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  1. Interesting.... that would definatly make thinning easier... atm I use a dropper to extract and add paint... but it is a real pain cleaning it betwen every mix... thanks... Flynn, I do have one question specifically for you... I really like the background you use for your pics, how did you make that board color scheme? was it something you bought, or did you dfade it that way? Fallen
  2. I have noticed that many of the pics showing others paint tables and supplies show various paint types. What I would like to know, is what kinds of paints do people use? Personally I have been using the GW and Reaper paints, and this is about it. I thin them down, and it seems to work pretty good. Am I missing something out there by not using other paints? Are there better suited paints? Am I just crazy? Thanks... Fallen
  3. Well, I havent been able to post like I wanted to, due to real life things keeping me away from everything. Thats all taken care of now, so I tought I would join in and throw a pic of me an some friends up. Silvemane is my closest friend, Brat_Child is his wife. Fallen is me, and VooDoo is my fiance. This pic was taken by the camera on the Superman Rollercoaster at 6 Flags over Georgia. If you cant tell by the pic, it is in an inverted loop, and we are laying down. Great fun! Pic here Hope you enjoy it... and note the look of sheer terror on Brath_Childs face... Fallen
  4. Great! I was told to go ahead and jump in with both feet, so I would like very much to be part of this. I have painted minis for friends before, and mailed several to Germany and Britain. So, overseas is no big deal to me... I will happily accept. Cheers Fallen
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