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  1. As one of the instigators pushing for Reapercon originally... yes. It IS real. Started in 2004 (and I missed it because my first baby decided that was when he was going to be due). Been going strong since. I do have the rare good idea (though Reaper's running of it has made it the success it is). Oh man, I want to go SOOOOOOOOOOOO badly. :'D Does it cost a lot? Has anything scary happened? What are the events like? I'M SO EXCITED.
  2. Oh! Hi the friend Bryan! :D Its lovely to meet you too! :>
  3. Oh WOW. I want to be friends with all these people. :'D And I saw that there's a reapercon?! LIKE?! IS THAT FOR REAL?! IS IT AS MAGICAL AS IT SOUNDS?!
  4. AAAA YES. I have two little antlers I sculpted that I may or may not use whilst playing dnd. Idk. < v < And yeah, I did it myself! I actually found that painting helps you a TON with makeup thanks to learning how to manipulate shadows and highlights. Its all linked. 83
  5. Yeah! I was actually wondering whether I should hide my gender at first... I've been part of communities where I was certainly shown a lot more respect as a "boy" than as myself. I'm SO glad to see that's not the case here. U u U
  6. You poor, poor fool. Welcome to the club. I'm scared. 83
  7. Aw man, that was beautiful! :'D Thank you for the warm welcome! :3
  8. Guilty pleasure? Hmmm... definitely bad pop music. As well as some really corny anime things that I used to obsess over as a middle schooler. I still sorta like it... sorta...
  9. Oh wow you guys! Thank you SO so much for your quick AND kind response! I'm honestly not used to such open, welcoming communities! I can tell I'm going to have a great time here! 8D
  10. Hi there everyone! Oakydeer here, and I'm a very very new to the world of tabletop RPGS. I'd always heard of the magical game dungeons and dragons but was always intimidated by it and didn't know when or how to start. But a month ago, I decided to take the plunge and gather my friends for our first DnD session, with me as the DM. And... we all became obsessed. So now, here I am, completelly engrossed in the world of tabletop RPGs and eager to start sculpting and painting my own figures! I'm open to any advice from any of you wonderful veterans regarding anything, be it painting and sculpting, to game tips, to a simple friendly hello. Let's be friends! :>
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