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  1. These look great. Going to be a great encounter methinks.
  2. Holly crap, I'd hate to come up against one of those things. It's terrifyingly awesome!
  3. I love the stones. You've painted them in a way that makes them both beautiful and mysterious. I think this will make an excellent terrain piece on your table. I'm totally going to try and replicate your stonework. I'm thinking something like that would be awesome for cave terrain tiles or something.
  4. Awesome as usual. I have to say you have the best looking trees. How do you do them. If you've explained this before please send me a link..
  5. These look amazing. Can't wait to see them all done.
  6. Is it just me? Or are any of you getting a Skelator vibe from this? That's a good thing by the way. Great looking mini.
  7. At least you get some done. I have dozens of projects sitting in various states of completion.
  8. Truly inspirational. Been scanning this thread for a couple days now. thank you for sharing your work Totally stealing the snake goddess statue thing.
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