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  1. That is positively beautiful Dark. I also agree about the sculpt, one of the best (if not the best) wizards sculpts I have seen. Fallen
  2. I like them both... cant figure which one is my favorite. Curious about one thing though, what did you base them on? Fallen
  3. Thanks! If I could take a decent picture, you might be able to see the contrast in color. The yellow is actually brighter than her hair. The magenta, is actually deep red base, lighted out to pheonix red with burgandy shades. Like I said though, the picture came out really bleached. I am working on taking the pic with other lamps and some filtering to keep the effect down a bit. Fallen
  4. I think the name on the package of this piece was Selewyn, but I am not sure. This is my first attempt at thinned and layered paint. I must say, I am soooo glad that I purchased the master series paints from reaper. Wonderful to learn with, and easy to use. Unfortunately I am not very good at taking pics. In other words, my camera Foo is poo poo. I chose a Harlequin type scheme for this piece, to represent a charcter that my friends wife plays. All in all, I am quite proud of it. Any suggestions on how to use lighting to keep from bleaching out the colors would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy it. Fallen
  5. I am very impressed with the color scheme on this one... its a nice break from many of the green/brown/tan elven pieces I have seen. Your colors are beautiful choices, and very well put down. Over all, wonderfully done. Fallen
  6. You can get a box of 8-10 I think, from Mongoose if I am not mistaken. CHeck with your FLGS, he/she might be able to order them for ya. Fallen
  7. Dice, as in full sets? well lets see, that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 32 sets, all different colors. As far as minis, I have about 250 unpainted still in the blisters. Brushes, only about 10. Fallen
  8. The best natural hair brushes that I'm aware of are Kolinsky sable. I prefer Winsor & Newton series 7. Vallejo makes some good ones two. I buy my W&N's from Prizm Art Supplies, a local professional art store. I would look thru the phone book under art supplies and start calling. No craft store I've ever been has carried them. Online, I know Dick Blick sell W&N series 7. Fantization.com has Vallejo's. AC Moore here carries the W&N paints and brushes. They are little more than I am used to paying, but I liked what I saw so I bought a couple. After using them on my current piece, I am convinced. As a result, I have replaced all my old synth brushes with these. If that helps Fallen
  9. Actually they do make a strange sound... two of them to be exact. They make a clicking sound, kind of like the butt of a brush on a plastic bottle cap. The other is the scariest in my opinion. They actually shreek.. something like a cricket does with its legs, you know their chirp. This big nasties make a shreeking sound. If you hear it, you are too close. From what I understand from our liason, they only do that when threatened. The fact that they are agressive is merely happenstance. Once again, from what I understand from the liason, they are merely brave. Think about it, something like that charges at you, and you run right? What better defense mechanism. Now the really sick part, while I did my tour over there, we played a fun little game called Camel golf. We would take a shovel, and smack one as far as we could. It would almost always charge back, its front legs in the air waving ferociously... charge back right into the waiting shovel slap. I mean really, what are a bunch of air force guys going to do over there? Of course this game was called on account of one of the guys getting bit. That is another tale. Fallen
  10. But if it helps me to get better, then it is worth it. Cheers
  11. Thanks Viking... not quite up to your work, but I may get there in a few years :D After my wreck, i could barely hold a brush. Now that I actually have some mobility in my hand again, I am starting over. I think my FLGS owner is trying to help me by taunting me with these figs. Well, that and a few Reaper figs he sent me while I was laid up. Fallen
  12. Actually, yes. :) I brought a couple home with me, so I can try expanding on the color scheme. At the moment, I am getting them prepped. They are plastic so it really takes some work. Breaking them away from the holder leaves some pretty nasty scars, even if using an exacto knife. At any rate, I have a couple of ideas - and more colors to use here at my house - on paint schemes from looking at pics of bugs, and from the movie stills. Fallen
  13. Well, I have been out of commision for a while due to an injury and recovery. I have picked up my brushes once again, though I feel like I am starting all over. This is not the place to go into it, so I will get right to the pics.. This piece here is one that I did at my FLGS. The deal was, he would open the box so I could see the figs, if I agreed to paint them. I think I may have bitten off more than I could chew. I did this one in about 3 hours, and with only 4 colors, not including the black primer. Hope you like it. Be gentle, as this is my first piece back in a couple months, now that I can hold a brush again. Fallen
  14. In no particular order: Boondock Saints Brave Heart Rocky Horror Picture Show Spaceballs Payback Princess Bride Ghost in the Shell Those are the first seven I could think of. In truth, I would be hard pressed to narrow it down to only 5. Consider I only by movies that I really like, and that I am willing to watch over and over. At the moment, I have 312 movies in my DVD collection, not including the horror flicks. Thats another 72. SO I gues I have something like 384 favorite movies... soon to be 385 when Hitchhiker's Guide hits the theater. Fallen
  15. I made a Gelotinous cube for a game at the store I frequent... I shall have to atake some pics and post them so it can be seen... I found that using water pellets makes a very nice one, as it dries a nasty yellow color, and is relatively hard. Also takes inks very well, and seals great! Awesome job with this one Frank, I am in the process of making one myself, so I may "borrow" your idea, if you dont mind. Fallen
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