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  1. Will the Christmas special edition miniatures like the Christmas Knight be returning to the store this year?
  2. Thanks, the trees came from a woodland scenics forest canopy set I picked up at hobby lobby. Thank you! The little girl is from Hasslefree Miniatures, it's Medieval children I believe, and the other is Schumacher Ranger sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  3. This is something I have been working on for about a year, thanks to procrastination and being side tracked by other projects, but I finally decided to get it finished up. It was a lot of fun to work on and I'm pleased with the finished result and the little story it tells.
  4. I was curious about the newly released paints and grey primer, is there something different about them? I noticed the price is higher, I don't mind the increase and I intend on purchasing them either way, I was just wondering.
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