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  1. a few nights ago i was striaghtening up the shelves at work. I cam across some preperation H. Now here we have hemroid creme, for one's arse, and in nice bold letters it says, "do not take orally". To me, this means that some idiot tried that. Remember (it may have been posted here) most warnings are written in blood, meaning that at one time or another it was a possible issue with one or more parties. Fallen
  2. so dark, when should i plan my road trip to your place so i can learn to paint? even with the lighting, this piece is amazingly beautiful. great work Fallen
  3. If you are looking for some smaller ones to work with that have some details, but are not too difficult, let me know. I have a bunch of old Mage Knight figs, and old some old plastc figs that can help ya out. I will send you a few if you like. Falle
  4. if its fast money you are looking for, and you dont mind going overseas... check out a company called Brown & Root. They are always hiring people for places like Bosnia (Eagle Base - completely surrounded by NATO forces), Germany, Phillipines.. and they pay rather well. I was with them after seperating fromthe Air Force, and mde a little over 72K in one year as a fire fighter in Bosnia. It may be worth checking out. Fallen
  5. i have tones for each of my friends, and my fiance, but the standard i use for those not in my contacts is Touch of Grey by the Greatful Dead. For my Fiance, I use Voodoo, since her screen name is VooDooFaery
  6. yeah, you can get this stuff at most party supply stores... it should not be very expensive. your concept looks great, and I can't wait to see the finsihed piece. this is a fig I m going to have to add to my collection. Fallen
  7. Very nicely done... i am aspiring to get to this level. I especially like the arows, I think that was a very creative touch. Fantastic job overall mate! Fallen
  8. i must agree with majority of the posts here, that is one kicking pic, and promises to be one helluva fig! I cant wait to buy it.... **thinks he sees a Jester Commission comming on** Fallen
  9. Thanks. I am going to look into brushes a little more thuroughly. I am currently working on a Hunter set from Heavy Gear... Trying out the desert cammo pattern... I am thinning the paints, and using multiple coats... and to track my progress, I am snpping pics of them at each stage. Hopefully this will help me get better.... well, this and all the folks on here. Sux being a beginner. :) but we all had to start somewhere. Fallen
  10. Not wanting to start yet another thread, I do have a question on brush selection. I have several hobby stores around this area that carry a variety of brushes. However, I was wondering what types of brushes (round, flat, teardrop etc) that people use. Recently, at least with the minotaur I am working on, I use teardrop for base coating, and to my rounds for detail work. Just curious what some of you better painters out there use. Fallen.
  11. Ok. So I have come to the conclusion that I have to thin my paints. I have found several recepies for how to do this, and so far I am just experimenting with what I have. This did, however, lead me to another question concerning blending. When you are blending colors to create a dark to light effect, do you do this by layering, or by painting over still wet paint? I have not quite had teh success that I am seeing on the boards, but I am trying to improve. Hope this is not a dumb question. Lost in painting and Eager to learn Fallen
  12. If i can get the pics from my friend, he inset them inside a custom lexan case for his computer. Its quite nice, as it is powered and causes certain disks to spin at random intervals. Fallen **EDIT** Just though of another use.... Using them on forums to find uses for them. Fallen
  13. I wish I could get up there for the reapercon... unfortunaty finances and scheduling usually will not permit. Its a long drive from Asheville NC.... Fallen
  14. Liquitex you say? I have seen these at my local craft store, and I was wondering if they would be wort trying out... what did you think of them Jester? Fallen
  15. Really nice... I am going to have to check out Bens and see if there is one in our store... I do have a question for ya... where did you get that shadow box in the background hanging on the wall? I would really like to get one something like that... all the ones I have found around here are too small for what I want to use it for, and that one looks just about perfect. Fallen
  16. ok, so I have not yet reached the level of painting fu that most of the people here have, but that is one reason we post right? Improvement? so tell me what you think, and be kind. I have another one of these figs that I will paint again, hopefully as my skill improves, and do a better job. I had a really tough time getting the mane to look how I wanted it... I finally gave up. Fallen
  17. I am using both GW Primers (Shadow grey, black, and bone white) and also Floquil All Purpose Spray (Base White Primer). It very well could be the humidity, or even the moisture in the air. Ventalation? And miss seeing all those pretty colors? Nah, just kidding. I keep the large door open when priming, so there is actually plenty of vent. I have read on here that AirBrushes seem to be somewhat popular for priming pieces... I take it this might be an easier, though more expensive, way to prime? How is it done? I mean does one use paint to prime? or can a paint on primer be found that work well with such an apparatus? All the brush on primers I have come accross have been somewhat thick... though I suppose one could thin them... at any rate, thanks.. I have something to think about now.... and some work to do. I am trying desperatly to get bettter... so anything I can learn is a great thing. Fallen
  18. Sometimes when I prime up a piece, I get this dusty like buildup on the fig. I am not sure if there is something that I am doing wrong or if it is just the primer I am using. When priming, I spray it inside a box, while in my sun room. There is no wind, or anything like that. I hold the can flat and even, at about 12-14 inches away, and spray with a side to side motion. It does not always happen, but recently it has been occuring more and more. I guess that my question is; 1. If this happens, do I need to strip the fig down and redo it? or 2. Is there some way that someone out there knows to remove the dust and not the primer? or 3. Do I just need to try something different when it comes to priming? Thanks. Fallen
  19. Here is one of my pics that I had saved on my hard drive... I painted this one about 2 years ago. It was my first attempt at shading and blending. This was also way before I discovered the wonderful concept of thinning paint. Once I get my new camera (only 3 more days hopefully) I will be able to put some pics of my current projects up. I think I have come a long way. In fact, I have another one of these models somewhere in my collection, and I plan on doing a repaint. Sorry the pic is so dark... I had no idea on how to use lighting for proper pics. Be gentle... i think this is the first piece I have posted here. Fallen
  20. thanks alot for the repsonses.... i really appreciate it. Fallen
  21. Ok, so here is my little problem. I have about 4 figs that I really like, but the paint jobs on them were done about 10 years ago. I am pretty sure it was reaper paints that I used, but I am not 100%. I would like to strip these, and start all over. I used krylon primer, as that is what I have always used. What I need to know is.... 1. what is the best product to use for strippig these figs? 2. Is it going to hurt the fig itself? the figs are completely metal, base and all, so I am not overly worried on wearther or not the product might be harmful to palstic bases. Thanks for reading. Fallen
  22. I agree... very nice work indeed... not sure what I like best about it.... the metals are nicely done... and I really like the skin tones as well.... all in all, a very very nice piece... Bravo. On a side not, I have gotten away from using black undercoat as well, though from time to time (if i am painting a darker type fig) I will prime with shadow grey from GW... it works nice giving a darker undertone. Fallen
  23. Wow... talk about a great response. Seems most people have the same general info, and opinion...... use what comfortable.. I have really grown to like the Reaper and GW paints, and I can usually mix what colors i may need to suit my pallet. Thanks again to everyone... This is truly a great community. At the present I am painting several models for a table top game, and I hope to have the pics available soon. Gotta get that pic box set up, and get my new camera. Thanks again to everyone...... The Fallen.
  24. I like this... Looks like it will be very nice indeed. I will have to put a pic of my conversion up as well... I am using the same dragon, different scheme. In mine, I am using a cut out wood base that will have a mountain ridge (currently being sculpted) and the tops of trees. The dragon sits neatly in the base, but is not attached... also for display or play... as soon as I get my new cam, i will throw some pics up. Fallen
  25. Bug that is a beautiful Piece Fallen
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