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  1. Does anyone know who the metal guy with the detached wings is? My partner and roommate are both stumped!
  2. Haul is here! I can't fit everything back in the box with what I've added, so I'm going to figure that out and send it out ASAP, just need to head to the post office on my day off. Edit: please forgive the child originating crumbs I didn't notice until after posting the pics. :P
  3. Pics shall happen! Life has intruded. Had my modem go down and my PC fry in some fashion. A junky power strip is the suspect. Did I mention I do work from home tech support and was scheduled today? >__< On top of that, a water pipe burst in the complex, so no water. *shakes fist at life* I'll be plundering and posting pics this evening, assuming a flying pig doesn't crash through the front window!
  4. Got the cunning replacement today. I opened it while working but didn't get a chance to dig through it yet, so an update is forthcoming, following enthusiastic plundering. :D
  5. These ideas are fantastic. I may end up making bases before I paint minis for them. 😒 I keep looking at those green stone pieces, and I'm wondering if they can be repurposed into a stonehenge-ish setting? I have a cleric mini that's druidic enough to go in it too... the list of ideas is growing, and there's probably little chance I'll get to 3/4 of it >__<
  6. A few closeups. Now that everyone is home, it's turning into a group affair 😂 I posted this via mobile, so I'm not sure how the photo posts are going to turn out. I'll pop a spoiler tag on them if they got all messed up!
  7. So I got the "clear out and organize bug" today, and decided to start clearing out my hordes of costume jewelry. Right as I was about to pitch all of it, I realized that a lot of it could really come in handy if I deconstructed items (and still save space.) So I pulled out some pliers and wire snips and went to town on it. I've made a total mess of the kitchen table, but halfway in I think I've got quite a bit of potential piled up here. I'm going to post more pics in the comments, since my phone doesn't seem to be cooperating. I'm thinking the little gold wheels could be shields if backed, and the tiny crystal gems are screaming at me to do something with them. But a lot of this stuff doesn't say much more to me than "I could absolutely use this for something!..." I'm still very new to mini painting, and I haven't tried my hand at basing at all yet, but I'm getting more and more interested in basing and terrain. Does anyone have any suggestions for putting some of this stuff to good use? I want to work on both sci-fi and fantasy themes, as well as trying something more steampunky, and any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks! And now, back to snipping. :D
  8. Oh, no. Flooding is no picnic. Life strikes again! >__< Thanks! I -should- remember, but there's no telling at this rate, between a move, trying to get a job transfer to go through so I can actually pay rent at the new place, and setting up my minion in a day care for the first time, a new school, and occupational and speech therapy. I'm starting to think that my brain can only handle so many "notes to self" before completely imploding. O.o
  9. Any updates on the DSMiles box? I'm moving to Charlotte on the first, so I may have to send my new address to Autumnhare. When I have the new unit number. And I hope I don't forget to. My brain doesn't seem to be firing on all cylinders, these last weeks counting down to the move. @[email protected];
  10. Yay! I'm going to be insufferably excited until it makes its way to me. :D I may have missed this, but how do we address the boxes? Do we just contact the next person in line when we're ready to ship?
  11. Many good thoughts headed in the direction of you and yours. <3
  12. Happy birthday! I'll buy you a drink when we all gather for Civil War, eh? :D
  13. Absolutely. It drives me absolutely batty to notice mistakes later, especially if it's a mistake caused by my phone's overly enthusiastic auto complete.
  14. She's an Imp from Mantic. Kings of War, Forces of the Abyss. 28mm. (Edit to remove store link)
  15. Thanks very much! It's definitely pretty darn lucky. I'm going to have to pass on the favor when the opportunity arises.
  16. A friend of mine, enabler that he is (He's LidlessEye around here), sent me a painting "care package", since I'm brand spanking new to the hobby and all I have comes down to a Learn To Paint kit, a hobby knife, and some extra brushes. I couldn't believe how many goodies I found in the package, though, and was so excited that I just had to share. I'm going to have to get a lot more paint. These should keep me busy for awhile. I don't have any idea how to start on the really tiny ones, though, so it looks like I have plenty of practice ahead of me. (Note to self: resize images after dinner, because eesh!)
  17. That is absolutely fantastic. The colors are gorgeous (realistic too), and the battle wounds are a great touch.
  18. They look awesome! Especially love the first group. The colors are really rich but natural looking.
  19. Added myself to the map! I'm in Apex, North Carolina, but I only found one other person in the area. >_> I'm a bit of a hermit (and fairly new to the area), but feel free to send me a message if you're in the area, or frequent Atomic Empire in Durham! I could always use an excuse to head out there again. :P
  20. Visually, I'm sold. But then, I'll watch any Marvel property as eagerly as a dog getting thrown bacon, and there aren't many Cumberbatch or Swinton roles I haven't enjoyed. @[email protected] That said, I had a brief, guilty moment during their scenes where I thought "What is this? Neo?! Am I watching The Matrix?! Or is it Batman?!" And then I reminded myself that this was Marvel, and Dr. Strange, and Tilda Swinton, and no brief sense of deja vu would ruin this for me, darnit! I can't wait until we see the next trailer; hopefully it'll flesh out more of a sense of the story, but I'm super excited regardless of that.
  21. I'm in! 1) Apex, North Carolina 2) No to international this time. 3) I'm brand new to painting. Maybe I can be a starter next time!
  22. Statler And Waldorf! There are few things I love more than going MST3K on a film, with likeminded friends. I think they'd lend themselves well to that particular past time. :P
  23. Thanks! How would that work? Do I need to just buy some miscellaneous things as noted on the list, and then do a swap when it comes along to me?
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