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  1. I love Army Painter Strong Tone for this exact reason...really allows quick, but great table top minis. Some Questions... 1. Do you use the "dip" or quickshade wash? 2. How do you apply? Do you thin it at all? Great job on all of these, they really looks great.
  2. I have been wanting to paint this one too, but keep putting it off because of how fiddly it is. Also I suck at choosing color schemes. Love the colors on this. Great job.
  3. Great work. I actually like the slightly brighter green of the vest and hat.
  4. I love this idea....here are mine. First mini from early 2010. I picked up a box of Games Workshop Dwarf Rangers and some basic paints. I was too scared to do the eyes. This mini is probably my favorite of all the minis I have ever done. I finished it in August 2013 I believe, shortly after my daughter started becoming more mobile and I quit painting for a good while. This is one of my most recent minis since I started painting again in November 2019. I think I finished this guy up just before Christmas 2019.
  5. Awesome basing. I like the contrast in this skin too. Definitely looks slimy and wet as well.
  6. Awesome job. They look like they just climbed out of the dirt. Since you asked for tips, I will throw out the obligatory "thin your paints" comment.
  7. Very nice job. I like how bright these are.
  8. Thank you. The fur cloak was painted my usual method of overpainting and selective highlights. The fur on the beast was actually meant to just be a practice in drybrushing, as it had been a very long time since I drybrushed. I ended up liking it so much I ended up just finishing the model the next evening.
  9. The conversion really adds a ton of character. Lovely painting as well.
  10. I used to like GW washes, but have recently been using Army Painter Strong Tone, for....almost everything. Their washes tint things though, so I find I have to paint a lighter midtone than I normally would when using them.
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