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  1. Yeahhh, I'm pretty much expecting to spend the whole con shopping and hobbying. I'm okay with that. That's how my ReaperCons usually go, and I've had a blast every time. :3
  2. I'd be mighty obliged if I could tag along on that adventure. :]
  3. I wouldn't mind tagging along for the Boneyard shopping. Although...define "early." xD
  4. Lyft codes would be super helpful! That's probably gonna be my only option for getting to/from DAL.
  5. Bless you for the good news, sir! The metal bins are my happy place. 💜
  6. I am very, VERY familiar with the metal trade table, and I've been on the tour more than once. It's selecting metal at the factory that I'm wondering about; I've been cultivating my current "metal bins shopping list" for two years now, and have two years of scrap/old minis to trade in. :] Edited to add: Because a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a selfie I took during a pre-pandemic trip to the factory:
  7. Was there any info about metal trade/picking from the metal bins at the factory? I'm bracing for bad news, even though this is one of the things I look forward to the most at the con. 😕
  8. As an actual bearded lady with a mohawk, I second this motion. :3
  9. ReaperCon ticket: Check Hotel reservation: Check Plane tickets: Check Two years of metal trade fodder: DOUBLE CHECK Still need to get my infamous badge ribbons, but I am H Y P E for this year!!
  10. HOORAY! I got my Ghoulie Bag and candy today (thank you, steadfast Reaper help and shipping minions!). It was especially welcome; we're working Saturday overtime today (after working until 2am this morning) trying to get the company's game launched on Steam. It's been a rough few weeks, and this was a much-needed bit of good cheer to perk up the day. :3
  11. I am slightly sad cheese. My order had the Ghoulie Bag listed. I just got it, and it had the pink paint and Adrasteia, but no Ghoulie Bag. :< (Yes, sent an email. I am admittedly whinging out loud [so to speak], cuz I was REAL excited about that wraith!)
  12. I am SO getting the VIP package next year. Especially now that I'm relatively local. :3
  13. Alternately, a story of WHY you are why we can't have nice things would earn you the ribbon. ;D
  14. Made it home safe on Sunday, but didn't manage to dodge the con crud, despite all precautions. Spent most of today sleeping like the dead. X_x
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