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  1. 8 minutes ago, TGP said:


    Are they allowed to extend for a day or two to make up for the technical glitch Time? (I am guessing not.)



    As much as I want this to be a great Campaign I don't want them to extend it. I'm driving 4+ hours to get to the send off party at Reaper HQ.


    Many Brownie Points died to give us this trip... :)



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  2. 52 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:



    * Note: No Cat Dragon has been previewed nor confirmed by anyone at Reaper.  It is purely customer speculation.  And the names have been changed to protect the innocent. 


    Looks at the crowd gathered around the Bones4 Kickstarter and wonders who among them are innocent...? :)





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  3. The wife and I are thinking about driving  about 4 hours to ReaperHQ for the Countdown party and we'd like some more details about the event.


    What time does the event end?

    Is the entire line of Reaper Minis available at the store?

    Will we be able to buy 'bits' from the parts bins like we can at ReaperCon?

    Can we take pictures with the 'Cat Dragon'? (jk)


    Anyone have ReaperHQ advice/experience they want to share?





  4. 22 hours ago, Dai-Mongar said:

    Last weekend I acquired FeR miniatures' Random Encounter dwarf, along with 20 hours of class time with the amazing Meg Maples. This was the result.


    Very close to being done in class, but I'm slowly working on finishing him at home now. I'll likely be making an order for supplies to make his base today as well.


    Stunning miniature, well done!


    I lost track of Meg Maples after she left PP. Last I heard she was moving to Australia...? Glad to see she's still painting and teaching!



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  5. A question to pass the time while we wait for the cat dragon next update.




    What is the first model you'll paint from Bones 4 and why?


    I'm not sure Cat Dragon is a valid answer but the judges might allow it.


    I plan to paint the Lady Devil (#72) though I'll need to find a shirt or some strategic armor for her. Poor thing seems to have left home in a hurry and forgotten something.


    As for why, the model looks great the pose is eye catching, the wings are spectacular. She'll make a great villain for the Fantasy Hero campaign I plan to run for my wife.





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  6. New to Kickstarter and need a little clarification about how my pledge works.


    Once I've chosen items in the Pledge Manager equal to the amount I pledge during the KS can I then come back later and add more items (that I have to pay for immediately) that exceed the amount of my initial pledge?


    As an example, I only pledge enough for 1x Core Set during the KS campaign and I choose 1x Core Set in the Pledge Manager at the close of the KS. Can I come back in March of 2018 and add another Core Set for the immediate cost of $100 (+ shipping)?


    If I add items in the Pledge Manager after the KS closes will they cost the same amount that they did during the KS?


    How dumb was I miss out on the first 3 Bones kickstarters? [Answer: very].









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  7. I'm new to the Reaper community and totally missed out on all the previous Bones offerings. I especially regret not getting the Sledgehammer BFG from Bones 3. I REALLY hope that there is something similar in Bones 4. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to buy the Sledgehammer from Reaper as a retail purchase [crosses fingers] and hope they've done more partnering with Victoria Miniatures.



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  8. 14 minutes ago, Xherman1964 said:

    The Sledgehammer was a co-project from Victoria Models.

    I think this will not be available through Reaper.


    All other Bones will be available.

    Reaper already started to release some of Bones III in retail.


    Here is a quote from the Victoria website:


    "Attn: USA Customers. You can also find this product in the Reaper online store, if you want to order locally and get it quicker, I would recommended you purchase your Sledgehammer there when released."


    I hope this means that they'll be available from Reaper. I'm afraid that they'll get released and sell out before I notice.



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  9. I'm new to the Reaper community and thus completely missed out on the Bones 3 Kickstarter. I am very excited for the models to come to retail. I don't know how Reaper decides what comes to retail and when that is available.


    I really want to get the Sledgehammer BFG that was available in Bones 3. My questions are:


    1. Will all of the models from Bones 3 eventually be available for retail sale?
    2. Will any of the models that are available for retail sale have limited availability?
    3. I gather retail sales will come after all Bones 3 kickstarter pledges are delivered - any idea when that might be?


    Thanks for your help and rest assured I'll be buying Bones 4.



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