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  1. Hrmmm with the color selection, I think a snowy base my fit... it will definatly constrast teh darker skin tones and color choices... yes... a snowy base... Fallen
  2. TheFallen


    Very nice job on this fig.... i really like the colors, but the face is my favorite part...the tones or smooth, and lifelike...very impressive and well done. Fallen
  3. Not comming down from Choo Choo town are you? Fallen
  4. WELCOME! great group of peeps here. glad to have you hear. of course, i am still pretty new too. :)
  5. i think i might add this to my signature.... but for distance referance, Asheville, NC -- kinda close to nothing. :)
  6. Just sent my mother the flu, and my dad the common cold... these area awesome. Fallen
  7. Anyone here ever played it? Its a great little game... I am working on a 3d verision using Hirtst Arts molds, and Reaper Minis... got the board designs already, and I am not making the castings to assemble the boards.... I will post WIP pics on my site, once I get up and running again. Fallen
  8. Found mine, and I have gotten started. Taken a long time to do it, since I am trying to do my absolute very best. Not taking any chances. I have been practicing techniques on other minis, so when as I paint the exchange mini, there is less possiblity for error. Seems to be working out pretty good. Fallen
  9. I like the greening effect of the copper. looks great. there are some old buildings around here that have a similar looking effect. I think you captured it quite well. overall, a wonderful looking piece... keep up the good work. Fallen
  10. Great! I am off that weekend! Barring some major disaster, I will be there. Fallen
  11. This may have been done here already, and I just missed it, but I would really like to just say Thank You. Thank you to all the scuplters and designers that have given me the opportunity to add to their creations of metal by painting these wonderfully done miniatures. This hobby has brought me, and will continue to bring me, hours of fun. Fallen
  12. I hope i can improve that drastically... great job mate! Fallen
  13. absolutely beautiful.... personally, i think the nmm came out rather well. i am still trying to get the basics down for nmm, and figs like this surely help see the direction i want to move in. wonderful job mate, keep up the great work. Fallen
  14. virtually anything by Paul Simon... but You Can Call Me Al fits best
  15. soo cwute! anyone else see a Cthulu here? Fallen
  16. this dragon is very nice indeed.. i picked him up last night... true, its not an enourmous size, but it is comparable to the amber dragon, and the 9 others i have :) besides, I really like garrity scuplts. Fallen
  17. great piece... i love it... i was trying to find it on ebay so i could bid on it... not having any luck... :( but i am going to keep trying... :) Fallen
  18. Mr. Reeves, you will be missed by everyone who's lives you touched both with your movies and your speaking. I raise my glass to you sir. Farewell and Godspeed to you. Fallen
  19. TheFallen

    Prince Almirith

    Welcome, looks great! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Fallen
  20. So, when you are painting, do you work on multiple figs or concentrate on one until completion? I usually have three or four going at once, but that is because I have not had much time for painting lately. So, i do a little on each one, and it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. Now, how many do you work on at a time? Fallen
  21. Actually, if you have a small enough drillbit, you can extend his finger. I did it with minimal problem. Once the fore finger was extended, i pulled the thumb in, and whamo... he is actually pointing.... if i could get my pics to take here, i would post it and show you what I did... but for some reason, I can not get my pics to uplaod... and the server that hosts them for me is down do to flooding. Fallen.
  22. i drilled the hand out, and extended the finger to make it look more like him pointing. This is piece is going in a dirama i am working on where he is, in fact, ordering a troup of zoombies into battle. Fallen
  23. there is a box set for the companions.... i think i may have two of them... just in case you might be interested. if you are specifically looking for reaper figs, you may consider the Raven fig for raistlin. Not sure of the number, but he has a hood drawn low over his face, and is wearing simple robes, and is carrying a rather neat looking staff... he could be raistlin later in the chronicles, after the tower. Fallen Fallen
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