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  1. Sophie riding a dinosaur Sophie riding a big carnivore, like a tyrannosaurus rex. Sophie riding a dragon Sophie riding a dragon either in flight or on the ground. I like the idea of Sophie riding a flying dragon with her own arms and wings outstretched. more modestly dressed succubi More fully clothed succubus figures so I don't have to put all my succubi away when we play a family friendly game or my family comes to visit. more incubi More male figures with bat wings.
  2. I would like to see Mephisto (02729) and Nephal (03086) in bones. I like the male human-like demons/devils, but there aren't many of them and I would like to see more of them in bones.
  3. I want to give a big "THANKS" to all the sculptors and painters whose work I referenced in the story. Sorry the story is a long read. OneBoot thought I should have posted it in segments, and maybe she was right, I just didn't want the story to get interrupted with comments between each section.
  4. I have posted my Sophie story here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69136-sophies-storie/ The formatting changed some as I posted it to the forums, so you may find minor formatting issues. Also if you don't like the story, then feel free to write your own Sophie story and post that instead.
  5. The following story is the history I have written for Sophie based on the information that Reaper has made available woven together with my own story elements. If this story doesn't represent the Sophie you believe in, then just assume this is some Bizzaro World Sophie that has nothing to do with your Sophie. This document contains links to pictures of miniatures that appear in the story. WARNING: some links refer to miniatures that are partially or fully nude. Chapter 1: Prologue In the deep past, in the nebulous age of chaos known only as the before-time, Agramon ste
  6. I think you would have to seriously insult Sophie's mom to get her that angry.
  7. I finished writing the Sophie story. OneBoot helped me edit the story and gave me feedback, and now Reaper Brian has a copy of the story. Once I edit the story based on Reaper Brian's comments I will post the story for everyone to read.
  8. OK, I'll post my Sophie story after I write it next week. I already have a draft, but I will need to change some details based on the information I recently received. I got Rauthuros and Agramon mixed up in my mind, so I thought that Rauthuros was her 6 billion year old uncle. Anyways, Rauthuros and Agramon will be in the story, they must just feel a little out of place. You will learn about Sophie's long lost sister Celeste and her vampire husband Cassius, how Sophie and Celeste pieced together their broken pasts, how all of the Sophie miniatures were based on Sophie's real life experi
  9. What, huh? I'm here. I don't have any particular questions about Sophie. It is more that I want to try and get together as much information as I can about Sophie and then weave that information into a coherent story. When I get as many fact together as I can I will write them down in chronological order and write a story that connects all of the facts. If everything goes well, I will have the story done in time for PaizoCon to share at the paint-and-take table (my stories aren't very long).
  10. Good to know. I was planning on having Sophie put lots of skill points into disguise anyways since she has lots of costumes and needs to modify her cloths to hide her wings around most people. I briefly used Sophie in a Pathfinder game already. In the game Sophie was disguised as a human since demons tend to be very unpopular. At one point Sophie's cloth's got ruined and one of the PCs gave Sophie an extra dress. Sophie accepted the dress but said that she would have to modify it to accommodate her large chest. In reality Sophie had to modify the dress to accommodate her wings. I ass
  11. I am trying to gather together all Sophie lore. I already know about Sophie Speaks from Casket Works issue 8, 2002 I have heard that Sophie seduces people into buying miniatures and paints, and that Rauthurose is her uncle (or something like that), although I don't have sources for either of those bits of information. I want to make Sophie into an NPC in a Pathfinder game I am running, so I want to find out as much about her as I can. If people can include links to sources that would be great, but I will take any lore I can get. Thanks.
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