular straw hat...? Possibly the demon dog thing from here.  





    A collection of Reptus heads, possible head swaps for my Legion rebels...?



    I am the collector of metal CAV models. :)



    An awesome find Batman and Superman!



    I like these base patterns a lot.


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  4. 23 hours ago, Generic Fighter said:






    Horned Turtle


    Greetings and welcome to the Generic Fighter Box! First, I request that those in my box send a Private Message of some sort including your Address to the person that is before you in the box's journey a soon as you can. So that the box can travel fairly fast even if communication is difficult later on. This is a thing that has happened before and I would like to minimize it if we can :) Next on the agenda, What are your thoughts about a "Group Paint Mini"? Do you want on in the box? Any Ideas for which mini to use? Any other thoughts on the subject? Current Plan is to mail this box out the Week of the 11th of March. I have Real Life things that make it hard to send before then which means we have time to decide the Group Paint Mini status. I'll look through my stuff and see if their are any that stand out to me.


    In other news, Thanks Ioun the new Forums have an Auto save feature! nearly lost my post because the idiots that designed my laptop put a stupid sensor node in the middle of the keyboard that changes pages and cannot be turned off!!!! BLEEPING DELL!




    I'm up for a group paint mini. I'll send my address to Dilvish who I met at Reapercon last year and who was my victim in the CAV Secret Santa last year! :)



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  5. I love the look of the Simba Walker and I like the idea of a Mechanized force but the game is more CAV centric and to CAVBOSS' point infantry are a side note.


    That said I've played a couple of stands before along with a Simba. A mechanized force requires a large investment into transports. The terrans have:


    Merlin 123 pts carries 1 stand of PA Infantry

    Tsukai 130 pts carries 1 stand of PA Infantry (2 if you take an upgrade to its capacity)

    Simba 575 pts carries 2 stands of PA Infantry


    The Simba is gorgeous but for its cost + the cost of its infantry it doesn't have enough impact on the battlefield. -imo. Unless the scenario specifically requires infantry to accomplish some objective.



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  6. ...and with that I think this SS is complete. 


    I believe we had 1 figure go amiss but the person it was intended for was gifted a mini of his choice and everyone received something.


    If by any chance this was not the case then message me and I'll settle up with you directly.



  7. On 1/8/2018 at 11:04 PM, Weird-O said:

    I'm pretty sure my submission has long since arrived, but I can't find the tracking number, and the intended recipient hasn't been on the forum since before Christmas...


    Strangely enough, I saw him post about it on Facebook. I've asked him to post here.



  8. 10 minutes ago, ub3r_n3rd said:

    You are inside for most of the time there, brand new building with AC. No big deal :;):


    I prefer the old schedule - temps are cooler, Labor Day weekend is a 'big' travel weekend in the states.


    I like the looks of the new venue but as a consumer I can't see any advantage to the change in schedule.



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