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  1. G'day again! So now I've got something a little different...historicals! Hope its not too much heresy to post something without it being from Reaper but I promise this will be rare :) Here are some Anglo-danes (SAGA) and Athenian hoplites (Victrix). I gotta say that the Victrix kit is amazing - cheap, detailed, historically accurate etc. Looking forward to using the hoplites in my upcoming campaign. Someone's gotta guard that trireme! Cheers!
  2. That's awesome TGP. Skyships looks great. I like the mechanics and it helps to translate this stuff to 5th ed. I can't believe that there is a band called skyjammer as theres also one called Spelljammer! I'd never heard of sky galleons of Mars. It looks fantastic. I'd love to pick a copy somewhere. Cheers
  3. G'day! So having been obsessed with the idea of flying ships powered by dark and sinister magic for a while, it was incredibly exciting to be introduced to Spelljammer after watching a video about it on the awesome youtube show Web DM. Over the past few months I've managed to procure the original box and a MINT condition War Captain's Companion box (OMG!). Although there are great pdfs of the books available, I have searched far and wide for digital scans of the ship cards and cardboard cutouts and finally I have my own. But they were too precious to simply cut out and use. So I scanne
  4. Thanks so much kitenerd! Really means a lot. The gnoll colours are from citadel paints: balor brown base then highlighted with zamesi desert Cheers
  5. G'day!!! its update time!!!! So in an attempt to stave off my obsession with X-wing, I've painted up some lovely miniatures! The star of the show was Pathfinder's Iconic Warpriest, probably now my most favourite model. Finally I found a realllyyyy good half-orc model. Bestial enough to be awesome, not too bestial enough to be apish/stupid. The other minis are from Iron Wind that I got in a Kickstarter. They are much smaller so they made it into a pic out of interest in comparing scales. Cheers!!!!!
  6. Cheers! I had a plastic crack addiction to warhammer in my teens/early 20s that taught me to paint first - buy later :)
  7. G'day! Back again. Here's some more of my RPG collection as I get ready for my next campaign. Mixed in there is a halfblood and a scotsman from red box games. There's a fair bit of nostalgia in this one as I finally painted the first Bones miniature I ever got - the Ogre chieftain. Most of this I've been working at for months but a few I've painted in the last week or two. I'm in love with beastly humanoids (orcs, gnolls, bugbears, hobgoblins etc.) so many of these were a blast to paint. Next update will be ship related - those of the sailing AND flying variety! :) Cheers!
  8. Cheers! BTW your photostream is amazing! Stunning paint jobs
  9. Thanks very much! Given the processing power required for neural networking using deepart has a really quick turn around. Its fun to experiment with different pictures and see how they merge
  10. So I reckon I found something interesting for mini photography. With neural networks and image merging on https://deepart.io/I merged a photo of an antipaladin with a sketch, going from this: To this: I'm experimenting with different sketches to find the perfect one to merge with pictures of minis and it's great fun seeing the output. I'm keen to make some stylized sketches of my minis. I've tried merging them with paintings but with little success so far. Cheers
  11. Mooooorrrre minis!!!! So here's some more pics of the minis I have used in campaigns gone by. Plus there's some new minis I plan to use for a campaign in the near future. I've always had a pretty dodgy phone until recently, so now that I can take proper photos I'm keen to catalogue my collection. Cheers from Aus! http://imgur.com/a/MNJzv
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