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    Mummy Consort

    I am having some problems with my camera, so i was unable to take a picture to do this piece justice. Let me tell you, this is a beautifully done piece. I was so excited when I received it. It now sits in a place of honor, the very top shelf, front and center in my curio cabinet. Thanks for this wonder fig... you did an awesome job! **EDIT** One thing I would like to mention, the mask is wonderful... not sure if you can really make out the details on it in the pic, but I assure you.. it is manifique! Fallen
  2. heh.. i use a spice rack. It is three tiered and costs about 5 bucks from target. Its plastic, and extends out holding 18 bottles (reaper Pro Pots) on one level. So thats what, 54 paint pots of that size... with the master series, i am sure once could get more. Fallen
  3. I would be playing if i could get my hands on a copy of the game Fallen
  4. TheFallen

    My newest mini

    Now that is one beautiful baby. Congradulations mate
  5. Hey LT, i have two of the kobolds packs, unpainted... let me know if you are unable to locate. Maybe Santa will bring em to in the mail :) Fallen
  6. That, my friend, is absolutely beautiful. The color scheme is wonderful, the shading and blending are fabulous. Cudos mate. Fallen
  7. Exactly what I was thinking... great job mate. Fallen
  8. Here wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving for all of you that celebrate it. And for those that might not, here's wishing you a happy Thursday. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Fallen
  9. I love that song!! "8x10 Color glossy pictures." of course, who can forget.... "I dont wanna pickle, i just wanna ride on my motor-"sickel. and I dont wanna die, i just wanna ride on my motorcy----cle" Fallen PS, I confess, I have no life, and work sucks. Cheers
  10. From what I have heard/read they are a totally different paint. Not sure how much the colors have changed, but I am pretty sure the chemical make up of the paints themselves is better. I thought I read somewhere that the pigments in the paint are finer than in the pro paints, making the colors blend easier. All I know is I am ordering the enitre 54 color set right off the bat. That is, assuming all 54 are released at once. Fallen
  11. Groovy.. thanks Bryan *shudders with excitment* Fallen
  12. heheh.. i needed that. put a smile on my face it did. Fallen
  13. I have noticed that several people have posted pics, and say that they have been using Reaper Master Paints. I was wondering where they were getting them. I was under the impression that they have not been released yet, as that was what I was told by my FLGS owner. Fallen
  14. this is an interesting thread... lets see. i have three really bad habits... First, I am completely and totally upfront... blunt to a fault. I do not sugar coat things, and do not expect things to be sugar coated to me. If you ask a question, be ready for the truth from my perspective. Second, I like to talk.... alot. I can carry on a conversation with almost anyone about almost anything. I am an avid reader, and movie watcher. I will read virtually anything i can get my hands on, which really helps when it comes to playing trivial persuit. Third.. and this is really bad... i love to get those "holier than thou" people going. I have some pretty liberal views on religion. Living in the bible belt, and working with some real zealots, provides me with hours of entertainment. these are all according to my fiance. i had to ask her to help me narrow them down. Fallen
  15. we used to play this when i was in the military. we used those little nerf guns, and water balloons. good times... good times. Fallen
  16. I used to feel the same way. That was until I discovered a nifty little trick that a friend of mine uses. It is really easy, and helps one keep his/her sanity when trying to glue together those smaller pieces. Get yourself some Silly Putty. This is what I use when I have a small piece that needs to be glued, but may be too small to pin. First, I clean the the mini, and ensure a nice snug and even fit. Then, flaten out the putty to be wide enough for the area to be glued, but still thick so the piece can be sunk into it. Then, apply the glue to the piece, carefully. Place both pieces together so that the joint that is glued is completely held by the silly putty. Fold it over once, and leave it laying for hte cure time of the glue. Once the glue has cured, carefully unfold the putty, and vwhalah! you have a perfectly glued piece. Hope this helps. Fallen
  17. At the moment, i think i like Garrity's Fire Dragon, and the Shadow Dragon is a close second. my larger dragons, though they are really cool, are little out of my league to paint as of yet. Fallen
  18. There is a singleplayer? :D In truth, i am hung up on the multi. I have had the game for about 4 hours now, and i have only stopped playing long enough to order a pizza, and check my email. thought i would jump on here real quick to see what others thought of it. well, back to the destruction. GamerTag: Silentbob1313 Fallen
  19. If i am not mistaken, in 2ed, any part of the troll cut away would begin regenerating a new troll. therefore, if you cut off the head, you would soon have 2 trolls to deal with. As far as feeding them to a larger monster, assuming this creature has stomache acids, that would prettty much kill the newly forming trolls. Acid and fire damage can not be regenerated by them.
  20. I have been playing many years, but this stands as one of my most beloved charaters, and incidents ever used in a 2ed game. The DM I had at the time liked for the characters to play unique ideas, and required that we have a back story. Since we combined several races for different settings, we had all manner of classes and races. One such character was a minotaur played by a close friend of mine. I played a Dwarvne BattleRager. (At times I got a little over excited, and would sit there rocking back and forth beating my hands on the chair just before entering into combat). Well, back to the incident. We had made it to 9th level, which is quite a feat for a battlerager, and had managed to save quite a bit of gold. With mine, i had a custome suit of spiked plate made, so I could be twice as dangerous. The very next combat situation we got into yeilded a comical event. There we were, being charged by a band of Blood Mercs (a guild of fighter thieves in my DM's world) on horseback. The minotaur won initiative, and without a word, picks my dwarf up by the spikes on his back, and hurls me at the lead horse. Of course I took damage, but that soon became our stratagy. Since I was so short, and could not cover great disatances as quickly as he could, i was either used as a shield, or hurled into combat. Needless to say, 10th level was never seen... but it was still a lot of fun. Fallen
  21. now for something to make you sick.. i baught both Margual, and.. T' something for $75 even... it was a moving sale, and everyhthing in the store was 50% off.. could not pass that up... no where near the ability to paint them yet, but I will get there one day. Fallen
  22. TheFallen

    Undead Hunter

    once again, another fabulous piece... the light sourcing looks dead on to me. great job! Fallen
  23. Ahhh... i had the some problem with my camera.... then i started using a photobox. I got the design from this forum... it helped me... my pics look more true now, and less bleached out.... i will see if i can find the link. Fallen
  24. Must have this fig.... then i can control Jester, and steal his painting ability... Mwuhahahahaha *Begins reading up on Voodoo*
  25. Good job... I like the colors... It could just be the picture, but the only real cretique I would give it is maybe a litte more shading on the pants... I have this one on my table ready to go... one of the few that did not get crushed under the weight of my shelf unit when it fell over. Fallen
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