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  1. I got the Krampus Bones USA model. Details look very crisp. I primed with Reaper brush on grey primer before painting. No noticeable issue. The only drawback so far, as mentioned by Ed in a Reaper Live video, is the material is more brittle than original Bones. I tried to use a plastic clipper to remove the original base and it led to some of the Krampus hoof to break off with the base. I then used a hobby knife to attempt a more careful cut...but that also made a small chip off the other hoof. Most likely for Bones USA material I will use a hobby saw for a slower more cautious rem
  2. Thanks for the replies. I did notice the other blacks and whites and actually have some of them. I can see online the differences in color from these compared to dragon white/black. However, I have a difficult time to see the differences between solid white/black, pure white/black, to the dragon white/black from the online images. I just want to know if there is a noticeable difference in application (thanks Baugi) or hue. I assume and it sounds like both the "Dragons" version and "Solid" versions (Bones Ultra) are more suited for base coating and the "Pure" versions for mixing/blending maybe?
  3. I see 3 different sets of white and blacks: 1) "Pure" ; 2) "Dragon" ; and 3) "Solid" Can someone explain differences between each of these? Color and coverage differences.
  4. I have used Gesso for many years also (Utrecht's Black Artists' Gesso) and have not had issues with it covering details. I am quite happy with gesso, but recently I tried Reaper Brush On primer and quite like the smoother coat it provides. With the gesso product I have used, there is a slight texture to it.
  5. Not sure where to post this. I prime miniatures only by brush and not by spray. I using Reaper primers recently and really like them. I was wondering if it can be purchased at a larger size instead of the standard bottle size?
  6. The funny thing is supposedly the miniature production for some of the ND/SPM Kickstarters is being halted/not shipped by Archon/Prodos due to lack of payment. I assume this specifically affects Relic Knights/Starfinder/Way of the Fighter miniatures in which the models are supposed to be resin.
  7. For those that have Sir Ulther, Christmas Knight is the miniature clean shaven or does he have a beard? The sketch of the miniature has a beard, but the model looks clean shaven (might be the dark skin tone make it hard for me to see a beard?)
  8. I noticed the upcoming Spirit of Summer miniature is listed as a regular Dark Heaven Legends miniature. is that a mistake, since the Spirit of Winter and Spring are listed under Special Edition?
  9. For some reason I laughed at the video posted on the Base Boss page at this part: "...32 mm bases....do you remember when your miniatures were 25 mm tall?"
  10. Elemental-themed soldiers resembling Archons - basically elementals wearing armor. I had always like the idea of Angels from the Astral Sea versus Archons from the Elemental Chaos that was described in 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.
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