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  1. I started painting mini's for my D&D games. I got sick of using dice, pennies or any other marker to show facings and such on maps. Then, I realized how relaxing it tended to be, and it gave me something to collect as well. I am happy to say that I now paint for fun, relaxation, and gaming. I am currently working on something that I never thought I would be doing; a Warlord army! WOOHOO!! Fallen
  2. I was in the USAF. When I was deployed to Bosnia we were issued weapons. We had to maintain them, and keep them clean and such. Winter in Bosnia is very messy, lots of snow, ice and sludge. Even though I was in the FD, we were still required to do perimeter walks and such. Clear it up for ya? Fallen
  3. another possibility are nomex gloves... we used them as inserts for our crash gloves in the Fire Dept. They are water resistant, thing, and keep you your hads very warm. Even with the full fingered type, you should be able to punch keys on a scan gun. I mean, I was able to disassemble and reassemble an AR-15 with them on. Fallen
  4. A dungeonmaster... you know... the little guy from the cartoon Fallen
  5. Not sure if Gabe will have time to post a pic or not. I am sure his camera and photo skills are much better than mine. Due to some unexpected RL issues, I was unable to complete the piece by the deadline, I told Gabe, and he was very understanding. He received it today I think, at least that is what the PM said So without further adue, have a look. This is the piece I did for Gabe for the Winter Mini Exchange. It was the first one I attempted to use no inks, only washes and blending. I am very proud of it. You may notice the eyes... they were supposed to have the whole blind mage thing going on. The pupils are iris was done with ice blue, but agains the white leather, it kind of blends. I will have to try something a little different next time. Although, I think the milky effect I was going for came out nice. **EDIT** BTW this was also my first attempt at NMM Hope you liked it Gabe! Fallen
  6. Ok, so Friday, my fiance VooDoo_Faery and I went to see National Treasure... good movie, interesting characters, Indiana Jones-like plotline. This, however, was not the highlight of the evening..... Can you believe it? They are actually making another one! Something I have waited for most of my life! Suspense getting to you? You want to know what it is? Should I tell you? *The Earth Explodes* Don't Panic! Yes, its true.... they are making a new HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY!!! See the page here!! OK, so I am a little too excited about this movie, but what can I say.. Fallen
  7. Qwyk WAIT!!! Dont quit! at least not until you send me your paints, and pewter! Fallen
  8. In truth, every min i paint now that I have seen some of the pieces here on these boards... But I press on. Of course, the reason is only because I am trying to get away from my old style of painting, and learn new ways to do things. If i can find the pics of my first "Thinned Paint" mini, you will see what I mean. I was wondering to myself, how in the world do these guys get those smooth and beautiful colors with this thinning thing!? Of course, now I am kind of understanding it. I am taking an art class, "Life Painting" at the local Community College.. Its not for credit or anything, more for my own knowledge. I am learning about techniques that kind of blend over into the realm of mini painting. Such as layering to catch light and such... ok, I am babbling again. I will post pics as soon as I find them... too many disks not labled :( Fallen
  9. Well my fiance and I well be married by then, and probably taking a late honeymoon. She does not paint, but she is a gamer... she is really interested to see both Texas, and the place that creates the little metal figs that so consumed my life as of late. hehehe So, if we can get the time off from work - still waiting to hear - we are comming down! But, I am planning on driving down, since we are going to be down in that area for about 2 weeks. This means 2 things... 1. I will be there early which is a good thing. and 2. (probably the most improtant thing) I can offer rides from the airport for folks. :D Once i have the confirmation from work that I have the time off, I post the exact dates that I will be arriving, and maybe set up some carpool schedules from the airport. and dont worry, I know the area really well... Fallen
  10. Far be it from me to be an expert on painting, but I would like to offer a suggestion or two. First, its a very good job on the piece, and I too applaud you for color choice. Bravo! I will not dare attempt yellow yet, at least not for a majority of the piece, since I have yet to learn to blend really well. Second, what I have found is that blacklining is a great thing, and I am trying to get better at it. One thing that I try to do is look how much of a contrast the lining will be against the base color choice. Then I try to get a darker color, that accents the base color, so as not to have a drastic contrast. For example, if I were brave enough to use yellow as you did, which I am not at the moment, I would have probably used a darker brown color for the darklining, instead of black. Just my two copper. :D As I said though, over all this is a very nice piece, and thanks for sharing. Fallen
  11. YAY Finally got my copy fo WOW... installing it as we speak... so much for a life... I can already feel myself being drawn in.... Fallen
  12. I do something similar.. though I use straight pins. Can get a whole box for just under 2 bucks, and thats something like 500 pins. The work really well. I have a bit that is the perfect size for them too, got it at a hobby store specializing in Trains. Not sure of the measurement though... Iw ill have to check on that. Fallen
  13. Nice piece Bug... I am impressed. I have this fig, but I am nowhere near ready to tackle it. Its the snake body that I feel I can not do justice to. I like the colors you chose, kind of adds something to the piece be as vibrant as the yellows and reds are. **Side note** So, I was wondering, how much deoderant do think someone with six arms goes through in a month? :D Fallen
  14. I have the clawed devil on my table getting ready to paint... It is no bigger than any of the hero figs currently on the table as well... Gimme a sec, and i will post a pic for ya. Fallen *Edit* Sorry the pic is bleached out, but you can see the size comparison. Fallen.. again.
