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  1. Yes she does... but it only hurts a little. Fallen
  2. I was just wondering what type of lighting people think is the best for painting figures. At the moment, I am using a 300watt halogen desk light. it is extrememly bright (and puts out some heat let me tell you). Are incandescent bulbs better to use? just wondering if it helps with viewing the details better. Thanks Fallen
  3. That is the funniest thing i have seen in a long time.... cudos of course, what kind of mind comes up with a conversion like that.... :) cheers. Fallen
  4. Part two to the Gnome Summoning an Elemental (WIP) I was going for the whole comming out of the ground effect. Keep in mind this is the first of this type of thing for me. It came out like I was wanting, though now that I look at the pic I see a couple of things I want to fix. The bare spot under him needs a little greying and such, to resemble the rock that is under the layer of soil... i think after adding that, it will bring it out a little more... what do you guys think? Fallen
  5. i only recently took up this hobby as an actual collecting hobby. What I mean is, i have been painting for about 10 years, but my pieces were only tabletop gaming quality, not display quality. if there banged up, and scrathced, no biggie. Now, i find that painting gives me an outlet to help relieve my stress, and allows me to share something with the people here. I feel like it has opened doors to future friendships, and gives me something to talk about with others who share in my chosen hobby. All in all, it is not an overly expensive hobby for me, as I limit myself to the amount of figures i can buy each month... actually my fiance limits it :). Hrmm... i guess that was a long winded answer to a simple question. Yes. Cheers Fallen
  6. TheFallen


    i have this one... got it from a friend... have some original skeletal warriors, and something i am not quite sure of... i think i will post the pics and see if we can id them... oh, very nice work :) I hope mine turns out half as nice as yours did. Fallen
  7. you got this from michaels yes? if so, i think i need to head down there after work. Fallen
  8. i miss my kayak. i used to paddle all the time (mostly river.. never had the oportunity to coastal) i do, however, need to get back into it. i live a mere 1.5 hours from the Occoee river, where they held the Olympics a few years back. Been ages since i hit that river.... *Longs for summer once more** Fallen
  9. thanks again for the help everyone... after a little trial and error, i got it come out with just the right consistancy. Fallen
  10. Thanks Jester... i will give that a try Fallen
  11. Wow... not really sure what else to say. I really like the detail in the muscle strands. The color sceme is quite impressive also. Excellent job mate. Fallen
  12. When putting terrain on a base, how do you thin the glue? I am using white multipurpose glue, but i am not sure what to thin it with. Should I use my flow aid or perhaps water? or some other agent that i may not have... yet. :) As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Fallen
  13. Well said... Cheers mate, and have one for me, as I will do the same for you. Fallen (One of the Great Unwashed - read Irish)
  14. Very nice indeed... great piece for halloween... i orderd the witch (the new one that just came out not long ago) from my FLGS, but he was unable to get it yet... oh well... better late than never. Fallen
  15. the fog is actually the paste i am using. its still drying... it was made to blend up into the elemental, so as to look like it comming out of the ground... once painted, there were be grass on the ele, as well as the rock, and if i can do it right, the ground under the ele will look disturbed, as if something just came out of it. now that you mention it, the frog would seem a bit out of place, perhaps a nice silver fox (a fig i already have) would look better.... hrmm... the shiny area on the elemental is where the gras will be clinging to his body. so far, it is comming along rather well. here is a shot of it from various angles.... forgive my camera-fu its not the best. hope its ok. Fallen
  16. actually yes dark, and that little space will be holding his familiar... a small frog.. just have not got the fam pack yet... its ordered though.. as far as the base goes, it is going on a solid wood base that has been stained a rich dark walnut color. I am toying with the idea of adding some grass growing form the water at the edges, but i am not wanting to over do it. Fallen
  17. Here is a little piece that i am currently working on. these are the base coats of most of it so far. any suggestions on what direction to take it? fallen
  18. been playing all morning, and I am really likeing it... only issue i have with it, is there is no RPing... but hey, what can one expect from a MMORPG. Rarely have i seen one that allows for RPing... at any rate, the game itself is quite fun... anyone know what the monthly charge will be? oops... no montly fees... found it.. hehe sorry
  19. i have participated in searching for a couple of these in Asheville. It was actually quite fun, but if your gps is not calibrated correctly, you could end up all kinds of mixed up. fortunatly for us, we found what we were looking for.... i was going to place one in atlanta when i go down there in December, possibly a painted, and an unpainted mini. Fallen
  20. i am fortunate enough to have an LGS with major connections... he is able to get just about anything in print, and a lot of things out of print. In additition to that, he is able to get mini's that I thought had long since gone away... i order everything i have from him.... talk about a life saver. I guess what I am saying is, I love my FLGS. Fallen
  21. i had read something about this a while back, think i am goign to try it out. see what its like... Dark: I just picked up Vengance, have not installed it yet... looks fairly fun.... play any strat games like Warcraft/Starcraft? Fallen
  22. i was always told that the memory recall of a dream was the mark of a good writer. when i do remember what i have dreamed, it is usually not filled with what i would call massive symbolism. instead, i usually dream in linear timelines with a multitude of plots based on several people or characters that i have recently been in contact with. (by characters i am referring to stories or books i may have recently read) oddly enough, i rarely remember dreaming about myself. it is more like i am telling a story and watching unfold before my eyes. Fallen
  23. Wow... i really like this piece... it says a whole lot with just a little. not a whole lot varying colors to distract from the piece itself. Great job mate. Fallen
  24. ok... i use yahoo, and it opens just like outlook... here is what i did... first, i created my yahoo account (which i have been using for about 6 years now) about 6mos ago i downloaded Yahoo Instant Messenger... it asks if you want yahoo to be your default mail... click yes, and it will intall the need program to open yahoo mail from your desktop, in place of Outlook.... then simply delete yahoo messenger, and there you have it.... it worked for me. Cheers Fallen
  25. Hrmm... its too bad we all dont live closer together... i could see a major fun having evening with all the members of the boards dressed as their favorite painted piece. :) Fallen
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