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  1. As an actual bearded lady with a mohawk, I second this motion. :3
  2. HOORAY! I got my Ghoulie Bag and candy today (thank you, steadfast Reaper help and shipping minions!). It was especially welcome; we're working Saturday overtime today (after working until 2am this morning) trying to get the company's game launched on Steam. It's been a rough few weeks, and this was a much-needed bit of good cheer to perk up the day. :3
  3. I am slightly sad cheese. My order had the Ghoulie Bag listed. I just got it, and it had the pink paint and Adrasteia, but no Ghoulie Bag. :< (Yes, sent an email. I am admittedly whinging out loud [so to speak], cuz I was REAL excited about that wraith!)
  4. I am SO getting the VIP package next year. Especially now that I'm relatively local. :3
  5. Alternately, a story of WHY you are why we can't have nice things would earn you the ribbon. ;D
  6. Made it home safe on Sunday, but didn't manage to dodge the con crud, despite all precautions. Spent most of today sleeping like the dead. X_x
  7. PAWS UP!!! But I'm hoping maaaybe 2017 won't be in the midst of October, so as not to conflict with Great Western War (big SCA camping event local to me), which I've missed two years in a row, now. :< But dagnabbit, I am going for the whole con next year, if I can manage it! I'm still floating on the high from the enthusiasm, joy, and complete acceptance. I love y'all! <3
  8. And about 10 sets of the cats? I know pcklnt went home with a huge blister of platypuses last con. HA! Well, you've seen "swarm of rats" models, right? What about a "swarm of CATS"? I need lots of cats. o.o
  9. I'm sitting at DAL, waiting for my flight. I had SUCH an amazing time, I can hardly articulate. <3 Next year I plan to stay for the whole con, and catch the factory tour and go shopping in the Boneyard (both of which I missed this year). I need, like, two sets of Crazy Cat Lady cats. For...umm...reasons. >.>
  10. So, as soon as I got back to my hotel room, I fell asleep. And promptly dreamed ABOUT THE CON. I'm having an awful time. Just terrible. The WORST. I want to go home. (The opposite is true.) However, if anyone has any ibuprofin and is willing to spare two for a sore gargoyle, I would be much obliged. :3
  11. I still have plenty of ribbons to hand out, and some lollipops for trick-or-treaters, so shout out if you see me. :D My profile pic is me, and today I'm weariing a "STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER" shirt.
  12. I'm here. I entered the painting contest. I have already spent way too much money. I am overwhelmed. I have a bunch of ribbons to hand out. And See's Candy lollipops for anyone in costume or who says "trick or treat!"
  13. Huzzah! THL Ciothruadh Dubh from Lyondemere, Caid here! Any chance of an encore game Friday or Saturday? :3
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