  15. Well, I started painting a long time ago, some 11 years or so ago. Then I stopped. I was still gaming, but not really into the minis. Here are 2 of the first 4 I ever painted. They are Ral Partha figs I think... I am not 100% sure. I only recently (within the last 2 years) took up painting minis as a hobby, and that was due to the quality of the Reaper Minis a friend of mine was using in his game... I am still looking for the first Reaper I did, I know he is around here somewhere. He was a rep of my character. At any rate, here are the earth elemental, and the air elemental as i painted them back in 1990. Fallen
  16. I am part of a group of 6 that is getting ready to start this. I think our first session is Friday night. I am really looking forward to it. :D It has actually been a while since I have been able to play rather than run a game. Fallen
  17. This is why i love these boards... not only are there some really fine pics... but the people here are so kind... Thanks for all the help guys... I may have to look into the LTP III. Of course, I am going to experiment with some of the other techniques fromthe links and such... thanks again. Fallen
  18. I love this piece, both the sculpt and the idea... I actually have a character made after this piece for a 3rd Ed D&D game... He is a prestige class adapted from the old 2nd ed Book of Dwarves. Class is called a Sharpshooter... they were basically specialists with crossbows. I have not got mine painted yet, but he is on the table, cleaned and primed. Hope to start on him next week. I have to say, I for one like the color choice.. Not quite what i would have chosen, but I think it goes well on this figure. Specifcally, I like the hair and beard. I have always had a hard time getting "red" hair to come out, i like the subtle bns in it... maybe that is what i am missing. Great job mate! Keep'em comming and keep on Paint'n. Fallen
  19. Personally, I have to say that I liked Gene as Lex, and I also like Mike as Lex.... I think both lend a little something to the character... I can't wait to see Kevin Spacey as Lex though... I think he will fill the role fantastically.... Of course, he is among my top three favorite actors... so I am a little biased. Fallen
  20. Just wondering if anyone out there has any good links to a tutorial or two for NMM. I am trying to get away from using my metalics. I really like the looks of the NMM pieces I have seen here. I did a search here, since I thought it was something that has been discussed, and it kept returning an error with no results. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks! Cheers Fallen
  21. See the thing is... its only part time.. a couple nights a week... and all the money I make there will go right back into the store for the list of Reaper Figs I have :) Oh, and the discount is 30% and they do internet sales also... :D Hrmm.... 30% off on the Master Series paints.... I think I like that. Fallen
  22. Ok.. I know what you are thinking? What could be better than the announcement of the ReaperCon Dates? well, for me, only one thing comes close.... no, not that I am getting married... thats old news... I GOT A JOB AT MY FLGS!! OH YEAH! Now back to our regular scheduled posts.... Fallen
  23. Has anyone ever thought of setting one of these up? I was just curious, with the number of people that use these boards, that from time to time it might fun to just have an open chat rather than flooding the PM's. Of course, I could be way off base here, but I thought I would ask. Fallen
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