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  1. Archangelrey

    Dwarven Forge City Builder Terrain

    Thanks! They are too big for street gutters. :(
  2. Archangelrey

    Dwarven Forge City Builder Terrain

    Hi Tal Do you think the sewer tiles would work well above ground as gutter around a city?
  3. Although I do like the irony of using Future to finish the bottom of a sewer system. . . . Doubly so due to the scent. Give your sewer that lifelike fresh flower scent! That smell is pretty much permanent. I have dungeon tiles I sealed 5 years ago with Future, and they still smell like flowers. That irony would be rather amusing, although not quite amusing enough to make me go on a special trip to the store and purchase a bottle to use on twenty tiles. How do your tiles look? I just did this for my Water Dwarven Forge and I don't know if I need to dry-brush over the gloss.
  4. Hi guys, I'm now 6 set of Dungeon and now working on Caverns. See below: Also did all the doors:
  5. Archangelrey

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    My current worry is if elevation tiles will bring the DF even over each other.
  6. Hi everyone, I was looking around and finally noticed a Dwarven Forge thread here on the forums. I was wondering if I can get an assist on the one I'm current painting. I used the Base grey and Earth-stone from DF and dry-brush Nulg green and Praxeti White. What do you think? I just got Olive and the stone edge from DF and wonder if I should dry brush as well.
  7. Yea, the journey is fun. I just finishing up my DF terrain and was work with a base grey and a earth stone for a starting color, and last night I add a dry brush of Nurgleg Green. Tonight going to top it with a light dry brushing of wrack white, I think that the name. It first time I have dry brushed so much. But I still haven't gotten use to layering
  8. Archangelrey

    Paint Track Apps?

    @CourageousOctopus Could we get the options for different icons for the paints? Wash = a water drop Ink = ink splot Layer = a paint brush stoke Base = Paint bucket Glaze = ??? and such Maybe an option to toggle on or off for those who do not want it.
  9. Archangelrey

    Dry-brush Color recommendation?

    Isn't this the beginning to every painting question? GW and Reaper organize their paints in logical groups. For Reaper, it's the triad, for GW it's a quartet. Pay attention to the base/shade/highlight/drybrush. Each shade should have a direct line up and down through that collection of three or four. Actually, it looks like GW now does five paints. A base, two layers, a shade (usually an ink) and a "dry" paint specifically made for drybrushing (I kinda hate those paints). Here's a link to the full chart: http://buttery-commissar.tumblr.com/post/113629904385/this-is-the-citadel-painting-system-chart-from-the I think these are a good starting point. Once you've gotten used to this, you can experiment with other different colors. It all depends on what you're trying to achieve, after all. :) That link was great!!! I just added everything to my apps for future use.
  10. Archangelrey

    Dry-brush Color recommendation?

    In my last post, the forum was able to explain the realism process when painting. So here I try to find color that help other color stand out. Right now I have a base grey and earth stone which I'm am drybrushing with a Nurgling Green and then a Wrack white GW Dry line.Just the Nurgling Green is cause a good outcome when compare to my just base coat ones. I'm also wondering if I was to paint my next minis, for Blood Rage, if I paint a shield the color of the team they are associate with, do I highlight it brown to show that a shield was paint over? Or the opposite?
  11. Hi everyone, Is there a list some where on which color work well with other when it comes to drybrushing?
  12. Thank you, I apologize as well for the respond. Wow, thank everyone for the help. This is extremely helpful for me.
  13. Very helpful. Is there a term, like Complementary, analogous or triad? Sorry never taking an art course so I don't understand the terms.
  14. Hi everyone, I was working on some tiles for a board games, and painted the tiles gray and dry brush from white on it. Someone suggest that I dry-brush some olive color over it. I did and I was surprised it make it look better. Why is that? And what is called to have a complete different color add depth to the another? Also there one for desert stone and desert sand color? Thanks, Al