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  1. Hi Tal Do you think the sewer tiles would work well above ground as gutter around a city?
  2. Although I do like the irony of using Future to finish the bottom of a sewer system. . . . Doubly so due to the scent. Give your sewer that lifelike fresh flower scent! That smell is pretty much permanent. I have dungeon tiles I sealed 5 years ago with Future, and they still smell like flowers. That irony would be rather amusing, although not quite amusing enough to make me go on a special trip to the store and purchase a bottle to use on twenty tiles. How do your tiles look? I just did this for my Water Dwarven Forge and I don't know if I need to dry-brush over the g
  3. Hi guys, I'm now 6 set of Dungeon and now working on Caverns. See below: Also did all the doors:
  4. My current worry is if elevation tiles will bring the DF even over each other.
  5. Hi everyone, I was looking around and finally noticed a Dwarven Forge thread here on the forums. I was wondering if I can get an assist on the one I'm current painting. I used the Base grey and Earth-stone from DF and dry-brush Nulg green and Praxeti White. What do you think? I just got Olive and the stone edge from DF and wonder if I should dry brush as well.
  6. Yea, the journey is fun. I just finishing up my DF terrain and was work with a base grey and a earth stone for a starting color, and last night I add a dry brush of Nurgleg Green. Tonight going to top it with a light dry brushing of wrack white, I think that the name. It first time I have dry brushed so much. But I still haven't gotten use to layering
  7. @CourageousOctopus Could we get the options for different icons for the paints? Wash = a water drop Ink = ink splot Layer = a paint brush stoke Base = Paint bucket Glaze = ??? and such Maybe an option to toggle on or off for those who do not want it.
  8. Isn't this the beginning to every painting question? GW and Reaper organize their paints in logical groups. For Reaper, it's the triad, for GW it's a quartet. Pay attention to the base/shade/highlight/drybrush. Each shade should have a direct line up and down through that collection of three or four. Actually, it looks like GW now does five paints. A base, two layers, a shade (usually an ink) and a "dry" paint specifically made for drybrushing (I kinda hate those paints). Here's a link to the full chart: http://buttery-commissar.tumblr.com/post/113629904385/this-is-the-citadel-paint
  9. In my last post, the forum was able to explain the realism process when painting. So here I try to find color that help other color stand out. Right now I have a base grey and earth stone which I'm am drybrushing with a Nurgling Green and then a Wrack white GW Dry line.Just the Nurgling Green is cause a good outcome when compare to my just base coat ones. I'm also wondering if I was to paint my next minis, for Blood Rage, if I paint a shield the color of the team they are associate with, do I highlight it brown to show that a shield was paint over? Or the opposite?
  10. Hi everyone, Is there a list some where on which color work well with other when it comes to drybrushing?
  11. Thank you, I apologize as well for the respond. Wow, thank everyone for the help. This is extremely helpful for me.
  12. Very helpful. Is there a term, like Complementary, analogous or triad? Sorry never taking an art course so I don't understand the terms.
  13. Hi everyone, I was working on some tiles for a board games, and painted the tiles gray and dry brush from white on it. Someone suggest that I dry-brush some olive color over it. I did and I was surprised it make it look better. Why is that? And what is called to have a complete different color add depth to the another? Also there one for desert stone and desert sand color? Thanks, Al
  14. Hi all, I was planning to spraying semi-gloss varnish this weekend. I looked at the weather and I'm seeing 62 with 75% of humidity but 60% chance of rain. The next day I could choose is 69 with 70% of humidity. Should I or should I not spray on these days.
  15. 9680 Spectral White I have. What do you need?
  16. New update, export and import is now avail!!!!!!!!!
  17. Troll indeed! I like the insulation foam idea actually. But if he's going to drop $25 on resin for a paint case, doesn't Reaper have a padded tote of some sort for comparable value? Thanks for remind me about the foam tray. So I basic though to my self what can do with those three foam trays? I thought of cut them with a box knife but thought it wouldn't be clean and sharp enough. Then I thought I could find a electric saw and that might make it clean. I don't have one so I asked my neighbor. He didn't but he had a hot knife he brought but never test for foam. Yes!!!!!!!
  18. This is the old citadel paint case, I removed the three layers since it won't fit my reaper paint but kept the top layer and topper.
  19. Currently I have those case in there for now. just the case ends waste a lot of space because the handle design.
  20. Hi, I just got an old empty citadel paint case from ebay, and trying to move my HD set 1, HD set 2 and basic set into this case. Anyone know here have any experience with this or could recommend a Paint Dropper foam tray that would fit this case. Measurement are 13.25-13.50" to 10" Thanks for the help.
  21. Actually, I need to ask if they could add Water or thinner for ratio formulas
  22. Hi folk, Question question, can I use brush on primer with spray on primer? I currently cleaning, simple green, a figure with spray on primer due to my blond hair paint being too thick when I apply it. I was try to remove the extra blond color and end up stripping some the prime with the paint. Can I just cover that area with brush on prime? Would it stand out or would blend since it in the hair area?
  23. Thanks for tell me about the video tutorial. So now that I watch a couple videoes are the triad colors suppose to be like edge highlighting? If I use the triad do I also need to use a pastel color? Is there an easier way to remember what a pastel color?
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